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Greece Mandoulides school


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The Second South East Europe World Heritage Youth Forum, Zajecar, Serbia 2013

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Greece Mandoulides school

  1. 1. Kyveli MavromatiProf. Antonis Mavromatis• Mandoulides schoolThessaloniki
  2. 2. The Church of Saint (Agia) Sophiain Thessaloniki, Greece:Our byzantine identityMandoulides Schools, Thessaloniki, GreeceKyveli Mavromati, 11th gradeAntonis Mavromatis, Head of New Technology Department
  3. 3. ThessalonikiO Established in 316 BCE by KassandrosO Named after Kassandros’ wife,Alexander’s the Great half sisterO Place where Apostle Paul first broughtthe message of ChristianityO The city’s patron saint is Demetrius, aroman officer who died in martyrdom (303CE)O The second biggest city of the ByzantineEmpire
  4. 4. Thessaloniki (cont.)O Harmonic combination of the ancientGreek culture, the byzantine elements andthe modern aspectsO An Actual open-air Byzantine MuseumO Designated by Unesco as a WorldHeritage Site, because of the numerousand priceless value of its Byzantine andpost-Byzantine churches.
  5. 5. Church of Saint SophiaO Located in the centre of ThessalonikiO One of the most important paleo-ChristianmonumentsO Dates back from the early 8th century,during the reign of Leo III the Isaurian.O Transitional style between the domedbasilica and the domed cruciform church.O Based on the famous nameshake inInstanbul (6th century)
  6. 6. Church of Saint Sophia (cont.)O Until the 3rd century, there wereO A Roman buildingO An Early Christian basilica beneath.O In the Iconoclastic era, the apse of the churchwas embellished with plain gold mosaics withonly one great cross.O In 1585, converted into a mosque by the TurksO Reconstructed in 1907-10O Rededicated for Christian worship in 1912
  7. 7. Mandoulides SchoolsO Α private, coeducationalschool with a Europeancharacter and a globalorientation.O It constitutes a modern,dynamic community ofeducation, culture and sportswhich offers schooling forstudents from Day Carethrough twelfth grade.O It is considered to be one ofthe most prestigious andselective institutions in thecountry with nearly 2000students.
  8. 8. Mandoulides SchoolsO Honors and AwardsO International Olympiad in InformaticsO International Mathematical OlympiadO International Biology OlympiadO International Physics OlympiadO Balkan Olympiad in InformaticsO Basketball ChampionshipsO Harvard Model Congress EuropeO Yale Model Government EuropeO European Youth Parliament Members
  9. 9. Our project @Mandoulides SchoolsO Identify the byzantine identity of ThessalonikiO Learn more about the Church of Saint SophiaO Show that byzantine culture is part of who weareO Pinpoint the differences and the similaritiesbetween the Church of St. Sophia inThessaloniki and that in Istanbul which is now amuseumO Raise awareness of UNESCO World Heritagesites and sustainable development
  10. 10. Comparison of Agia SophiaIn ThessalonikiO Built in the 8thcenturyO Domed basilica anddomed cruciformchurch.O Mosque 1585-1890O Built to honor thewisdom of GodIn IstanbulO Built in the 4thcenturyO Domed BasilicaO Roman Catholiccathedral 1204-1261O Mosque 1453-1931O Built to honor thewisdom of God
  11. 11. MethodsO Internet will be a valuable source ofinformationO In addition, books concerning the byzantinechurches can be easily found and boost ourresearch about the church of St. Sophia.O Excursions to the centre of the city and visitsto museums so students will realise thatGreek heritage and history are not only asubject at school but also a part of who theyare.
  12. 12. MethodsO student exchange programs amongneighboring countriesO enhance the historical and culturalconnection between the Church of AgiaSohia in Thessaloniki and the one inBosporus.O speeches and interviews with peoplerelated to the analysis of the byzantinemonuments.
  13. 13. ObjectivesO Help the students to be in contact withtheir cultural heritageO Revive historical facts in front of the eyesof the students and make them realise thevalue of history and cultural heritageO Understand how Byzantine churchesplayed an important role throughout thehistory of Thessaloniki
  14. 14. Objectives (cont.)O Reveal the relation between the Churchof St. Sophia in Thessaloniki and theChurch of St. Sophia in ConstantinopleO Create experiential educational interactivesessions in order to implement a betterunderstanding of the historical and culturalheritage of Thessaloniki and ByzantiumO Improve the relation between the subjectof history in schools and the students
  15. 15. OutcomesO Essays and posters about the value of theChurch of St. Sophia written by the studentsthat can be presented by them in conferencesor cultural eventsO Students that are well informed about historyand the world heritage and that crave forknowledgeO A better relation between students andteachers, since they will have worked togetherduring the preparation of the projects
  16. 16. Thank you very muchfor your attention!