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Presentation 5


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Presentation 5

  1. 1. A Creative Region? Count Us In!The grassroots creative community is ready to join the regional branding efforts.
  2. 2. If you want a brand manager...we’re not it. Not a traditional agency, our mission (and all of our work) is to grow the entrepreneurial & creative community in the region.
  3. 3. This is perfect timing...✤ We’ve helped foster a stronger regional grassroots creative community, and in doing so we are part of that community✤ We’ve seen, heard and deeply understand this community’s needs: access to resources, peers, supportive leaders and a meaningful sense of place.✤ The work the branding task force has done over the past two years has brought together an amazing coalition of business and community leaders who want to support more creativity and innovation in the region.✤ The opportunity for our region to connect this coalition with the emerging creative community, which, in essence, will be like pouring rocket fuel on innovation and creativity in the Creative Corridor
  4. 4. The best branding strategy...✤ The best internal branding is delivering great experiences through programming, resources and culture that inspire residents to talk and share the love with their networks✤ The best external branding is amazing projects, businesses and initiatives gaining word-of-mouth and national press✤ We’re about building the culture, community and real life experiences that make the brand ring true.
  5. 5. An interesting question...✤ Which comes first in place branding, the culture or the brand?
  6. 6. Our answer...✤ (Trick question) BOTH: Use the brand ideals to build the culture internally, thereby helping the community grow into the brand that shines externally (Case study: Austin, Omaha and New Orleans)
  7. 7. Tell the stories ofour entrepreneursand creatives.Feature our past and presententrepreneurs, creatives,innovations and interestingregional residentsUse these stories to: Create a series of videos Develop unique brand stationery and business supplies Be the content of the media plan (feature articles, street banners) Inspire premium branded materials
  8. 8. Elevate & accelerateexisting creativeendeavors. Highlight and channel resources into the authentic organic projects local creatives have already created to build the culture and community the brand aims for. Use these projects to: Promote an innovation imperative within the region Involve the private sector Foster a sense of regionalism
  9. 9. Grow & connect theinnovative leadersand the grassrootscreative community.Formally engage grassroots leaders in theprojectCreate programming to help the twocommunities regularly connectUse these efforts to involve the privatesector with the brand project
  10. 10. Create a meaningfulsense of place.Create a visual sense of place thru:High-quality marketing collateralincluding gateway & wayfinding signage,maps, infographics and public art.
  11. 11. We’re all ready...✤ Establishing a partnership network with ✤ Deeply and personally passionate about many of the region’s innovative leaders this work (including many of you) ✤ Members of the target market; we speak✤ Collaborating with many of the regional their language and know their interests advertising agencies and grassroots and needs creative shops and people ✤ Connecting people and groups across✤ Producing creative community media, generations, backgrounds and events, and programs industries✤ Professionally practicing and consulting ✤ Studying and building relationships in these fields of media, marketing, with creative cities and hubs around the events and community building country✤ Living and working in multiple cities of ✤ Leveraging our connections with the region national experts on the subject including Richard Florida, Peter Kageyama and Robbie Vitrano
  12. 12. What it willtake...✤ True partnership, collaboration and co- creation✤ Fresh process✤ An all-star team✤ Great design and the top professional media production✤ A monthly retainer + event and media production costs✤ An army of supporters and collaborators
  13. 13. Next steps✤ Let’s start a conversation about what active efforts are working elsewhere and what our communities really needs now✤ Layout a strategic plan (choosing a few key events, campaigns and programs that will change the world)✤ Get to work!