Bulgaria Foreign language high school Petar Bogdan- Montana


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The Second South East Europe World Heritage Youth Forum, Zajecar, Serbia 2013

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Bulgaria Foreign language high school Petar Bogdan- Montana

  1. 1. Milena MitovaProf. Bilyana Derlipanska• Foreign Language High School‘’Petar Bogdan’’ - Montana
  2. 2. Some results and initiativesconcerning the world heritage" The World Heritage Is In YourHands"Second SEE World Heritage Youth Forum forpeace and sustainable developmentSerbia, 06-11 April 2013Foreign Language High School “Petar Bogdan”Montana, Bulgaria
  3. 3. Montana -yesterday, todayand tomorrowThe album offers onepleasant journey in time.The issue is realized withthe collaboration of the RegionalHistorical Museum and theMunicipality of Montana
  4. 4. Presentation of the album in the hall of theRegional Historical Museum
  5. 5. Socialization of some culturalmonuments in the region of Montanaand Chiprovci. The Ancient Fortressand Gushovski monasteryТopic: The influence of RomeIts aim was to establish the culturalheritage of the region as part of theEuropean cultural heritage.
  6. 6. Community Forum" Where the East meets theWest"letter of thanks bySwiss agency ofcollaboration anddevelopment
  7. 7. Young guidesschoolТhe aim was thepreparation of youngpeople who speakfluently foreignlanguages andwould be able towork as guides inour municipalities -Montana andChiprovci.
  8. 8. Travelling folk shopTopic: “Collecting, saving andpropagating Bulgarian folklore –a means for saving the nationalidentity”
  9. 9. Photo from the working process
  10. 10. Folk Formation«Torlashki Napevi»
  11. 11. Greetings from Bulgaria
  12. 12. St.St. Cyril and MethodiusEnlighteners of the BulgariansCo-patrons of EuropeTopic: „The life work of Cyril andMethodiuss disciples in Bulgaria(Kliment, Naum, Angelarius,Gorazd, and Sava)“
  13. 13. A solemn service in ‘’St.St. Cyril andMethodius’’ churchLaudatorySpeech aboutCyril andMetodius
  14. 14. The blessing of the Vidin Bishop Dometian
  15. 15. A Guide of theMedieval TravelerSuggested for cooperation with otherparticipating countries
  16. 16. Egregiae virtutisАpostolic epistleОn the basis of detailed knowledge andmy mature decision, within the fullrights of apostolic authorityand according to the power of this letterAND FOR EVERI proclaim forHEAVENLY CO PATRONSofWHOLE EUROPEin front ofGODSaints CYRIL and METHODIUSas I grant all honours and liturgicalprivileges according to the rightsof the main local patrons.PEACE ON EARTH TO MEN OF GOOD WILL!31 December 1980 John Papa II
  17. 17. When Bulgarian language wasacknowledged as an authenticlanguage of Contracts as well asan official and working languageused by the European UnionInstitutions, Cyrillic alphabetbecame one of the threealphabets officially usedin European Union.This essential part of theEuropean cultural heritagepresents special Bulgariancontribution to language andcultural diversity of the Unit.Treaty of Accession of the Republic ofBulgaria - p. 885
  18. 18. Cyrillic alphabet. Type in Suprasalskicollection.However, let me add my own proverb,high wisdom in few words: Naked arePeoples without Books...From “The Proclamation of theGospel”by Saint Cyril the PhilosopherChrist with the Archangels Michael andGabriel, St. Аndrews, St. Clement,St. Cyril and St. MethodiusWall-painting in Basilica „San Clemente“in Rome(copy)
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention andI wish nice collaborationin the future
  20. 20. The Presentation is done byVeselka Filcheva GogovaHistory teacherForeign Leanguage High School‘’Peter Bogdan’’ Montana,Bulgaria