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This is a short presentation on some of the learning derived from research in New Orleans, Omaha and Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, on how to catalyze and begin to build a connected network/ecosystem for entrepreneurs in a city not traditionally known for a strong entrepreneurial culture. This presentation is not intended to present a comprehensive solution, but rather some key principles and a common theoretical model that has emerged in the research. This is certainly a work in progress and your feedback is welcome
Andy Stoll is the co-founder of Startup Iowa and Iowa-based Seed Here Studio, a social good startup working to catalyze a more connected community of entrepreneurs, creatives and the people that support them in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, Iowa and across The Silicon Prairie.

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Innovation exposd 2012

  2. 2. Iowa Floods 2008 June 13, 2008 #innoexpo @andystoll
  3. 3. Iowa Floods 2008 #innoexpo @andystoll
  4. 4. Cody Butler, CornFinger #innoexpo @andystoll @codyjamesbutler @cornfinger
  5. 5. Ben Milne, Dwolla #innoexpo @andystoll @bpmilne @dwolla
  6. 6. Entrepreneurship has been democratized THE FUTURE IS ALREADY HERE ITS JUST UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED William Gibson #innoexpo @andystoll
  8. 8. STARTUP designed to search for aa temporary organizationrepeatable and scalable business model whosefounders desire to “change the world” On Peppermint Energy: Third times a charm. Brian Gramm, Peppermint Energy On Colourlovers: “We didn’t have a business model.” @bubs, ColorLouvers #innoexpo @andystoll
  9. 9. WHY DOSTARTUPS FAIL?“Most startups DON’T fail because they failed towrite a good business plan or they lacked anincubator or capital, they DO fail because theyunderperform to their potential--they made a productthat their customers don’t want or they couldn’t builda team that has the capabilities to build, sell and grow,with just a few people.” Tom Chapman, Nebraska Global #innoexpo @andystoll @tchap623
  10. 10. WHAT STARTUPSNEED TO SUCCEED“What startups need is help finding customers, mentors,business models, peers, investors and collaborators thatprovide the needed information and guidance forlaunching and pivoting their business.” Tom Chapman, Nebraska Global #innoexpo @andystoll @tchap623
  11. 11. WHAT STARTUPSNEED TO SUCCEED + access to knowledge + access to networks + encouragement Josh Cramer, serial entrepreneur #innoexpo @andystoll @tchap623
  12. 12. A STARTUP COMMUNITY [an entrepreneurial ecosystem] “inside the secret garden” @bubs, ColorLouvers “the value of Kickstarter was customer feedback” Brian Gramm, Peppermint Energy “the best place to get advice is other entrepreneurs” Dan Martell, Clarity“you are the average of the 5 people you spend yourself with” Dan Martell, Clarity #innoexpo @andystoll #nola #omaha #boulder
  13. 13. Iowa Floods 2008 June 13, 2008 #innoexpo @andystoll
  14. 14. #innoexpo @andystoll @ideavillage @thwilliamson @robbievitrano @cschultz
  15. 15. THE TALE OF 3 CITIES building entrepreneurial communities in unexpected placesDON’T FORGET‣ there are no silver bullets, no easy and quick solution‣ what works in Nashville doesn’t necessarily work in Dubuque #innoexpo @andystoll
  16. 16. NEW ORLEANSpop: 343,829 traditional industries OIL & GAS SHIP BUILDING TOURISM AEROSPACE #innoexpo @andystoll @ideavillage @thwilliamson @robbievitrano @cschultz
  17. 17. Some of the startup community leaders in New Orleans #innoexpo @andystoll @ideavillage @thwilliamson @robbievitrano @cschultz
