CFC Day 37


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Lesson Guide on Day 37 for the Construction Foundation Course

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CFC Day 37

  1. 1. LEARN – DAY 37 Construction Foundation Course
  2. 2. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 1 • Check-in: Shake hands. Remind students: binders, seating. Start class. • Review the day: Review the day’s activities from the list on the board or chart paper. • Binder check: This can be done at any time during the day.
  3. 3. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 2 15 min: Explain that the balance of the course will be spent in review for the Exit Exam. Point out the order of review on the board or on chart paper, as follows: • Day 1 (Today): • Overview • Tools/Equipment • Safety/PPE Homework: Blueprints review Exit Exam Review
  4. 4. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 3 Day 2: Blueprints Exit Exam Review
  5. 5. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 4 Day 3: • Green Construction • Construction Math • Construction History Homework: Materials handling review Exit Exam Review
  6. 6. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 5 Day 4: • Building Codes • Construction Communication • Materials Handling Exit Exam Review
  7. 7. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 6 Explain how the testing works: At the end of each day for the first 3 days, there will be a 20-minute test on that day’s material. If a student scores 80% or above on that test, s/he will be excused from taking the Exit Exam sections tested. For example, if the student passes the end-of-day test on day 3 with 80% or better, s/he will not have to take the Exit Exam sections on those topics. This essentially provides them with 2 chances to pass each section, but it’s important that they shoot for passing the first time! Everyone will take the Building Codes and Construction Communication sections of the Exit Exam on the last day. Exit Exam Review
  8. 8. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 7 Each review day, except the last, follows the same pattern: review games interspersed with Work Team review time, with the end-of-day test during the last 20 minutes. Ask the students what their preferred mix of games and review time might be and what games they might include. Games and learning activities you might use include: • Blank tool wall game • Eminem math and measurement raps • Construction cards • First Down • Darts • Name that… Exit Exam Review
  9. 9. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 8 Let the students plan the rest of the day by minutes, leaving 20 minutes at the end for the test. Be sure to include a snack break. That should leave about 3 hours and 15 minutes to plan. Write down their activity/study plan on the board, by minutes. Approximately 3 hours and 15 min: Prepare the games students have chosen and circulate to ensure that all Teams are on task during study times. Provide time updates aloud every 15 minutes to assist in time management. Exit Exam Review
  10. 10. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) (7:30 – 11:30) - 9 20 min: Pass out copies of Section I Pre-Test while you note the After Hours assignment on the board or PPT. If students finish early, have them study quietly for the next day. Let students work longer on the test—into their lunch hour—if they need to. Out the door: Binders. Encourage each student. Exit Exam Review
  11. 11. Week Eight: Day 37 (Tuesday) AFTER HOURS • Work Teams review Blueprints and any other sections they have time for.
  12. 12. END If you continue to click forward, you will see links to presentations of similar content available through Content prepared for the National Office of Job Corps through Contract No. DOLJ111A21695 Job Corps Professional Development Support - KUCRL