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FYR Macedonia High school Jane Sandanski - Strumica


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The Second South East World Heritage Youth Forum, Zajecar, Serbia 2013

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FYR Macedonia High school Jane Sandanski - Strumica

  1. 1. Marija VelkovaHristijan MućevProf. Katerina Taseva• High School ‘’Jane Sandanski’’Strumica
  2. 2. Exploring and promoting thetentative lists of World Heritageof UNESCOSOU “Jane Sandanski”Strumica
  3. 3. The purposeCooperation with other schools in theregion - UNESCO ASP schools of SEEExploring the sites on the tentative listsof World Heritage of UNESCOPromoting them on the internet andamong the students in the partnerschools
  4. 4. Republic of MacedoniaHas one site on the permanent list ofWorld Heritage of UNESCO – the OhridLake and the towns on its coast – Ohridand StrugaThree sites on the tentative lists: thearchaeo-astronomical site – Kokino, thecave Slatinski izvor and Markovi Kuli.
  5. 5. ExampleThe students have heard about Kokino,but don’t know the real value of itKokino is one of the oldest "megalithicobservatories" in the world, along withStonehenge and Abu SimbelStudents should know that its our biggestcultural heritage
  6. 6. The projectWe propose cooperation with other schools inthe region - UNESCO ASP schools of SEEEvery school should make a research abouttheir sites that are on the tentative listsPut the information, pictures, films on a jointwebsite along with the partner school from theother countryPromote the website in the school and on thesocial networks
  7. 7. Objectivesto increase the basic and extended knowledgeof the students about the sites in their countriesthat are on the tentative lists of World Heritageof UNESCOto increase the cooperation with students fromother countries - UNESCO ASP schools ofSEEto raise the interest of the students for othersites located in the region
  8. 8. Activities informing the students about the Convention of UNESCO and therole of the young people in the preservation and protection of thesites in their countries making a research for the WH sites from the tentative lists, theirhistory, their purpose and use through the time, characteristics,conditions nowadays. Visiting the places, taking pictures, making short films, markings,interviewing the local people and experts about certaincharacteristics or religious activities of customs, Creating a joint website Uploading the information and the pictures and short films on thewebsite and promoting it on the social networks, Presenting the information, pictures and short films to the otherstudents in the school.
  9. 9. Expected resultsstudents will enrich their knowledge about thenatural and cultural heritage sites that are on thetentative lists of UNESCOstudents will establish a close cooperation withstudents from the other countries in the regionwith an active role in this project students will tryharder to keep the authenticity and the beauty ofthe sites and will work more on promotion оfthese sites.
  10. 10. Тhank you for your attention