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Back To Nature Client Presentation

  1. 1. Leisure with style & content
  2. 2. The Concept Man today is entrapped in the web of his own creations. Increasing pollution levels and an inhospitable microclimate has taken a severe toll on people’s wellness and health. Increasing carbon footprint and the resultant global warming have lead to drastic climate changes. A combination of all these factors has lead to a severe increase in the stress levels and a detoriation in the quality of life. It is against this back drop that we have Conceived, Conceptualized, Developed and Promoted “ Back to Nature “. A one of its kind scheme which will be a precursor to the way in which human settlement are designed in the future.Back to nature Project by
  3. 3. The Concept Here is where you can experience the aroma of pure earth, breathe clean air & taste natural water. This schemes are conceived & designed by the greatest & the best architect of all times. Our schemes are Ruminative, Rejuvenative & Therapeutic. And address you emotional as well as asp rational needs. Our schemes are exotic piece of art & like all such pieces of art they are priceless. Investing in our schemes akin to investing in a piece of art. It is a reflection of exclusive taste & sophistication. All our projects are designed specially for the connoisseurs of good life, people who love, respect & worship nature. Our projects provides for the perfect Urban-Rural interface.Back to nature Project by
  4. 4. The site has some unique characteristic: The entire land is located an altitude of 1000 meters. Above the sea level encompassed by reserve forest from all side measuring. The entire site is located at the top of the hill and is in the form of small and medium size hillocks along with table land at the crest. The unique and exhilarating microclimate of this area is an special attraction of this project. It is a piece of land where one can experience the exchanging views of hills, streams, valleys and dense forests. The site provides the opportunities to feel the aroma earth, visual delight of early morning mist and the taste of pure natural water.Back to nature Project by
  5. 5. During the monsoon the entire site fetches a soothing view of waterfalls, green forest, thick clouds, colorful birds etc. The entire site has potential to be developed as exclusive Reserve forest with exotic species of flora and fauna. The entire site is visually appealing & spiritually intoxicating. The entire land is fertile & lust with vegetation. As a part of a forest station initiative the site will be dotted with exotic fruit trees.Back to nature Project by
  6. 6. The entire site as well as individual plots will be provided with appropriate fencing. The entire scheme to have a decorative main entrance gate, security cabins & adequate number of security kiosks. The entire scheme to have a state of the art, security system & intercom facilities. The entire scheme to have a adequate & wide roads for easy access to various portions. Appropriate landscaping along with specially designed street furniture will make the entire scheme a visual delight. All plot shall be in multiples of 1 Acer. All internal road will be 12-meter wide.Back to nature Project by
  7. 7. Only natural material shall be used in all our projects. Well planned internal layouts, high ceilings, generous balconies & appropriate choice of natural materials will ensure that there is adequate cross ventilation. This is turn will ensure that all homes are cool, comfortable & suitable for our tropical climate. Each & every aspect of the scheme i.e. Right from buildings & interiors to landscaping, street furniture & all other related aspects shall be specially designed & meticulously detailed. Each unit & its environs shall be specifically designed & customize as per individual taste & requirements. All our units will be unique, exclusive & the only one of its kind. The entire ambiance of the scheme will be such that you not only become the part of the surroundings but blend into & become one with it.Back to nature Project by
  8. 8. The main concern before making any type of investment are: • No risk • Assured growth All are projects are based in carefully chosen a strategic locations & enjoy the following advantages: • Proximity to Mumbai city • Proximity to Pune city • Proximity to new International Airport Panvel • Proximity to J.N.P.T & Dighi port • Proximity to all other existing & proposed development hubs • Proximity to Gateway of India via sea through District center Alibagh • Well connected with National Highway & State Highway • Clear title of the project The Government has designated this area as Maha Mumbai & is all set to make huge investment in Infrastructure & Development projects.Back to nature Project by
  9. 9. All Investment can be enchased, discounted & sold at a premium. It is said that Health is Wealth. Our scheme will ensure you many fold returns on both fronts. Therefore Invest today & watch your investment grow. The returns will be Quick, Ensured & Encashable. Our Project presents: A Bouquet of Options & A Basket of OpportunitiesBack to nature Project by
  10. 10. Back to nature Project by
  11. 11. “Back to Nature” - The phrase says it all. The whole scheme is spread over the virgin landscape measuring 400 acres, surround by hillocks, valleys, dense forest & enchanting spring, where you can listen the whispering sound of cool breezes, melodious tunes of colorful birds & naughty noise of running spring .Back to nature Project by
  12. 12. “Back to Nature” – It is piece of paradise among the lust green landscape, being beautifully crafted in the lap of Mother Nature. What makes “Back to Nature” a piece of paradise? Its topography, location, vastu plan, architectural theme, amenities, lavishness & its accessibility.Back to nature Project by
