Final Cut Pro X Lesson 3


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Final Cut Pro X Lesson 3

  1. 1. Lesson 3:Organizing Clips into an Event Apple Pro Training Series Final Cut Pro X Instructor: Sam Edsall
  2. 2. Event ManagementGetting things organized• Manually assigning keywords• Rating clips• Creating Smart CollectionsThe Goal• To arrange and combine the Event clips so you can easily find them.• Done by using the Event Library and Event Browser to organize, sort, filter, and find your media.
  3. 3. MetadataData about data• Provides information about your content • Content, title, length, format, creator, etc.• Tells you something about the clip without looking at itHow FCP uses Metadata• Automatically logged during import • Like in lesson 2• Tagging keywords to clips  metadata• Rating clips with a thumbs up and thumbs down  metadata• Final Cut Pro uses the metadata to organize your content into a structure that is easy to sort, filter, search, and retrieve.
  4. 4. 3 Types of MetadataCamera Metadata• Stored in the camera source files • Date, clip duration, timecode, frame rate and sizeFinal Cut Pro metadata• Clips analyzed from media source files by FCP • People and shot detection • Video & audio problems – stability, hum, etc.User metadata• Done by you• Keywords, ratings, Smart Collections• Personalized clip organization for a faster and easier workflow.
  5. 5. Load up the EventStart up the APTS ExternalDrive.In the Event Library, selectthe Mobileviz MinutesEvent from APTS FCP X.Beneath the Event Library,click the List View button toview the clips as a list.
  6. 6. Event View SettingsSet the Event Browser filterat the upper left is set to AllClips.Also choose Group Clips By>None
  7. 7. Clip Metadata in List ViewData about your data• Clip metadata under each column heading• Name, start and end timecode, duration, creation date• Metadata came from the original camera files• You can add your own metadata in the Notes column and display additional columns
  8. 8. Event, Keywords, Smart CollectionsIn the Event Library, click thedisclosure triangles next to the IThinkand Zero to HeroEvents.Open the I Think > People folder, tosee the clip collections listed withinthose folders.
  9. 9. Color CodingEvent• White-starred, purple iconSmart Collections• Purple with a purple gear iconKeyword Collections• Blue with a blue key
  10. 10. Event, Keywords, Smart CollectionsUnder the I ThinkEvent,select the One PersonSmartCollection.To see these clips in filmstripview, click the Filmstrip Viewbutton.
  11. 11. Clip CodingThe Purple Line• Purple horizontal line across the top indicates an analysis keyword• „Find People‟ and „Create Smart Collection‟ was selected in the Import dialog box• FCP automatically collected the clips with one person and placed them in the One Person Smart Collection.
  12. 12. Event, Keywords, Smart CollectionsIn the Event Library underthe Zero to HeroEvent,click the InterviewsKeyword Collection.
  13. 13. Clip CodingThe Blue Line• Blue horizontal line across the top indicates a key word collection• This text-based Keyword Collection is named after the Interviews folder you imported in lesson 2.
  14. 14. Resizing the Event BrowserPlace your pointer over the boundary line between theEvent Browser and the Viewer.When it changes to the resize pointer, drag right to enlargethe Event Browser.
  15. 15. Resizing the Event BrowserIn the Event Library, select the Mobileviz MinutesEvent.Drag the Clip Duration slider to All to view individual thumbnail images.Under Clip Appearance deselect Show Waveforms.Adjust the Clip Height slider until you see all the clips in this Event.
  16. 16. Adding Keyword CollectionsA KeywordCollection• Descriptive text label you apply to a clip.• Adding keywords helps you organize, sort, and finding your media• Helps speed up your editing workflow
  17. 17. Creating Keyword CollectionsIn the Event Library, selectthe MobilevizMinutesEvent, and thenclick the List View button.In the Event Browser, clickthe __Kevin_1 clip.
  18. 18. Creating Keyword CollectionsHide the waveforms bychoosing View > HideWaveforms.Resize the filmstrip area byvertically dragging theboundary between thefilmstrip and the list (abovethe column headings).
  19. 19. Creating Keyword CollectionsIn the Event Browser, clickthe Keyword Editor button.-- or press Command-K.The Keyword Editor openswith the name of theselected clip, __Kevin_1,displayed in the name areaof the window.-- any information entered in theKeyword field will be added tothis clip.