  18. 18. NEW ORLEANSpop: 343,829 traditional industries OIL & GAS SHIP BUILDING TOURISM AEROSPACE LESSONS ‣ started by a small group of entrepreneurs ‣ broke the traditional networks of power ‣ change began internally ‣ success has many mothers and fathers ‣ must “hardwire” your community with others ‣ just start (and be patient) #innoexpo @andystoll @ideavillage @thwilliamson @robbievitrano @cschultz
  19. 19. OMAHApop: 408,958 traditional industries FINANCE INSURANCE TELECOM SHIPPING AREOSPACE #innoexpo @andystoll @slobotski @dustyd @siliconprairie @tchap623
  20. 20. Some of the startup community leaders in Omaha #innoexpo @andystoll @slobotski @dustyd @siliconprairie
  21. 21. Some of the startup community leaders in Omaha #innoexpo @andystoll @slobotski @dustyd @siliconprairie @tchap623
  22. 22. OMAHApop: 408,958 traditional industries FINANCE INSURANCE TELECOM SHIPPING AREOSPACE LESSONS ‣ first step: find the entrepreneurs ‣ highlighting success can have outsized impact ‣ events, events, big events ‣ get as many people on the bus as you can, then go ‣ treat serial entrepreneurs like gold ‣ there’s power when shirts connect with suits ‣ be humble, learn from mistakes ‣ be prepared to pivot as you go #innoexpo @andystoll @slobotski @dustyd @siliconprairie @tchap623
  23. 23. BOULDERpop: 97.385 traditional industries SCIENCE RESEARCH ELECTRONICS AEROSPACE NATURAL FOODS #innoexpo @andystoll @bfeld @techstars @bdnt
  24. 24. Public Library#innoexpo @andystoll @bfeld
  25. 25. BOULDERpop: 97.385 traditional industries SCIENCE RESEARCH ELECTRONICS AEROSPACE NATURAL FOODS LESSONS ‣ led by entrepreneurs ‣ leaders have long term commitment (20 years) ‣ foster a philosophy of inclusiveness ‣ events that engage the entire entrepreneur stack ‣ give before you get ‣ don’t ask permission *Brad Feld’s “Boulder Thesis,” the core of his must read book Startup Communities. #innoexpo @andystoll @bfeld @techstars @bdnt
  26. 26. CEDAR RAPIDSpop: 126,326 traditional industries AGRICULTURE FOOD PROCESSING AEROSPACE TRANSPORATION TELECOM OUR ACTION ‣ first asked: where are our entrepreneurs? ‣ how to find them: started and instigated new events ‣ also: built online and offline “watering holes” ‣ motivated our serial entrepreneurs to lead ‣ building hardwired connections regionally/nationally ‣ always asking “does this help our entrepreneurs?” ‣ being patient, trying lots of things, learning #innoexpo @andystoll @seedhere
  27. 27. Lots of grassroots events to “shake the trees” and connect people - barcamp, startup weekend, meetups, conference, fairs #innoexpo @andystoll
  28. 28. Organic growth of online “watering holes” for the community, to help find and engage people in our cause - #innoexpo @andystoll @iccreatives
  29. 29. Organic growth of physical “watering holes” for the community - Vault Coworking & Collaboration Space grand opening #innoexpo @andystoll @crvault
  30. 30. Hardwire connection between our region and elsewhere - Cedar Rapids/Iowa City contingent to Big Omaha 2012 #innoexpo @andystoll @bigomaha
  31. 31. Some very visible success stories and national exposure of our early stage entrepreneurs and startupsRecBob at DEMO ActiveGrade at the HuffPost Event at the DNC #innoexpo @andystoll @recbob @activegrade
  32. 32. BUILDING YOURSTARTUP COMMUNITYConclusion: Ten key take aways that I think are important. 1. led by entrepreneurs 2. must be in it for the long game (20 years) 3. identify your entrepreneurs and startups & rally around them 4. create new events that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack 5. be inclusive 6. highlight entrepreneurial success & tell stories 7. connect between generations & siloed groups 8. give before you get 9. its more an art, than a science (try lots of things) 10. don’t wait for permission, start today #innoexpo @andystoll
  33. 33. trust your crazy ideas #innoexpo @andystoll
  34. 34. this deck & more links: STOLLSEED HERE STUDIO / IOWAtw/fg/g+/linkedIn: #innoexpo @andystoll