Final Cut Pro X Certification Lesson 2


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This is lesson 2 from the Weyland Final Cut Pro certification text. This text is used in my production class and we work through a lesson each week.

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Final Cut Pro X Certification Lesson 2

  1. 1. Lesson 2:Importing Apple Pro Training Series Final Cut Pro X Professor: Sam Edsall
  2. 2. Importing Media into FCP Loading Content • Final Cut Pro can import media from a variety of devices and many media formats • SD & HD video formats • Still photos • Various audio formats including Wav, AIF, MP3 Managing Content • Select what you want to import • Select how you want to import it • Final Cut Pro works in the background to organize, repair, and optimize media
  3. 3. Importing Media into an EventLoading Content• Final Cut Pro collects imported media into an Event• Good habit to make a new Event starting a new project for you new media• You can choose whether to actually copy the media to another location or have it reference to where it came from
  4. 4. Import Media into a New EventIf the Event Library is not visible,click the Event Library buttonbeneath the Event Browser.In the Event Library, hide theAPTS FCP X Events ifnecessary, and then click theMacintosh HD icon to select theinternal hard drive as thedestination for the new Event.Choose File > New Event, orpress Option-N.
  5. 5. The New EventThe Event• The default Event name is the current date and highlighted awaiting its new identity• Select the disk where the new Event will be before creating the new Event• Delete an Event by Control-clicking (or right-clicking) the Event, and choosing Move Event to Trash • Select the event and press Command delete
  6. 6. Import Media into a New EventIn the name field, enterFairlyLegal, and pressReturn.
  7. 7. Importing ContentA couple of ways• You can click an Import button in the Event Browser• Choose Import from the File menu• Use a keyboard shortcut• Control-click (or right- click) the Event in the Event Library
  8. 8. Import Media into a New EventWith Fairly Legal selected in the Event Browser, click the Import Filesbutton.In the Import dialog in the left sidebar, select the APTS FCP X disk; andnavigate to FCPX Book Files > Fairly Legal. Select the first clip, thenShift select the last clip in the folder. (Don’t import them just yet.)
  9. 9. Importing ContentImport options• Menu of importing options that copy, organize, analyze, and fix media files as they’re imported• After selecting the files to import, Final Cut Pro needs to know the Event to store the imported clips
  10. 10. Import OptionsSelect ‘Add to existing Event’ and make sure Fairly Legal onMacintosh HD appears in the Event pop-up menu.In the Organizing section, make sure that ‘Copy files to Final CutEvents folder’ is selected. Deselect ‘Import folders as KeywordCollections.’ (These options are selected by default.)
  11. 11. To Copy or Not to Copy?That is the question• When you copy files, the original files are physically duplicated in the Events folder to create new source files.• When deselected, Final Cut Pro creates only alias reference files in the Event that point to the original files in their original storage locations
  12. 12. Import Folders as Keyword CollectionsSort it out• If your media is already sorted into folders before you import it into FCP, you can keep it that way• Each folder and their media inside will be imported as a Keyword Collection inside the Event
  13. 13. More Import OptionsThere are other optionsbefore you import likeoptimizing and analyzingyour video and audio.(These features are nice, buttie up your resources)For now, only check ‘Copyfiles…’ and press ‘Import’ onthe bottom right.
  14. 14. How Copied Media is ManagedMovies > FCP Events• Where your media was copied toOriginal Media Folder• Holds the copied media files Final Cut Pro will use to create projectsRender Files folder• Saves newly created files throughout the editing process, like clip thumbnails in the Event Browser
  15. 15. See Your MediaClick the Finder icon and navigate to Movies > Final CutEvents > Fairly LegalThen click the Original Media folder to see the copiedmedia.
  16. 16. Keyword CollectionsSorting it out• Allows you to sort similar clips into their own group (or collection) in the Event• When you select a Keyword Collection in an Event, the clips tagged with that keyword appear in the Event Browser
  17. 17. How Keyword Collections are MadeAutomatically• If your media is already sorted into folders before importing and choosing the ‘Import folders as Keyword Collections’ optionManually• Can always assign keywords to clips after you import them• Like ‘interviews’ ‘b-roll’ ‘interior’ ‘exterior’ etc.
  18. 18. Import Folders as Keyword CollectionsIn the Event Library, Control-click the Macintosh HD icon and, from theshortcut menu, choose Import Files.In the Import Files dialog, navigate to the FCPX Book Files > Zero ToHero folder, and click the Interviews folder.Do not select the files inside this folder.
