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Seeds of Peace presentation


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If you would like more information or have any other questions about Seeds of Peace, please contact Dan Ettinger, External Relations Manager at Seeds of Peace.

Dan can be reached by phone at 212.573.8064 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              212.573.8064      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              212.573.8064      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and by email at

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Seeds of Peace presentation

  1. 1. Seeds of Peace Empowering Leaders of the Next Generation Seeds of Peace International Camp
  2. 2. Familiar Scenes
  3. 3. Familiar Scenes
  4. 4. Familiar ScenesFamiliar Scenes
  5. 5. • 8,043 conflict-related deaths in last decade • Countless physically debilitating injuries • Economic disruption and destruction • Emotional and physical trauma • Tensions rising, talk of a third intifada • Implications for global economy and regional stability The Cost of Conflict
  6. 6. Violence HatredIgnorance The Cycle
  7. 7. Treaties are made by governments… Peace is made by people. There’s a saying at Seeds of Peace
  8. 8. • To humanize the conflict through open dialogue • To provide conflict resolution and leadership training • To create a network of young leaders who will become a core constituency for peace Objectives
  9. 9. • If given the opportunity, youth will choose coexistence over conflict, and hope over fear • Dialogue is an essential tool in the quest for peace • Generational conflict demands generational change Core Beliefs
  10. 10. Part I: Seeds of Peace International Camp The Seeds of Peace Program
  11. 11. Selected through a competitive process determined by each country’s government, these 14-17 year olds represent the best and brightest of their generation.
  12. 12. Bunks and dialogue groups are organized by conflict region. In 2010, Seeds of Peace is focusing on three conflict areas: • The Middle East • South Asia • Maine Conflict Regions
  13. 13. A lot like any other summer camp… Seeds of Peace International Camp
  17. 17. But unlike any other summer camp... • Group challenge & team building activities • Daily dialogue sessions organized by regions of conflict International Camp
  18. 18. For 90 minutes each day, Seeds discuss the most painful and divisive issues of their conflict in professionally facilitated dialogue sessions. Coexistence Program
  19. 19. Challenging inherited prejudices with real stories and experiences, dialogue sessions are intense and emotionally exhausting. Coexistence Program
  20. 20. • Color Games, the Seeds of Peace Olympics, is the culminating event at the end of Camp every session. • Color Games is: – Intensely competitive – Encourages cooperation – Rises above ethnic and national divides Color Games
  21. 21. 40 adult Delegation Leaders, most often leading national educators, are chosen by their governments to prepare and chaperone campers. At Camp, Delegation Leaders participate in their own adult coexistence program. At home, they help lead follow- up programs with Seeds. Adult Educators Program
  22. 22. Part II: Seeds of Peace Regional Programming The Seeds of Peace Program
  23. 23. Israeli Seeds Palestinian Seeds Friends Parents Society/ Government Friends Parents Society/ Government The Challenging Transition Home
  24. 24. Israeli Seeds Palestinian Seeds Friends Parents Society/ Government Friends Parents Society/ Government Seeds of Peace: Change makers
  25. 25. Strengthening our Seeds • Advanced Dialogue Groups • Women's Empowerment • Arabic & Hebrew Language Courses • Civic and Cultural Education • Cross-Border Workshops After Camp – The Middle East
  26. 26. • Community Service Projects • The Olive Branch: The Youth Magazine of Seeds of Peace • Seeds Café Public Lecture Series • Sesame Seeds Seeds Strengthening their Communities After Camp – The Middle East
  27. 27. • Delegation Leaders Program • Parents Program • Cross-Border Workshops for Educators • Model Schools Initiative • Peaceful Learning Environment Workshops • The Olive Branch Magazine Teacher's Guide Building Networks of Concern After Camp – The Middle East
  28. 28. • Over 4,000 Seeds in 17 years. Programs have included youth from divided Cyprus and the Balkans, and continue to include India, Pakistan and Afghanistan • Seeds of Peace has been endorsed and supported by: – Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Hillary Clinton, George Mitchell, Kofi Annan and Tony Blair – Queen Noor, Mahmoud Abbas, Shimon Peres • Seeds are branching out as leaders in a wide variety of careers – Business, law, politics, media, education, non-profit work and as parents. Results
  29. 29. Bushra, Palestinian Seed • Job: Consultant | UN Secretary General's Special Coordinator to the Middle East Peace Process • Regional Programming: Documentary Film Project, Peace of Mind: Coexistence Through the Eyes of Palestinian and Israeli Teens • Years at Camp: 1995, 1997, 1998 • Age: 27 • Palestinian Delegation Snapshots of Success
  30. 30. Lior, Israeli Seed • Job: Anchorman/Editor for Channel 2 News, Israel • Regional Programming: UN Conference on Uprooting Hatred and Terror • Years at Camp: 1999, 2000 • Age: 25 • Israeli Delegation Snapshots of Success
  31. 31. “Seeds of Peace, you are no longer a miracle in the Maine woods. You have found your way into the larger world in so many different ways and you are forging your own path to peace.” - Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan
  32. 32. “The best thing I’ve seen in the region over the last eight years is this Seeds of Peace program. That kind of dialogue is what has to replace the bullets and the rocks.” - President William Jefferson Clinton
  33. 33. There are many ways that you can support Seeds of Peace! For more information, contact the New York office. Seeds of Peace 370 Lexington Ave., Suite 401 New York, NY 10017 Tel: (212) 573-8040 Email: Website: Get Involved