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Rotary North Presentation

  1. 1. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO The Creative Corridor Project Four programs to connect, inspire, engage and empower the people of our region to create here. #creativecorr @andystoll
  2. 2. What would you say to a young Art Collins if he was sitting next to you right now? #creativecorr
  3. 3. Our collective answer will determine how successful our region will be. #creativecorr
  4. 4. Art Collins and others were able to change the world here because they created global networks, found local support and touted the possibility of this place. #creativecorr
  5. 5. The Creative Corridor Project is here to carry on this tradition. #creativecorr
  6. 6. Our aim is to connect, support and celebrate all those who create here. #creativecorr
  7. 7. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO The Great Collaboration 50 organizations and 1500 people and counting. #creativecorr
  8. 8. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO map of our seven county region
  9. 9. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO #creativecorr
  10. 10. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO #creativecorr
  11. 11. Four programs for this year: #creativecorr
  12. 12. • We Create Here Campaign • Innovation & Creativity Events Digest • Creative Corridor Stories • Creative Week 2013 #creativecorr
  13. 13. #creativecorr
  14. 14. Online Badges #creativecorr
  15. 15. Online Badges #creativecorr
  16. 16. Editable Online Badges
  17. 17. Stickers #creativecorr
  18. 18. Engaging Stickers #creativecorr
  19. 19. #creativecorr
  20. 20. Manifesto Posters
  21. 21. Download Web Badges CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO #creativecorr
  22. 22. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO Creative Corridor Stories
  23. 23. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO Creative Corridor Stories
  24. 24. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO Be Inspired! New Creative Corridor Stories will be published each week. Explore the photos, articles and videos to stay inspired. Use the stories in your organization’s newsletters, websites and printed publications to tout the region. Suggest innovation success stories at Underwrite a story to raise awareness of more innovators. #creativecorr
  25. 25. Read and share stories at CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO #creativecorr
  26. 26. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO Creative Corridor Digest #creativecorr
  27. 27. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO Get Connected! Subscribe to the weekly curated Creative Corridor Digest to plug into the growing innovation community. Attend events to build skills and meet like-minded people. Promote your innovation events to reach an engaged regional audience. #creativecorr
  28. 28. Signup For The Digest at CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO #creativecorr
  29. 29. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO Creative Week 2013 7 Days. 7 Counties. 1 Epic Celebration of all who create here. #creativecorr
  30. 30. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO Celebrate! Spend the week of Oct 19th celebrating and showcasing our innovation success! Produce an event to show-off your organization’s success. Volunteer to produce and promote the week. Sponsor the week to raise awareness of your company’s support for innovation and creativity in the region. #creativecorr
  31. 31. Andy Stoll Creative Director, The Creative Corridor Project Amanda Styron Project Lead, The Creative Corridor Project CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO #creativecorr
  32. 32. CREATIVECORRIDOR.CO Join in! #creativecorr