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This presentation was created for a special topics course (GD492) at North Carolina State University. It is the mid-semester proposal for a mobile component within a service ecology that enables a specific group of people to learn a complex process. The service focuses on developing skills, rather than managing information—it performs analogously as training wheels, rather than crutches. Focusing on skill development implies that the person engages with the design conditions in order to learn how, what, and why to do something autonomously (without prolonged reliance on the design). The presentation includes an overview of the service ecology, user assessment, and specific design objectives for moving forward with creating a prototype and working demonstration.

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Mobile App Project Proposal: L. Hall

  1. 1. & //////////////Stock Market Mobile Application//////////// what is here.... what is to come.
  2. 2. The stock market is a complex system which has extremely positive or negative effects on a participant’s life. Users need to feel comfortable and knowledgeable with the market before participating. Here is a mobile application that can teach these participants how to make smart financial decisions and how to use and understand the stock market. A mobile application in which users participate in a simulated stock market game, while learning about the various components of the market itself and how those components work together and effect one another. Users would be those who are interested in the stock market, but who know little about how it works. Many of the users would either be young adults who have begun to make money that they could set aside for investing and older adults who are looking to profit during retirement.
  3. 3. Whenever the user becomes interested in the market and wants to learn more before delving in without any prior knowledge. Also, when the stock market becomes of interest in the news to any viewer who wants to know more about the system, and whether they should invest or not. Because this is a mobile application it can be used anywhere at anytime. There are no outside components (besides the live feed) that are used, and the live feed can be accessed anywhere with cell phone service and internet access. As stated above, the application would act as a game, showing users actual stock values and numbers from a live stock market feed. Along the way if users had questions about what things mean or their effects on other events they could learn about them.
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  5. 5. serviceobjectives Outcomes knowledge comprehension application analysis synthesis evaluation Purpose of the Application- Learning how to participate successfully in the stock market through a simulation game. Users in the end should understand the system, its parts, how those parts work together, & be able to comfortably invest their money into the stock market. Users can recognize key terms, symbols, and numbers Knows the hierarchy of the system Can read graphs, charts, & reports Can explain when a financial decision was a smart and why Can explain why when one event takes place it effects various parts of the stock market, and why Can identify trends and what creates those trends Can develop their portfolio & organize stock information Users can see where the missing holes in their portfolio reside, and know how to fill them effectively & intelligently Can see the overall benefits & financial risks if they cannot adequately understand the system and its parts. Need to be able to understand it themselves before & if they hand over their investing needs to a broker or a firm. Can now look at how the stock market is currently doing and how that relates to the economy, instead of the other way around. Can compete & learn with friends who are trying to learn the system as well How the various parts of the whole work together within the system of the Stock Market
  6. 6. interviews NOVICE “How to make money!” “I know that it is important to diversify your portfolio, and more stocks are better than one.” “The big thing, that I sometimes still have trouble understanding is figuring your cost basis.” “I also did a lot of reading when I first started out, mainly articles in the newspaper or books on the subject of investing.” “Later, when I begin a salary job and start making money that I could invest.” “When you make a decision in the game it would be nice if right after, the app. could tell you if the decision was beneficial or detrimental. Or what you could have done differently in your strategy.” “I don’t take huge risks myself, I have instead hired brokers and financial planners that are in the business, who look at this stuff day in and day out.” “Most things are in mutual funds, which is a fund that has a lot of stock in many companies. You don’t see many people just buying individual stock in different companies, instead you see them investing in these mutual funds that encompass many companies of the same cailber or within the same selling category.” EXPERT
  7. 7. existing The MarketWatch iPhone™ Market data quote lookup with real time data Full feed of MarketWatch breaking news and analysis Text-to-Speech feature for Top Stories Trade stock, options, futures & forex Charts (with Studies) Create, edit and execute complex option spreads quickly and easily Manage positions and view risk and performance metrics Simulation of the stock market Ranking system of competitors Real stock data Only manages what you actually have, no teaching involved Text heavy application Not a lot of interaction Too many actions on one page Unorganized information Not an inviting interface & system The game is supposed to make users comfortable with the SM, but does not teach its variables No interaction with the phone, the application’s parts, etc. Static information (+) (-) (-) (-) (+) (+) thinkorswim’s trading platform STOCKPLAY
  8. 8. where to go///////////// how to incorporate more complex ideas & system parts, & when to bring those to the users continue to look at current service ecology for designing around the previously designed system think about the reward system of the game, what will keep users motivated & coming back to play levels? checkpoints? user decides when they want more information?