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Eating Healthy

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  • “Raising the Likely hood of a long life through healthy eating and changing basic habits”
  • Always listen to your body and keep your routine doctors appointments, these appointments can help you get your health issues in order before they get to out of hand.
  • Thyroid hormones also directly affect how most of your organs function. So if your thyroid isn't operating properly, you can have problems in lots of other parts of your body. They help control the growth and the structure of bones, sexual development and many other body functions. It helps the body’s cells convert oxygen and calories into the energy needed to work properly. By helping your cells convert oxygen and calories into the energy the body needs to function.
  • A doctors appointment can either ruin your life or it can enrich your life. With the second appointment I used it to further enhance my life, by getting involved with healthy eating and a weekly Pilates class.
  • A side affect of increased blood pressure is very intense headaches. These headaches can cause you the inability to focus and it can throw off your whole day.
  • By adding an hour of sleep to your sleep routine, you could lose 14 pounds a year. This is based on a 2,500 calorie intake.
  • Americans don’t realize that exercise doesn’t have to be done at the gym. You can do such things as Pilates, ice skating with the family these exercises can burn calories while doing what you like. By just spending 10 minutes outside a day you can boost your vitamin D.
  • Eating healthy not only improves the body, but it also improves the mind as well.
  • A partner can help you to eat healthy and maintain a healthy eating routine. This can make it easier to stay on point while eating healthy.
  • Making choices from the four food groups can help you make better choices. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper prices of the not healthy food. Most importantly increase your water intake.
  • You need to mentally divide your plate in half, fill the first half with vegetables then divide the remaining half in half. (Carbohydrates one quarter, protein one quarter, and one half veggies and salads.)
  • This is the secrets to healthy eating and portion control. A ½ medium bagel = a hockey puck
  • Fast Food contains high levels of fat and sugars are not only unhealthy but addictive, which creates a vicious cycle making making it hard to chose healthy food.
  • Low self-esteem can cause emotional eating, which leads to obesity. Obesity can cause the in ability to do certain things without some type of assistance.
  • Unhealthy eating habits can carry into potentially dangerous weight and the inability to control weight. Study’s have show that unhealthy habits are found in one-third of teen age boys and one half of teen girls. With that adolescents need to learn healthy eating habits at an early age.
  • We as a whole fail to realize that liquid calories slip by very easily. High fructose corn syrup concoctions have contributed, to our obesity epidemic. American adults have the beer bellies and our children have huge guts to prove it. Some of our cities have started to ban the sale of soda in the schools, but the adults of course are still consuming the drinks in super size and also adding meals to the large drinks. These are ways that we gain weight with out the use of teeth to chew it.
  • Soda
  • The story oh eating healthy will never end, its just the beginning of a long healthy life. Healthy habits are something that has to be done everyday, with strength and will power. So start your story now.
  • I have taken the time to add my sources, with whom I received my information on Healthy habits.
  • Assignment 1 pecha kucha first draft

    1. 1. My Story…Routine Doctors Appointment.Routine doctors appointment and wasdiagnosed with a nodule on my thyroid. Iwas informed that was the cause of myweight gain, decreased energy levels, hairloss and other symptoms. I was informedthat I would be placed on a medication forthe rest of my life and I may have to undergo surgery. This information really made merealize that I need to make some changes inmy lifestyle. She informed me that I wouldneed to change my habits to ensure alonger life. At that time I decided to changesome things in my life.
    2. 2. Thyroid Disease Enlarged Thyroid
    3. 3. My Story part 2…Follow up doctors appointment.I went to another appointment to follow upon my thyroid diagnosis. I explained to mydoctor that I had been having headaches.The doctor took my blood pressure andrealized that it was 170/100, she theninformed me that I would be placed on a BPmedication. She told me that from the yearsof non healthy habits my body was nowtelling me it’s time for a change. Informedthat if I don’t start an exercise routine anddiet plan, I would end up having a stoke orheart attack. This scared the mess out ofme. So I began yoga and Herb life, and ithas become a life saver of mine/
    4. 4. Side Affects of Hypertension..
    5. 5. Sleep More….
    6. 6. Exercising…Pilates Family Fun
    7. 7. Benefits of eating healthy…. Helps you learn  Decrease depression & anxiety Keeps you healthy Promotes healthy weight Sport performance Prevents disease Muscle Tone Dental Health Heart Healthy Sleep better Increase self-esteem & self- confidence
    8. 8. Get Family Involved…
    9. 9. Eating Right…. For Every Day!Good nutrition is very important to good health. It gives thebody what it needs to produce energy and grow. Make “smartchoices” from the food groups.
    10. 10. Portion Control..
    11. 11. Portion Size……
    12. 12. Simple Life Changes…. Cut back on CaffeineLaugh More
    13. 13. Eating Out…
    14. 14. Low Self-esteem..
    15. 15. Unhealthy Habits… Hygiene IssuesInability to give children what they need.
    16. 16. High Calorie, Non-Nutritious Beverages Soda/Juices- 250-300 calories Glass wine/beer- 150 calories Starbucks: Latte 300, Frappuccino – 350- 640 calories Mocha 500 calories Coffee creamers – 200-300 calories
    17. 17. What we sacrifice when we eat unhealthy.. Health IssuesOver weight children Bad Habits Lack of self control
    18. 18. The End…  I took the two warnings that I received and turned my life around. I am now in the best shape of my life, my medication has been cut in half. I have began doing Pilates twice a week and I feel great. This is just the beginning of my story. Great health is in your future.
    19. 19. References 3.cfm healthy-eating#btnNext calorie-beverages-pack-pounds