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Logo design and branding: creative process revealed


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A showcase of a logo design project by Seedr Creative highlighting the graphic design process. It includes some best practice advice and useful tips and resources.

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Logo design and branding: creative process revealed

  1. 1. Logo and branding redesign The creative process revealed
  2. 2. Ask the right questions to get the right brief (The brief is like the ship’s rudder) t grow ideas tha naire question to f form par sign rovide w ill Logo de The answ ers you p s you can. Client: mation a m uch infor ive us as Please g brief. ct the proje cts? /or produ ices and your serv ld you describe 1.! How wou ccomplis h? go to a o ur new lo yo u want y 2. What do rs? c ompetito your main 3. Who are rs? competito nt fr om your ou differe 4. H ow are y ? our logo? get audience d alo ng side y is the tar e it state 5 .! Who , wou ld you lik ne? If so a ta g/strap li you have ur logo? 6. ! D o m ind for yo agery in specific im ? ave any d colours 7. ! Do you h r exis ting bran ences, o colo ur prefer ave any 8.! Do you h ish to us e? t you do not w lours tha you hav e any co 9.! Do go? e your lo es t describ o view it? ves should b y to those wh at adjecti to conve 10.! Wh want your logo
  3. 3. When we design logos we like to... • Avoid fads and trends • Design, not decorate • Keep it simple‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’ Leonardo Da Vinci
  4. 4. Start with a pencil and paper...
  5. 5. get all the ideas down quickly “Sketching helps to evolve your imagination: once you understand it, you will always start from just white paper.” Dainis Graveris
  6. 6. Only get the digital tools out when you’re ready
  7. 7. Work with colour schemes(that should be in the brief) Try for inspiration
  8. 8. Choose fonts wisely Sans serif Humanist Slab serif Serif contrast | weight
  9. 9. Make it versatile
  10. 10. It’s ready when there’s nothing left to leave out
  11. 11. The presentation“A presentation that lacks an idea cannot hide behind glamorous photos, pizazz, or ballyhoo.” Paul Rand
  12. 12. Refine!
  13. 13. Guidelines help with consistencyA great resource:
  14. 14. Anita Smith1111 Budapest, Nevegy köz 10.M: +12 34 5678 910T: +36 (1) 5678 910, F: +36 (1) 5678
  15. 15. @SeedrSteve