  19. 19. Import Folders as Keyword CollectionsImport dialog section:1. Select ‘Create new Event’2. Enter Zero to Hero in the new Event field. Make sure the Save To location is Macintosh HD.Organizing section:1. ‘Copy files to Final Cut Events folder’ is selected.2. ‘Import folders as Keyword Collections’ is selected.Click Import.
  20. 20. Keyword CollectionsWhat you see• Blue Key icon in the Event Library under the Event• Blue line across each clip in the Event Browser that has a Key word attached to it
  21. 21. Import Another Folder as a Keyword CollectionControl-click the_Zero to Hero_Event in the Event Libraryand, from the shortcut menu, choose Import Files.In the Import dialog, navigate to FCPX Book Files > Zero toHero > B-Roll, and select that folder.
  22. 22. Import Another Folder as a Keyword CollectionUse the same settings as last time by adding it to the Zeroto Hero Event, copy files, and Import folders as KeywordCollections and Import.
  23. 23. Looking AroundSelect an Event• See all the clips in your Event in the Event BrowserSelect a KeywordCollection• See only the clips in the Event Browser that share that keyword
  24. 24. Looking AroundClick on the Zero to HeroEvent and each keywordcollection to see the differentviews of clips within theEvent Browser.
  25. 25. Analyzing and Correcting Imported Clips Auto Analysis • FCP can recognize common problems such as camera shake, color balance, shutter roll, audio hum, and background noise • Can also determine the type of shot • Number of people • Close-up, wide shot, long shot, etc. • Auto-analysis can be performed during or after import.
  26. 26. Analyzing and Correcting Imported ClipsStabilization• Identifies clips that have shaking from an unsteadied cameraRolling shutter• Identifies motion- related video problems
  27. 27. Analyzing and Correcting Imported ClipsAnalyze for BalanceColor• Automatically fixes errors in color balance of each clip by comparing the highlight and the shadow areasFind People• Looks for the number of people within a clip and identifies the shot type or shot framing as a keyword
  28. 28. Import with Auto AnalysisIn the Event Library, Control-click the Macintosh HD iconand choose New Event.Name the new Event I ThinkIn the Event Browser, clickthe Import Files button.
  29. 29. Auto AnalysisIn the browser, navigate to FCPX Book Files > I Think, andpress Command-A to select all the clips in the I Thinkfolder.Select ‘Add to existing Event’ to add it to the ‘I Think’Event on Macintosh HD.
  30. 30. Import OptionsOrganizing:- Copy files to Final Cut Events folderVideo:- Analyze for balance color- Find people andConsolidate- Create Smart Collections after analysisPress Import
  31. 31. Working in the BackgroundBackground tasks• FCP analyzes and fixes the imported clips as a background task, allowing you to continue working• Process pauses if you move your mouse and resumes when there is no activityWhat’s happening• Click the Background Tasks button in the Dashboard above the Timeline, or press Command-9
  32. 32. Blue vs. Purple LinesBlue line• The clip is part of a keyword collectionPurple line• The clip was was analyzed and in a smart collectionBlue and Purple?• Clip can have both and be in both collection folders
  33. 33. The AnalysisIt is, but isisn’t• During analysis, stabilizatio n and color balance effects are applied to the clips in Smart collections, but not automatically enabled
  34. 34. AnalysisIn the I Think Event, skimthrough the extreme cu clip.-- notice the yellowish tint-- FCP analyzed the colorbalance, but it’s notcorrected (yet).
  35. 35. AnalysisBelow the Viewer in thetoolbar, click the Inspectorbutton.-- Inspector appears to theright of the Viewer.At the top of theInspector, click the Videotab.Enable the color balanceeffect by selecting the boxnext to Balance.
  36. 36. TranscodingWhat it is• Final Cut Pro can create media files optimized for better performance during both editing and rendering, and improved color quality for compositing• If your media is already optimized, the optimized option will be dimmed out
  37. 37. TranscodingCreate optimized media• Transcodes video to Apple ProRes 422 codecCreate proxy media• Transcodes video to Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy), a lower- resolution and lower-quality format.• Smaller data rates and file sizes• Good for portable or slower computers
  38. 38. Should I do this if I’m editing on my laptop?Yes• Less ‘spinning wheel’ delays• Editing is more responsiveNo• Transcoding takes a lot of time• (but if you have the time, I recommend it)
  39. 39. Do I need Proxy Media?Yes• If original media is HD and working with original media on the timeline is sluggishNo• If you have a fast machine and optimized media in the timeline works fine without delays
  40. 40. Working with Proxy MediaAs you import• Select the option in the dialogue boxAfter importing• Select all your clips, right click and choose Transcode Media• Create Proxy media and OK
  41. 41. Switching Back & ForthEdit• Choose ‘Use proxy media’ in the Playback preferences paneExport• Before you export switch back to ‘Use original or optimized media’• Then export your timeline
  42. 42. Importing from a CameraVariety of sources• Built-in iSight• FireWire and USB connected cameras• Decks, hard drives, and flash cardsHow about mycamera?• Compatibility check:
  43. 43. Import from CameraCouple ofoptions• Click the Import From Camera button in the Event Browser• Click the ‘Import media from connected device’ button in the toolbar• Choose File > Import From Camera• Press Command-I.
