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Week 3 points to consider


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Week 3 points to consider

  1. 1. Week 3 RED 575Dr. Tolchinsky
  2. 2.  Read the Classroom vignette on page 121 of the Graves text and indicate how you would respond to the situation in Mrs. Wright’s school. Discuss reasons for the differences in the classroom: Learning disabilities Environmental Causes The Matthew effect
  3. 3.  Compare differentiated instruction to Jeannette Veatch’s individualized reading and Nanci Atwell’s reading workshop. How are they different and what is common among them? How does this compare to what occurs in classrooms today and specifically in their classrooms?
  4. 4. Jones, Yssel and Grant article: define the initiative referred to as Response to Intervention discuss how this will address the diversity in the classroom and describe instruction that occurs at the various Tiers.
  5. 5. The report of the Institute of Educational Science This report outlined five components that are essential elements of the RTI model  Screening students  Monitoring student who do not meet required benchmark  Differentiating instruction  Providing Tier II small- group instruction  Providing Tier III intense small-group intervention
  6. 6. Elements which research identifies as problems for the classroom teacher: Need for professional development Limited resources No administrative support
  7. 7.  Review the list of books on page 138 of the Graves text and substitute others that you could use in your own classroom for differentiated thematic units.
  8. 8. Intervention for struggling readers The elements of intervention as outlined by Graves et al on page 139: Explicit strategy instruction Scaffolding Strategy integration Focus on background knowledge Consistent review Well-paced instruction Motivation
  9. 9. The role of the teacher, the administration and the psychologist in the adoption of the differentiation model: Enable training Facilitate professional development Accept responsibility for the integrity of the program Encourage teachers Provide time for teachers to implement, evaluate and collaborate with fellow teachers Make a resource library available