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This presentation was created for a special topics course (GD492) at North Carolina State University. It is the mid-semester proposal for a mobile component within a service ecology that enables a specific group of people to learn a complex process. The service focuses on developing skills, rather than managing information—it performs analogously as training wheels, rather than crutches. Focusing on skill development implies that the person engages with the design conditions in order to learn how, what, and why to do something autonomously (without prolonged reliance on the design). The presentation includes an overview of the service ecology, user assessment, and specific design objectives for moving forward with creating a prototype and working demonstration.

All material is copyright 2010. Please contact the manager of the slideshare account for questions and permissions. Process work can be found at

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Mobile App Project Proposal: N. Romanos

  2. 2. “You’ve gotta be original, because if you’re like someone else, what do they need you for?” - Bernadette Peters (American Actress) 1948
  3. 3. “Augmented reality should enhance real-world social interactions and situations rather than directly replacing them” -Joe Lamantia (UX Matters)
  4. 4. A device can not get you off your lazy ass...
  5. 5. But perhaps if you have made that first step to reclaiming your fitness, it can help.
  6. 6. Similar Services: GUIDEBOOKS VIDEOS Guidebooks are portable Fitness videos show correct but are definitely not the form and provide a non-per- most engaging items when it sonalized audio guide that comes to fitness, especially can be motivating (perhaps). in the fields of personaliza- They can however be expen- tion and visual demonstra- sive and easy to put in a box tion. and ignore. PERSONAL TRAINERS WEBSITES MOBILE APPS. Personal trainers work with Websites can provide free, Mobile apps are the best tool to you to develop an effective effective, personalized the uneducated fitness person workout plan paired fre- health and fitness informa- (outside of an actual personal quently with a good nutrition tion but are limited in that trainer) however, to my best knowl- plan. I want my app to func- they can not observe your edge, there aren’t any yet that use tion like a personal trainer, actual behavior (in the gym AR to critique exercise form and only much, much cheaper. and with eating) and critique obtain nutritional information of it without you inputting lots products being consumed. So there of typed data. is a way to go.
  7. 7. What it is: A mobile application that uses augmented reality along with sensors built into workout equipment to analyze and correct the “form” in exercise, helping the user see maximum results while inflicting minimal damage on his/her body. Additionally, the application functions as a tool which can help the user generate/keep track of his/her personalized exercise program so as to best chart progress and results.
  8. 8. Expected Outcomes: • User will be able to do any of a number of programed exercises safely and effectively after practice and critique (which will be generated by the application itself). • Improved health and fitness. • Greater confidence. • Less pain and unwanted exhaustion in exercising.
  9. 9. Service Ecology: Acts as a super-advanced pedom- Monitors activity during a-typical eter synced similar to “Nike Plus”. calorie burning activities like lawn mowing and dog walking. • Portable Monitor • • Cardio • • Weight loss or muscle gain? • Workout Plans Exercise GOOD FORM fitness management system
  10. 10. Service Ecology: Can help to prevent injury and unnecessary exhaustion for the user. Plan can be formulated based upon Camera built into exercise machine a fitness taken by the device owner device as well as pressure sensors Educates user about how long of before embarking on a plan. send information to device which breaks to take to maximize gains analyzes user technique. while minimizing recovery time. • Weight loss or muscle gain? • • Strength Training • • Exercise Machines • Sync with device so device can give Workout Plans performance statistics, be used as a counter and critique form as needed as well as provide motivation. Exercise • Willpower • GOOD FORM Setting Goals • Encouragement • fitness management system • Rewards •
  11. 11. Storyboard:
  12. 12. Storyboard: SQUATS SKIP >> 1) Keep your back straight. 2) Bend at the knees 3) Raise slowly, lifting with legs
  13. 13. Audience: This could be any number of individuals ranging from the morbidly obese to the reasonably fit. Recommended for ages 12+ This program is designed to be accessible for anyone with enough disposable income to simply afford a mobile device, but a gym membership is a big plus. Can be useful to novices for “form instruction” and experienced exercisers as a tool to keep track of progress.
  14. 14. Ethnography: MY DEAR MOTHER: JACKIE - 52 IN-SHAPE, “FAT-THIN”: AMBER - 20 • Self conscious about public exercise. • Self conscious about public exercise. • Thinks exercise “hurts” too much • Wants rewards from exercise • Wants to see visible results • Wants fitness to be more like a game • Would like to lose weight • Does not want to lose weight • Not in the greatest shape • Wants to improve strength ^ energy • Finds exercise to be “downright boring” • Likes being active outdoors (bike).