  13. 13. • The site is located in Village –Bhatsai, Taluka – Roha, District-Raigad, Maharashtra. • Site is connected to Mumbai by Panvel harbor line to Roha and Nagothane. • The site consists of a number of small hillocks and covers an area of 3000 acres of reserved forest. • Amidst the hillocks are a few existing villages which would be retained. • Along with the villages; the forest zones would be retained as well . • These forest zones have exotic views and could potentially be developed as sunrise and sunset points and thus integrating them as focal points for the holiday home development.Back to nature Project by
  14. 14. The site is conveniently accessible by all the three modes of transport – Rail, Road and Air • It is 110 km from Mumbai. • It is 60 km from New International Airport Panvel • It is 4 km from Mumbai – Goa Highway •It is 75 km from JNPT •It is 60 km from Dighi port •It is 40 km from Alibagh •The nearest Railhead is Nagothane •Well connected to both state highway and National HighwayBack to nature Project by
  15. 15. Vastu & Feng Shui Both Vastu & Feng Shui deals with the balance of energies in relation to the five basic nature of elements – Earth, Wind, Water, Fire & Metal. Our project confirms to all the principles of Vastu & Feng Shui.Back to nature Project by
  16. 16. The Architectural Theme Being located amidst the forest , the theme is an amalgamation of exotic farm houses neatly oven into the nature. • The structures would be so located so as to follow the contours, thus creating varied and interesting vista from with the structure as well has having an interesting skyline. • Creating an informal environmental between the structures and the surrounding landscape so that the entire development suits well into the existing flora & fauna. • Contemporary landscaping combines elements of English landscaping gardening with the influence of modern architecture. It breaks down the formal approach as seen in the past. New material such as wood, concrete, metal & glass and other non traditional materials would be use. • Variation in scale, time, space, texture & creating innovation in light, new focal points & visual patterns would enhance the entire scheme. • To simplify the development it is best to have a few proto types of house with unique theme to indentify themselves.Back to nature Project by
  17. 17. Following will be the different prototypes of houses: • Ihita (Desire) • Lakshita (Distinguished) • Yukta (Ideal) • Yahvi (Heaven, Earth) • Ujas (Bright, Shining)Back to nature Project by
  18. 18. Ihita (Desire) • A tranquil rain forest, luxury farm house where every room looks up in to the mountain with spectacular views. • Experience the “Back to Nature” living in pure luxury that this house has to offer. • The open plan living area flows on to the deck with a stunning pool. • The roof is tucked amongst the landscape reflecting nature at it most un-spoiled & seductive. • Ensuite bathrooms would preferably be partly glazed or would have a big glazed window next to the bath, to enable you to appreciate the rain forest from the shower & bath.Back to nature Project by
  19. 19. Lakshita (Distinguished) • With views across the valley & rain- forest, covered mountains. Lakshita is a perfect escape for families seek- ing space & peace. • A spacious living area with by-fold doors, open up to allow the tropical breeze come through, sheltered by a deep wrap around veranda. • A master king bedroom & ensuite with garden the outlook is the also is in this pavilion. • Steps leads through the rain forest backdrop to a very own secret water fall where one can enjoy the sights sound & the smell of rain forest surrounding. • This retreat is a perfect setting for those who seek a place to catch their breath from every day routine.Back to nature Project by
  20. 20. Yukta (Ideal) • Breathe taking view captured across the valley from the expansive deck & also from inside through the abundance of glass by-fold doors & large glass gable window. • The main pavilion is where you can capture the valley view. • Large living & dining areas on to the decking. • The bright & spacious master bedroom is located on the second level of the main pavilion.Back to nature Project by
  21. 21. Yahvi (Heaven, Earth) • Enter through the garden with Lilly ponds on either side, into a spacious home able to accommodate a large family. • Outdoors you will find a covered BBQ pavilion with dining & outdoor sitting. • Downstairs all rooms open on to the pool or open interactive area allowing tropical breeze to enter. • This home is perfect for those who are seeking for privacy & luxury. • There are 3 further bedrooms, including one other master en- suite. • A central media space is perfect to escape to or one can share a quite moment lounging on the Bedroom balconies overlooking the lust tropical nature.Back to nature Project by
  22. 22. Ujas (Bright, Shining) • This tropical heaven, features a contemporary design harmoniously combining indoor/outdoor living to perfection. • Four bedrooms, four bathroom & generous living areas are all formulated to make a most of space & light. • The spacious designer kitchen is centrally located & feature superior appliances • The sprawling decks would be made of spotted gum & the grounds are equipped with auto irrigation system complete with rain sensor.Back to nature Project by