  20. 20. Creating Keyword CollectionsIn the Keyword field, typeKevinWatch the_Kevin_1_clipfilmstrip as you pressReturn.-- the keyword you entered floatsup into a blue horizontal line thatis added to the filmstrip.
  21. 21. Keyword Collection IconsEvent Library• New blue Keyword collection under the EventEvent Browser• Blue line on clip• Keyword collection key under the clip in the list view
  22. 22. Add More Clips to Your CollectionSelect the __Kevin_2_clip.Open the Keyword Editorand click on the Control 1icon next to „Kevin‟.-- watch the filmstrip as thekeyword floats into the__Kevin_2_ clip‟s new bluekeyword line.
  23. 23. Add More Clips to Your CollectionDrag em‟:Scroll through the EventBrowser, find the eight clips withfilenames that begin withmocap.Select all eight mocap clips-- Select the mocaphookup-- Shift-click the mocap strapstilts clipDrag the group onto the KevinKeyword Collection.
  24. 24. Removing a Keyword from a ClipOops• Sometimes you have a clip in a collection that doesn‟t belong there„Un-Keyword‟ it• Select the clip with the wrong keyword and press Control 0
  25. 25. Remove a Clip From Your CollectionSelect the Mobileviz MinutesEvent.Select the mocap sensor railclip.In the Keyword Editor, pressControl-0-- watch the filmstrip as thekeyword turns into a puff ofsmoke, and the blue horizontalline disappears.
  26. 26. Assigning Multiple Keywords to ClipsMore is better• Clips with several keywords make it easier to find.• As you tag clips with additional keywords, they will find their ways into more Keyword Collections.
  27. 27. Adding Multiple Keywords to ClipsSelect the MobilevizMinutes Event.Click the Filmstrip Viewbutton, and then drag theClip Duration slider to All.Scroll to find the sevenmocap clips (with bluekeyword lines) you alreadytagged if necessary.
  28. 28. Adding Multiple Keywords to ClipsSelect the trailer cu clip,and then Shift-click thetrailer wsclip.In the Keyword Editorwindow, type Trailer in theKeyword field, and pressReturn.
  29. 29. Adding Multiple Keywords to ClipsIn the Event Browser,Command-click all clipsexcept:trailer int actiontrailer int coloristtrailer int logo so theyremain selected.In the Name field of theKeyword Editor next to theword Trailer, type Interior,and press Return.
  30. 30. Assigning Multiple Keywords to ClipsSpeed Keys• Create a bunch of keywords you know you will need• Then select the clips that need a keyword and assign them • Drag them over the keyword in the Event Library • Click on the button • Keyboard shortcut
  31. 31. Speed KeywordingIn the Keyword Editor, enterthese keywords into thekeyword shortcut fields.Press Tab after each keywordentry to move to the nextfield.Control-4: InterviewsControl-5: ActressControl-6: AlexControl-7: MocapControl-8: RobotControl-9: On Set
  32. 32. Speed KeywordingIn the Event Browser,select the _Alex clip, andthen Shift-click the_Sergei_2 clip.Assign the Interviewskeyword to all of theseclips-- click the Keyword Shortcutbutton (^4)-- press Control-4 on yourkeyboard
  33. 33. Dump a Keyword CollectionLose it• Control-click (or 2- finger click) the offending keyword collection in the Event Library• Select “Delete Keyword Collection” in the shortcut menu
  34. 34. Dump a Keyword CollectionTo delete the KeywordCollection in the EventLibrary, Control-click theInterior keyword collection.From the shortcut menu,choose Delete KeywordCollection-- you can just pressCommand-Delete
  35. 35. Speed KeywordingAdd an On Set keyword tothe following clips:Actress leaves carAlex at monitorAlex directs coptersAlex green screenAlex talks framingarri cameracamera focusgreen screen moveJames talks mocapmocap hookup
  36. 36. Speed KeywordingSelect the Interviewskeyword collection, thenselect the _Alex clip andassign the Alex keyword tothat clip.Select the Mobile visEvent, select all the clipswith „Alex‟ in the name ofthe clip and drag to theAlex keyword in the EventBrowser.
  37. 37. Applying a Keyword to Part of your ClipMark a Part• You may find a few great seconds tucked into the middle of an otherwise uneventful shot.• In Final Cut Pro, you can identify a range of material within a clip, and then apply a keyword to that range.
