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Mobile App Project Proposal: A Mc Neilly


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This presentation was created for a special topics course (GD492) at North Carolina State University. It is the mid-semester proposal for a mobile component within a service ecology that enables a specific group of people to learn a complex process. The service focuses on developing skills, rather than managing information—it performs analogously as training wheels, rather than crutches. Focusing on skill development implies that the person engages with the design conditions in order to learn how, what, and why to do something autonomously (without prolonged reliance on the design). The presentation includes an overview of the service ecology, user assessment, and specific design objectives for moving forward with creating a prototype and working demonstration.

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Mobile App Project Proposal: A Mc Neilly

  1. 1. Z Better Sleep Application Alex McNeilly Design for Mobile Interaction GD 492
  2. 2. Alex McNeilly Design for Mobile Interaction Better Sleep Application GD 492 What is it? A mobile application that helps the user get better sleep by presenting them with an overview of what their current sleep habits/patterns are. This is accompanied by explanations of what they are doing wrong, followed by links to techniques and tricks that can help correct the problems that they are experiencing. For Whom? The target user is someone who may or may not be getting good quality sleep at night because of issues with the environment they are trying to sleep in, personal choices regarding food and/or drink, stress, etc. Why use it? The user would use this application in order to learn what it is that they are doing wrong when it comes to their sleep. After using the application, their sleeping habits will be back to where they need to be in order for the user to get good quality sleep. When is it used? The application is intended to be used close to bed time, while the user is getting into bed, while they are readying for sleep, even when they are just lazing around with idle time.
  3. 3. Alex McNeilly Design for Mobile Interaction Better Sleep Application GD 492 Adam is a target user. He is 22 years old, attends NC State and is majoring in Civil Engineering. Attributes Sleep Problems To: Mostly stress. Stress caused by school work, when he has got too much to do in a short amount of time, stress caused by tests, thinking about the amount of things that need to be done over the next few days. What He Wants in a Better He is a visual learner, so he would like easily understood diagrams to help explain more Sleep Application: complex ideas. Also would like it to be easy to browse through the different tricks/techniques. Would He Use It: For shizzle.
  4. 4. Alex McNeilly Design for Mobile Interaction Better Sleep Application GD 492
  5. 5. Alex McNeilly Design for Mobile Interaction Better Sleep Application GD 492 What you do during the day can Keep Bedtime Rituals Consistent affect your sleep habits - Keep a regular schedule, sleep/wake the same times every day. - Napping during the day can throw off your biological - Incorporate bedtime rituals that let your body know clock. If you must, nap <30 early on in the day. that its time to wind down for the night. - Of course caffeine can affect your sleep. - Relax before going to bed. - Alcohol can interrupt normal sleep patterns. - Light snacking. - Expose yourself to light soon after waking. This helps - Go to sleep when you are sleepy. regulate your biological clock. - Avoid OTC sleep aids. - Exercise early on in the day as it stimulates your body and can make it harder to sleep fitfully. Environmental concerns - Make sure your bed is large enough. Have a comfortable mattress and pillows as well as sheets. - Make sure your bedroom is primarily for sleeping. - Keep your bedroom conditions regulated.