  23. 23. Interactive Open Space Being a development of this scale, interactive spaces enact as not just open spaces but they play a vital role in connecting different spaces. In this development, just as an integrated & connected open space network meets the needs of the resident & surrounding habitat along with providing various recreational activities. Active open spaces would include sports activities whereas other recreational needs such as scenic views, bird watching, landscape amenities would be categorized under passive open spaces. Natural areas are the ones which include protection of sensitive eco-system, retention zones & forest zones. In other words these area provides some limited bush walking or similar recreational opportunities but will often be restricted or have no access at all.Back to nature Project by
  24. 24. Amenities The scheme incorporate any & every conceivable type of amenities to enable residents to enjoy a superior quality of life & also relish out of the world experience. The amenities provided will enhance the quality of enjoyment & also be theareupatic at the same time.Back to nature Project by
  25. 25. A Brief list of some state of the art amenities to be provided: • Heli-Pad • Golf Course • Large size play ground • Entertainment centers • Jogging & Cycling park • Botanical garden & theme park • Amphi theaters • Shopping store • Resident service 24x7Back to nature Project by
  26. 26. Helipad To Enable easy & instant access a Helipad will be providedBack to nature Project by
  27. 27. Golf Course A 18-hole golf course with premium facilities is the part of projectBack to nature Project by
  28. 28. Play Ground Meant for Outdoor games & physical activitiesBack to nature Project by
  29. 29. Recreation Center To enable people have fun & chill out themselves, number of entertainment zones are the part of this schemeBack to nature Project by
  30. 30. Jogging Park Especially designed for sports enthusiasticBack to nature Project by
  31. 31. Botanical Park Beautifully crafted park for those who love & worship natureBack to nature Project by
  32. 32. Amphi-theater To accommodate the need of people who love art & culture, Amphi Theater will be the right choice for this projectBack to nature Project by
  33. 33. Food Store A food store for all the residentsBack to nature Project by
  34. 34. Resident Service 24x7 customer service for the residentsBack to nature Project by
  35. 35. Back to nature Project by
  36. 36. U.S.P • Eco Sensitive Zone • Micro Climate • Serene • Calm & Peaceful Actual photoBack to nature Project by
  37. 37. U.S.P Actual photoBack to nature Project by
  38. 38. Project by
  39. 39. ____experience the adventure____________________
  40. 40. Concept & Introduction: Based on theme of adventure, thrill, entertainment & romance. African Safari isconceived & developed to accommodate the wild & thrilling desire at the surrounding offorest & mountain.Spread over 40 acres at the hill foot & flanked by dense forest, the resort features differenttype of adventures & entertainment to chill you out, rejuvenate your heart & relax yourbody.As the name suggest, each & every aspect of the project is being designed to bring theperfect blend of rustic & modern life-style whether its architectural theme, its environmentits adventure & entertainment zones or its food.The zone provide ample space for nature lover, adventure lover, sport enthusiast for all agegroup.It is an ideal space for those who like to touch the new height of thrill, adventure &romance.
  41. 41. Architectural ThemeBeing developed on the theme of adventure, entertainment & romance the structure ofthe resort would give the glimpse of some remote savage look of African village withmodern facilities.Each cottage will be constructed keeping in view to create an aura of thrill within & theinterior of room designed to feel the essence of Africa.Every cottage will be provided an open space to view the mountain & jungle.The resort will consist big multi cuisine restaurant constructed over 4000 sq.ft with bar.The construction of the restaurant & the menu also follow the theme of the resort.
  42. 42. Special Amenities• Nature Park• Entertainment Park• Adventure Zone• Romantic Zone• Art & Culture
  43. 43. Nature & Theme ParkThe resort will be decorated with well maintained nature park containing rear kind of flora &fauna. To give the real taste of safari, the dummy of animals will be the part of the park.
  44. 44. To carry the theme of the resort a well developed adventure zone is being created which willprovide different type of adventure sports like paragliding, mountaineering, horse riding,boating, fishing apart from the regular indoor & out door games.
  45. 45. Entertainment ParkBeing designed for all age group the park will contain variety of swings, water sport, video gamesand special dummy cartoon zones
  46. 46. Romantic ZoneTo unveil the hidden feeling for your love one, the resort provides a calm & quiet interactiveopen space connected with intercom coffee service. The sitting joint is situated in the forestarea & provides ample privacy & picturesque view of nature
  47. 47. African – Art & CultureTo make your visit memorable the resort consists an art gallery where you will getlots of rare things which may be painting, decorated articles, books, jewelries etc.
  48. 48. Our Motive:Our projects are foresighted and planned with an eye on the future.Our planning is such that your needs as well as your investment aretaken care of.
  49. 49. All of us have only one lifeline, so let us make the most of it & make it worth while A Novel SchemeConceived, Conceptualized & Developed By
  50. 50. ______________________________________________________________________________ Shubh Home tower, Shop no-12, near Jal Vayu Vihar, Sect – 20, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai – 410 210. Tel No: 022 2774 6653, Mob No: 9594526000. Email id:, website: www.progressiveindiagroup.com______________________________________________________________________________