  38. 38. Applying a Keyword to Part of your ClipIn the Event Library, select the Mobileviz MinutesEvent.Click the List View button, and then select the arri cameraclip.
  39. 39. Applying a Keyword to Part of your ClipAdd some new Keywords:In the Keyword Editor,select Kevin in the firstkeyword shortcut field.Type Camera, and pressReturn.Click in the secondshortcut field, type Pre-Selects, and press Return.
  40. 40. Applying a Keyword to Part of your ClipIn the arri camera clip, skim to the point early in the cliparound 00:00:38:15-- camera zoomed in on the camera operator attachingmocap gear on camera.Press I to mark a Start point.
  41. 41. Applying a Keyword to Part of your ClipSkim the clip to the point where the checkerboard fills atleast half of the frame at about 00:00:43:00.Press O to mark an End point.
  42. 42. Changing Start and End Points in Event BrowserChange yourMarks• Once you have selected a range within a clip, it‟s easy to change your Start and End points • Skim to new location and press I or O again • Drag the edge of your selection
  43. 43. Change your SelectionIn the arri camera filmstrip, position your pointer over theEnd point of the range selection, and drag right.In the Viewer, watch as the checkerboard edge clears theframe at about 00:00:44:00, and release the mouse button.
  44. 44. Applying a Keyword to Part of your ClipIn the Keyword Editor, click the first shortcut button to addthe Camera keyword to the clip.Then click the second shortcut button to add the Pre-Selects keyword to the clip.
  45. 45. Applying a Keyword to Part of your ClipCheck it out:Select the Camera keywordcollection in the EventLibrary and play the arricamera clip.-- see how only part of the entireclip is kept here
  46. 46. Rating, Sorting & Searching ClipsThumbs Up /Down• Use a rating system to narrow down your content into usable or unusable categories• Good clips or ranges of clips marked as a Favorite• Bad stuff marked as Rejected
  47. 47. Rating, Sorting & Searching ClipsWho has or doesn‟t have akeyword?Select the MobilevizMinutes Event, and click theList View button.In the Event Browser, clickthe Filter pop-up menu andchoose No Ratings orKeywords
  48. 48. Selecting a Range as a FavoriteSkim the actress leaves car clip and notice theswish pans at the start and end of the clip.-- we want to bypass the bad pans and mark the good stuffin the middle. This clip actually was assigned a keyword, so you need to select „All Clips‟
  49. 49. Selecting a Range as a FavoriteSkim to where the camerafirst settles on the actress, ataround 00:00:12:11.Drag the mouse to the rightto around 00:00:15:19, justbefore the second swish panbegins, and then release themouse button.-- you can also press I and O toset start and end points
  50. 50. Selecting a Range as a FavoriteTo rate this range orselection as a Favorite, inthe toolbar, click the green-starred Favorite button, orpress F.From the Filter pop-up,choose Favorites.Skim through the actressleaves car clip to see if youonly have the good part ofthe clip.
  51. 51. RejectingFAIL!• Mark a clip or a range as rejected• Works like the Favorite except now you rejecting and hiding content you don‟t intend to use
  52. 52. SortingFrom the Filter pop-upmenu, choose All Clips.In the search field, entergreen.-- only those clips that havegreen in their names or notes willappear in the list.
  53. 53. RejectingSkim through the greenscreen move clip and notethe bobbled pan at the startof the clip.-- we want to mark that part ofthe clip as no good.
  54. 54. RejectingDrag from the beginning ofthe clip to the right andrelease the mouse buttonwhen the camera settles onthe silver truck.In the toolbar, click the redReject (X) button, or pressDelete.
  55. 55. Hiding Rejected ContentFrom the Filter pop-upmenu, choose HideRejectedSelect the green screenmove clip and press theforward slash key (/) to playit.-- with the rejected portionhidden, this clip now begins withthe silver truck.
