#CWiBAS Positive Mental Attitude


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Presentation given specifically for Cork Women in Business Group on Positive Mental Attitude, Self talk and Perspective

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  • Frown - 62 muscles Smile – 26 muscles
  • Normally our thoughts affect our behaviour
  • Up to us to change to get the experience we want
  • I’m too old to learn a new skill – Whenever it rains, I feel down…
  • Story about me ringing mum to see if she was at home
  • #CWiBAS Positive Mental Attitude

    1. 1. "Anything in life worth having is worth working for!" Andrew Carnegie www.seefincoaching.com
    2. 2. PMT  PMA  Elaine Rogers Seefin Coaching www.seefincoaching.com
    3. 3. PMA• Central idea is that one can increase achievement through optimistic thought processes Napoleon Hill www.seefincoaching.com
    4. 4. Self Talk Part of the process of achieving PMA employsmotivating "self talk" and deliberate goal-directed thinking“Ev er y a d v er si ty h a s th e seed o f a n equ i v a l en t o r g r ea ter b en efi t.” – Na po l ea n Hi l l www.seefincoaching.com
    5. 5. Negative HabitsThere is very little difference in people, but that littledifference makes a big difference!- The little difference is attitude- The big difference is whether it is   or www.seefincoaching.com
    6. 6. Habitual Thinking• Grew up with it• Possibly someone else’s thoughts/ideas• Look for validation• Can grow out of porportion (grow arms &legs)• Builds over time www.seefincoaching.com
    7. 7. How to quickly Break State• Think of something sad• Close your eyes• Build up to the biggest yes possible, physically but silently• Can use your physiology to influence your mood www.seefincoaching.com
    8. 8. Power of -ve Beliefs www.seefincoaching.com
    9. 9. Power of +ve Beliefs www.seefincoaching.com
    10. 10. Cause vs Effect• Effect – Reasons, excuses  Self limiting belief• Self limiting beliefs create limiting decisions• Limiting decisions STOP us in our tracks• Cause – Responsibility, CREATOR• Change your belief www.seefincoaching.com
    11. 11. Cause vs Effect Change your belief  change the results change the experience www.seefincoaching.com
    12. 12. Fastest way out of -veI’m too… Compared to whatWhenever X What else could Xhappens, I do Y mean?He makes me feel… When do I decideThey say… to?She doesn’t like me Who are “they”?I can’t stop / I have to How do you know? What would happen www.seefincoaching.com did / didn’t? if you
    13. 13. The Problem…and how is that a problem? www.seefincoaching.com
    14. 14. Language Close eyesReplace BUT with ANDI agree, AND …I appreciate your thinking, AND…AvoidI know what you mean! (How could you?)I understand www.seefincoaching.com
    15. 15. Present State Desired StateWhat is the problem?What do I want instead?What stops me having it now?For what purpose?What’s most important to me?What do I most enjoy?Find a way to bridge the gap (metaphor) www.seefincoaching.com
    16. 16. Perspective www.seefincoaching.com
    17. 17. Perspective www.seefincoaching.com
    18. 18. Perspective www.seefincoaching.com
    19. 19. Thank You Elaine Rogers@seefincoaching www.seefincoaching.com