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Open access profiles_

  1. 1. Research results should be accessible to the public Publishes Articles in The Cryosphere: an Interactive Open Access Journal of the European Geosciences Union. Research Depending on OpennessAlexander Developed and published open-source extensions for the open-source software, R.Brenning “My research would have been completelyAssociate Professor different if not impossible without open-Geography and source software.”EnvironmentalManagement Removing Barriers to ResearchStatistical & “Research results should be accessible to thecomputational public, in Canada and internationally - thatsmethods in what research is about...Open-accessgeography and removes one obstacle, having to pay toremote sensing access research outcomes.”
  2. 2. Promotes OA Journals Do whatever is possible: “We do whatever possible to promote OA journals, including paying page charges, reviewing and services to the journals.” Chen is part of the PLOS One Editorial BoardPu ChenProfessorChemicalEngineering “Lots of research we do isWaterloo Institute using the tax payers’ moneyfor Nanotechnology …and for the good of our society. TheCanada Research output should serve the purposes of theChair in Nano- general public. I publish in appropriateBiomaterials journals in our areas of study, whether open or not open access.”
  3. 3. Using OA journal articles to support my research and teaching I access Open Access journal articles to support my research and teaching. I have submitted to Open Access journals but cost is a problem. A Public Good I believe scientific knowledge is a public good and should be available globally without restriction in order to advance progress inSharon better health. My salary and research are paidCampbell for by public funds, and therefore the publicResearch Associate should have access. More funding agencies areProfessor making this a requirement of receiving grants.School of Public The costs of sharing scientificHealth and Health knowledge [by electronicSystems dissemination] are much lower yetSenior Scientist, the costs of Open Access arePropel Centre for extraordinarily high.Population HealthImpact
  4. 4. There are Many OA Models “the purpose of publication is to share ones reflection with others for their benefit as well as for… progress…. BUT…. Journal reputation is the most important item to me.” Honek is involved in:John HonekProfessor BioMed Central BiochemistryChair of Section EditorDepartment of OA model = Gold PublishingChemistry Biochemistry and Cell Biology andMedicinal Future Medicinal Chemistry (NRC)Chemistry, Associate EditorBiochemistry and OA model = Green and Author FeesBio-nanotechnology Letters in Drug Design and Discovery and Current Medicinal Chemistry2012 OA Week Panelist (Bentham Press)October 22nd Regional Editor12pm – 1:30pmDC 1302 OA model = Green and Author Fees
  5. 5. OA Builds Capacity I co-publish with colleagues from developing countries. Many journals - like Public Health Nutrition - provide OA to individuals and institutions in these countries. AGORA 845 journals open access for 113 developing countriesSue Horton HINARI biomedical and health journalsProfessorSchool of Public “I try to support capacity building inHealth developing countries (training international students in Canada,CIGI Chair in offering workshops in developingGlobal Health countries etc.)” OA practices help buildEconomics research capacity in these countries.Associate Provostof GraduateStudies
  6. 6. High Citation Rate With OA Sensors On the Editorial Board of Sensors, the leading international, peer-reviewed open access journal on the science and technology of sensors and biosensors. Sensors: Impact Factor: 1.739 (2011);Jonathan Li 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.060 (2011)Professor “The great advantage inGeography and publishing a paper in anEnvironmentalManagement open source journal is the high citation rate.”Remote sensingand geographical  Co-authored several articles in Sensors.information  Guest Editor of the special issue ofscience Sensors, “LiDAR for 3D City Modeling.”
  7. 7. “Allow Broader Access to Research” Post-prints included in Social Science Research Network “to allow access to my work for those who do not have [access through] institutional affiliations; this often includes scholars in other countries, and so this is a way of communicating more broadly.”Patricia Marino “Journal Costs HaveAssociate Professor Skyrocketed”Philosophy “As time has gone on Ive become more and more aware of the problems with the modelResearch areas: we have for publishing in the humanities inEthics, general…Scholars do the vast majority of theEpistemology, work for no pay, including writing thePhilosophy of articles and refereeing them. PublishersSex and Love make the profit - this would be OK if the costs were kept reasonable given the expenses but journal costs have skyrocketed.”
  8. 8. OA in Principle and Practice I have published a paper in PLOS with a colleague who suggested it. It’s a good journal. Also a chapter in an OA book "Biosensors for Health, Environment and Biosecurity". MyMark Pritzker grad student got an email invitationProfessor to submit from the publisher, INTECH. [largest OA book publisher]ChemicalEngineering In principle, OA is a good idea. Information should be freely available. Practically, however, it’s expensive and whether it’s obvious or not you should assume you will be paying page charges. If a uWaterloo fund could contribute half of the costs, that would help.
  9. 9. Open Access Journal Editor Journal of Integer Sequences Editor-in-Chief Making it All Free “Our model is that the Journal is entirely free for both readers and authors. All labor, from me and theJeffrey Shallit Editorial Board, is strictly on aProfessor volunteer basis. The website isSchool of sponsored by the School ofComputer Science Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.”Centre for AppliedCryptographic
  10. 10. “I send my best work to OA journals whenever it is appropriate” Gold Open Access Publishing “I prefer to referee for OA journals if given a choice. I prefer no-fee, no-delay Gold OA publishing. Increased Distribution “it (typically) makes no sense to limitJohn Turri the distribution of ones publishedAssistant Professor research…Department ofPhilosophy Stand up to IncreasingEpistemology, Subscription FeesPhilosophy of “it makes even less sense for ourLanguage, libraries to pay journals exorbitant feesPhilosophy of Mind, to get access to the research weMetaphysics, Ethics produce (and support with unpaid volunteer labor as editors and reviewers)!”