  56. 56. Adding Notes to ClipsLittle Reminders• Note the content of an interview• An idea about how to use a clip in your project• Attach the portion of voice-over text to the clip or clips you are considering using at that location• Include lyric lines in clips for music video• Perform a text search to instantly bring up these clips when you are ready to implement your ideas
  57. 57. Adding Notes to ClipsFrom the Filter pop-upmenu, choose All Clips.In the search field, click theReset button (X) to clearthe field contents.Select the _Ari clip andplay just the end of this clip.-- he says „cool concept‟-- that‟s a good label for thissound bite
  58. 58. Add a Note to a Range of a ClipCreate a range in the _Ariclip that includes all of hisstatement,“Having that concept.”Mark this range as aFavorite.
  59. 59. Add a Note to a Range of a ClipIn the Event Browser,below the clip filmstrip,scroll all the way to the rightto bring the Notes columninto view.Drag the Note columnheading to the left and dropit so it is next to the Namecolumn.
  60. 60. Add a Note to a Range of a ClipSelect the Favorite that youcreated in the _Ari clip, andthen click in the Notecolumn field.When the field becomesactive, enter cool concept,and press Return.
  61. 61. Add a Note to a Range of a ClipTest it out:In the Event Browsersearch field, enter coolconcept.-- only the _Ari clip appears inthe list.Click on the X to clear thesearch field.
  62. 62. Creating Smart CollectionsSave yoursearches• Search for clips in an Event using the Filter window• Save your search results as a Smart Collection.• Smart Collections update dynamically when a new clip matches the Smart Collection search criteria
  63. 63. Prep for a Smart CollectionClick the MobilevizMinutes Event.From the Filter pop-upmenu, choose All Clips.If necessary, clear thesearch field.
  64. 64. Prep for a Smart CollectionIn the Event Browser, clickthe magnifying glass iconto open the Filter window.Easy shortcut – CommandF – as in „find‟
  65. 65. The Filter WindowHow it works• You can use the results of the search to create a Smart Collection based on your chosen criteria• You can search by text, keyword, type of media, format, and so on.
  66. 66. Make a Smart CollectionNext to the Text field,deselect the checkbox toremove Text as criteria forthis search.Click the Add Rule (+) pop-up menu in the upper-rightcorner.From the pop-up menu,choose Keywords
  67. 67. Make a Smart CollectionWithin the Keyword filterrule, deselect all KeywordCollections except Kevin,On Set, and Camera.Click the New SmartCollection button.
  68. 68. Make a Smart CollectionIn the Event Library, a newpurple-geared SmartCollection appears namedUntitled.Highlight the new SmartCollection and name itMocapEdit, and pressReturn.
  69. 69. Modifying a Smart CollectionAdd or RemoveStuff• Open the Smart Collection in the Event Library• Use the Filter window to add or remove parameters• Clips will update as you make the changes
  70. 70. Modify a Smart CollectionIn the Event Library,double-clickthe_MocapEdit_SmartCollection.In the Filter window, selectthe Text filter checkbox,and in the Text field enterJames.-- right now, no clips appear inthe Event Browser – hang on!
  71. 71. Little Button Big DifferenceAll / Any Pop-up• Decides how to search for clipsAll• Only clips that meet all the filter parameters will be includedAny• Any clip that meets any of the filter parameters will be included
  72. 72. Modify a Smart CollectionIn the Filter window, fromthe Filter pop-up menu,choose AnyNow all the James andKevin clips appeartogether, including the_James interview clip.
  73. 73. Shortcuts Command A • Selects all clips Command F • Show the Filter window Command K • Show/Hide Keyword CollectionCommand Shift K • Create a new Keyword CollectionCommand Delete • Move the selection to the trash
  74. 74. Shortcuts I • Set the start point for a selection O • Set the end point for a selection • Move the playhead to the previous  frame  • Move the playhead to the next frameSlash / • Play the selection
  75. 75. Homework Assignment1. Complete this lesson so you have all the Keyword Collections and the Smart Collection in the Mobilevis Minutes event.2. Select the Mocap Edit Smart collection3. Change the view of Event Browser to filmstrip4. Set the duration to All so each clip is one frame long5. Adjust the clip height and size of the Event Browser so all the clips in the Smart Collection can be seen.
  76. 76. Homework Assignment6. Using the Grab application, select the area of your Event Library and Event Browser so all the clips in the Mocap Edit Smart Collection can be seen.7. Save the image. Email me on Western Online with the image as an attachment.
  77. 77. Homework Assignment
  78. 78. Lesson 3:Organizing Clips into an Event Apple Pro Training Series Final Cut Pro X Instructor: Sam Edsall