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The Stuff of Content Nightmares - Bad Web Content is Scary!


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A guide to Bad Web Content with some tips to help make improvements; a simple guide to get up and running with Content Strategy.

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The Stuff of Content Nightmares - Bad Web Content is Scary!

  1. 1. The stuff ofCONTENT NIGHTMARES Bad Web Content can turn your website visitors intoconfused, out of control zombies destined to leave your site in search of useful, valuable content! A guide made by
  2. 2. The Curse of theMission StatementForcing users to suffer an eternity ofpointless rambling waffle!
  3. 3. Freakish FeaturesA hellish underworld ofendless product features withno benefits in sight!
  4. 4. Fearful FAQsUndead questions ignoredfor all eternity!
  5. 5. Stock image zombiesGeneric soulless stock images!
  6. 6. Video NastyA ghostly dull message that onceseen will disappear from yourconscience forever!
  7. 7. Pathways of PerilLost on a path to nowhere withno hope of ever finding whattheyre looking for!
  8. 8. Page of DespairThe Dreaded Page With No Point-it doesnt explain anything and itdoesnt convert!
  9. 9. Drive a stake through the heart of Bad Web ContentHow to start making useful content that wont scare people away...
  10. 10. Start with an auditWhat content have you got, what does it do, how much is there, is it any good? Better Content is Good for Business!
  11. 11. Measure and research Use analytics and ask people!
  12. 12. Define a business goalMake sure your content supports that goal
  13. 13. Each piece of content needs a purposeAnd a person who is responsible for it
  14. 14. Make better pathwaysHelp users get to the information they need
  15. 15. Give users onlywhat they needThink quality over quantity
  16. 16. Test your content and review it regularly
  17. 17. Time to wake your content from the dead?For more tips, guides and resources sign up for our emails