  44. 44. Import From CameraIn the Event Library, create anew Event on Macintosh HDand name it Camera Import.Select the Event, and in theEvent Browser, click theImport From Camera button.
  45. 45. Import from Camera LayoutLeft• List of cameras and camera archives Final Cut Pro recognizesRight• Image areaBottom• Browse individual clips from your camera, camera card, or archive when connected
  46. 46. Import From CameraIn the Camera Importwindow, Control-click in theleft sidebar.Choose Open ArchiveNavigate to FCPX BookFiles > Imports, andselect201107Flowers.dmgdisk image.Click Open.
  47. 47. Import From CameraWhen the files have loaded,select the camera source,and skim through the clips inthe Clip Browser.To play a clip, select it, andpress the Spacebar, or usethe transport controlsbeneath the preview area.
  48. 48. Import From CameraIn the Clip Browser, deselectall the clips by clicking in thegray area around thethumbnails-- Shortcut: Command-Shift-ASelect Clip 13 in thebrowser.
  49. 49. Import From CameraClick the Import Selectedbutton.In the menu, choose theCamera Import Event.Deselect any other importoptions, and click Import, thenclose the import window.When Final Cut Pro hasimported the clip, it appears inthe Event Browser.
  50. 50. Importing from TapeConnect via Firewire• Connect the VTR to your computer with a FirewireOpen Camera ImportWindow• Select the VTR• Cue the tape you want to capture using the transport controls below the preview area• Click the Import button to capture that section of tape
  51. 51. Camera ArchiveBack-up• Makes a backup that frees your camera or capture media for reuse, preserves and protects your media for future useProcedure• Connect the camera or device.• Choose File > Import From Camera.• In the Camera Import window, select the source device, and click Create Archive.• Name and save the archive.
  52. 52. Importing from the FinderDrag straight to anEvent• Easy to do• Set import options first • Media management • Keyword Collections • Transcoding video • Auto-analysis & Smart Collections• Done through the Import tab of the Final Cut Pro Preferences window.
  53. 53. Importing from the FinderOpen the Final Cut ProPreferences window.At the top of the Preferenceswindow, click the Importbutton.Select Copy files to FinalCut Events folder anddeselect everything else.
  54. 54. Importing from the FinderIn the Event Library, create anew Event on Macintosh HDand name it Baja.In a Finder window, navigateto the APTS FCP X > FCPXBook Files > Imports > BajaWhales folder.
  55. 55. Importing from the FinderDrag the Baja Whales folderinto the BajaEvent.When the Event ishighlighted with a whiteoutline, and you see thegreen plus (copy) sign onthe pointer, release themouse button.
  56. 56. Importing from other ApplicationsWorks the same way• Drag media files from the windows of supported applications such as: • Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes• Simply drag the file from the application into an Event.• Final Cut Pro Import preferences are in effect when dragging files into Final Cut Pro.
  57. 57. Homework Assignment:1. Create a new Event named MobilevizMinutes.2. Import and copy all the Mobileviz Minutes from the APTS FCPX external drive3. After the import process has completed (including background tasks), delete the two practice Events you created:Camera Import and Baja. • Select it and press Command- Delete.
  58. 58. Homework Assignment:4. Select the new Event so the clips can be seen in the Event Browser.5. Use the Grab utility in the Applications / Utility folder to take a snapshot of your new Events Library and Events Browser.6. Save the image to the desktop.7. Send an email to me on Western Online and attach the file.
  59. 59. Shortcuts Option N • Create a new event • Select all items in the current folder or Command A location Shift click • Select a group of contiguous items Command click • Select a group of non-contiguous itemsCommand , (comma) • Open the Preferences window
  60. 60. Shortcuts • Open and close the Background Tasks Command 9 window Command 4 • Open and close the Inspector Command W • Close an active window Command I • Import from CameraCommand Shift I • Import Files window
  61. 61. Lesson 2:Importing Apple Pro Training Series Final Cut Pro X Professor: Sam Edsall