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Self Organization Strategies, especially designed for the Gifted and Talented Community

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  1. 1. We Need Support Too! Self Organization Strategies Specially designed to the gifted and talented community
  2. 2. Self Organization Strategies 1.0 October 1st 2010 Overview Why stress? When? What support they need? Self Help Tips Seejojo
  3. 3. Research IQ  Efficient Connection Rapid Learner Passionate Innovative Intense Bright students Ever stressed? Seejojo
  4. 4. Personality Characteristics (性格上的特性) Insightfulness (富洞察力) Need to understand (尋根究底) Need for mental stimulation (`喜愛動腦筋) Perfectionism (追求完美) Need for precision / logic (要求精確解說) Excellent sense of humor (富幽默感) Sensitivity/empathy ( 感同身受) Intensity (反應強烈) Perseverance(堅毅不懈) Acute self-awareness (敏銳的自省力) Nonconformity(不盲從附和) Questioning of rules/authority ( 挑戰權威 不滿因循) Tendency toward introversion (較含蓄內儉)
  5. 5. Intellectual Characteristics (智力上的特性) Exceptional reasoning ability (推理能力優越) Intellectual curiosity (求知慾很強) Rapid learning rate ( 領略力強) Facility with abstraction (容易掌握抽象的概念) Complex thought processes (思維複雜) Vivid imagination (生動活潑的想像力) Early moral concern (擇善固執) Passion for learning (好學不倦) Powers of concentration (遇有興趣 專注非常) Analytical thinking (分析力強) Divergent thinking / creativity (眼光獨到 見解精闢) Keen sense of justice (富正義感) Capacity for reflection (深入反思)
  6. 6. Stressed? Yes! Seejojo
  7. 7. Most people just don’t notice Seejojo
  8. 8. What made them stressed? Most students with Superior Intelligence (i.e. Full Scale IQ 120 or plus on some normative IQ tests), are keen on rapid learning and understanding concepts. When it comes to output performance, we’d know that Understanding ≠ Execution Seejojo
  9. 9. Support When? Learn to Organize • Data Format • Amount Input • Depth &Width • Save for Retrieval Processi ng • Organize • Monitor Quality Output Seejojo Some bright students experience the challenges of information overload. Extra effort is needed to get organized for earning quality outcomes.
  10. 10. Support When? Support to Output • Data Format • Amount Input • Depth &Width • Save for Retrieval Processi ng • Organize • Monitor Quality Output Seejojo ✓Mayb e PreferablyNo When writing essay, report, presentation project, there may be challenges of ideas overload. For more efficient mental traffic, it is beneficial to receive some
  11. 11. What Support? Effective Output – Executive Functions Seejojo
  12. 12. Executive Functions Refer to…… Executive Functions Organizing, prioritizing & activating to work Focusing, sustaining focus & shifting focus to tasks Regulating alertness, sustaining effort & processing speed Managing frustration & modulating emotions Utilizing working memory & accessing recall Monitoring & self-regulating action 1. Activation 2. Focus 3. Effort 4. Emotion 5. Memory 6. Action Brown T.E. Manual for Attention Deficit Deficit Disorder Scales for Children and Adolescents (2001)
  13. 13. 9 Self Help Tips Ask for ASSISTANCE (Talk with someone) Stress Rating of your output barriers Plan backward (from deadline) Give up “perfect standards” not getting you great marks this time Name the tasks to someone to cheer you up Sequence the tasks and report to that the cheering person Manageable Segment (e.g. 15 min) then expand it slowly Time check a few times a day Celebrate when it’s done Seejojo
  14. 14. Self Organization Strategies 1.0 October 1st 2010 Summary  Bright Student Stressed Out Too  Yes, they Need Support  When What How  Self Help Tips Seejojo
  15. 15. Hi, this is Jo Contact us:  Want to KNOW more about “Output Difficulty”?  Want to MEET the Gifted Team Seejojo
  16. 16. True Stories Learn more from some true life stories ? ☐No  ☐Yes   Share what other gifted peers’ journey of discovering the “Freedom to Learn”. Please visit  Parents or Caregivers- Contact us if the output stress goes too costly (anger, conflicts, repeated failures Seejojo