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Introduction about and its model in connecting startups and investors

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  • Nurturing the values

    1. 1. Creative – Innovative - Sustainable
    2. 2. “With our ambition to build and enhance Vietnam start-ups ecosystem, aims to support the most passionate, visionary entrepreneurs and make Vietnam technology community one of the best destinations for global investors.” 2
    4. 4. Technology? How different? Information technology influences every social activities and corporation’s competitive advantages . Barrier to entry has been lowered day by day, small fishes can survive and jump up. High value added because of no geographical, physical limitation i.e. larger market, larger resource to utilize 4
    5. 5. Vietnam Technology Market Internet users in 2013: 36,3 million (+ 74% vs. 2009), ranked 3rd in SEA. International band width: 560 Gbps vs. 54 Gbps in 2009. Subscriptions; 10.5 million vs. 2.1 million in 2009 Revenue from internet content/services: VND 20400 bn vs. VND 2600 bn 5
    6. 6. Technology investment situation in Vietnam Trend 1: No of deals have increased, however deal values have declined indicating angel investment trend. 2011: ~ 10 deals 2012: ~ 24 deals 2013 H1: 13 deals + some undisclosed Trend 2: Competition between OTT, E-Commerce, Mobile and Edtech becomes hotter and hotter. Investors focus more on these sectors. Out of 37 disclosed deals during 2012-2013 H1: E-commerce : 7 deals (not including Rocket Internet) Mobile apps: 5 deals EdTech: 5 deals E-transaction: 5 deals (within 2012)
    7. 7. SWOT – Investing in Vietnam technology STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES Young Population with flexible consumption habbit and iss adaptable with new technology; An increasing demand in the fields of: Software product and service; online entertainment; ecommerce, and so on; Forecast of acceleration in the fields of: software service, Mobile devices, emedia, online database, online games. Rapidly growing economy; Commitment to support the development of IT and ICT industry from Vietnamese Government; Stable and friendly business environment; A great number of skillful engineers majoring in both software and hardware; Abundant labour supply; Low labour cost. 7
    8. 8. SWOT – Investing in Vietnam technology WEAKNESSES THREATS Lack of experience and capital to develop technology in the medical field; Incomprehensive and unclear legal system for foreign investment; Intellectual property is not respected; Poor infrastructure; Labor forces lack of international communication skill. Piracy is a major challenge Brain drain because of competitive salary and attractive training opportunity in foreign companies compared to Vietnam, etc. 8
    9. 9. Our model and competitive advantages 9
    10. 10. SEEDFUND.VN? is an investment advisory and consulting firm backed by devoted management team, experienced advisors and partners. aims to become an effective connector between idea and capital, entrepreneurs and investors, different elements in the “ecosystem”. 10
    11. 11. focuses in seed investment At least USD 50,000/company 11
    12. 12. Our model and competitive advantages Valuation, due diligence Effective connector Value-added programs (CLOUD FUNDING PROGRAM) Manage capital Flexible Active Low risks Competitive returns 12
    13. 13. Cloud funding? Reduce risk, increase value • Why cloud? If there is no cloud, there will be no rain and seeds wont bloom! 1st due diligence and valuation period with value added through incubation and accelerator; • Incubation and accelerator programs are conducted by independent incubators, which satisfy criteria in terms of mentors, advisors. • Programs are tight up with investment criteria. KPIs for programs are set up and commit by investors, incubators and startups at preliminary. If startups satisfy KPIs, investors commit seed investment. • Reduce the failure when startups officially receive seed funding; • Small capital, exponential growth; • Build qualified startups, bring qualified deal flow, build up the “ecosystem”.
    14. 14. Cloud funding? Model Typical Example: An investor intends to invest US$ 50,000 into a startups and is in due diligence, evaluation stage - The investor sends this potential investment target into an independent incubator (which does not have investment interest in startups to maintain objectiveness) for either incubation or accelerator programs. The investor pays monthly fee for program. - At first, the investors and startups with incubators agree sign up an agreement to invest US$50,000 if startups meet some specific KPIs after the program. Stake for investor for US$ 50,000 investment is agreed upfront based on expected valuation at the end of program. - When startups achieve predefined KPIs, investors will officially invest $50.000 in startups, which has enough skill to operate their business, minimizing the failure possibility. Otherwise, incubation fee will be transformed to stake in startups even investors decide not to invest US$ 50,000. 14
    15. 15. BENEFITS OF INVESTOR Source the most passionate entrepreneurs and team with breakthrough, disruptive ideas. Reduce risks and increase values through incubation and accelerator program Offer flexibility in investment selection and investment method. Tailor and customize deals (various financial instruments, board seats negotiations…) following your preferences, strategies and negotiate with investment targets. Manage capital and startups as assigned by investors to exit in 18-24 months. Consults and customizes post-investment strategies to optimize returns and minimize risks. Connect investors to Vietnam tech community and entrepreneur society through connection with events, hubs, seminars, webinars… Educate about local market, provide more information about Vietnam internet landscape, entrepreneur community and recommend local contacts (community, businesses, legal...). 15
    16. 16. BENEFITS OF ENTREPRENEURS Fundraising •Determine amount of capital needed for your future direction. •Prepare proposal, financial plan, fund employment plan •Valuation of your companies •Find and connect with investors •Deal and negotiate with investors •Legal process with investors and authorities •Educate about finance Access to incubation and accelerator program through cloud funding program Internal financial control •Financial plan •Cash flow management •Expense management Human resources finds best -fit personnel for your team, upon your requirement Legal advisory Backed by Legal Club in Ho Chi Minh City of Ministry of Justice, can support start-ups in various legal-related aspects. 16
    17. 17. Who are we? 17
    18. 18. TEAM MEMBER PROFILE MS. TRAM HO Founder- Investment Relations Director -Investors Relations and Finance Executive at a large corporation. --Experiences and networks in investment advisory, consultancy, ac counting, corporate finance and entrepreneurship. 12/12/2013 MR. HIEU NGUYEN Investment Director -Graduated from Founder Institute -Founder of AutoLink JSC -Business Development Director at DeltaViet -Experiences and networks in Finance, Investment, Tra ding to Technology, Web Online; E-commerce that can be leveraged for start-up company. MR. TRUNG HUYNH Co-founder – Technology Solution Director -Head of Operations of Project Lana -Over 10 years of working in internet & ecommerce sector. He is indeed the walking directory about what has been done in the market and what's to try. MR. BOBBY LIU Co-founder -Founder of Asiastartups, and Hub.IT -Expertizes in product development, sales and marketing. Bobby has profound experiences and networks in entrepreneurship.
    19. 19. ADVISOR PARTNER Mr. Clyds Pascual Managing Director of Worldline Sport Marketing Mr. Le Hai Binh Mat Bao Corporation’s Chairman Mr. Nguyen Tran Chan Icome Economic Institute Director 19
    20. 20. MESSAGES Sharing: resources and information Supporting: knowledge, skill and finance Nurturing the values: build up qualified startups Building up a creative, valuable and sustainable start-up ecosystem. 12/12/2013
    21. 21. THANK YOU Contact info: 21