4 Powerful Tips To Sky Rocket Your Adsense Income


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Find Out My EXACT Method That Anyone Can Use To Generate $30K Per Month Using Adsense.

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4 Powerful Tips To Sky Rocket Your Adsense Income

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn How We Generated $30K Per Month From Adsense Using A Powerful Quality ContentGenerator That No One Really Knows About.......... This Content Generator Is Yours For A CrazyLow Price - Take A Lookhttp://13c8.com/AdsenseContentGenerator==== ====Nothing is as frustrating as watching your Google AdSense revenue trickling in cents; $.10 here$.30 cents there and $.0 cents over there. So much for all the hype about guys making thousandsa month with AdSense. Me thinks, thiz Adzenz thing be weird!!Read this article, Try the 4 facts, and up the wall you will drive AdSense!Lets face it, if my website traffic is anywhere in the hundreds a day, there is no way under theseblue skies Im gonna make myself enough money over the internet. I read a review of somewebsite with mammoth traffic and they make over $15,000 a month. Heck, Digital Point makesanywhere around $10,000 a month on a 50% revenue share with their contributor members. Thatis $10,000 being 50% of what is left after forum members have been paid off. "Google pays DigitalPoint about $10,000 a month, depending on how many people view or click on those ads", saidShawn D. Hogan, the owner and chief technology officer of Digital Point.Here is the kicker. I dont in my wildest dreams think Ill ever have a website the size of digitalpoint, ever! But I can make 100 small ones. See, Im just an average Joe trying to make head, tail,or both, whichever comes first; of this internet money thingii. And right now Im not sure Im holdingonto the tail or neck.I have been doing some research on Google AdSense and I want to share with you someinteresting things. Things that I didnt know about and things I believe if I had known earlier, Iwould still be having some hair left on my head. (Pulled much of it off trying to double my AdSenseto $ 0.40 a day). Anyway, I have concentrated my research on how to optimize my AdSenserevenue even before I work on increasing traffic to my 2 blogs.In my quest, I have learned that the secret to increasing your AdSense revenue lies in masteringfour main factors namely:Creating Relevant AdsFrom my Google AdSense account reports, I have noticed I earn much more from AdSense forcontent ad groups as opposed to the AdSense referral ads and AdSense for search bar. If youhave an AdSense account, you know that there are three types of AdSense ads that you canchoose to be served by Google on your site. These are AdSense for content ads that are relatedto your websites general content. The content based ads are the best performers in generatingyou AdSense revenue and they are definitely your best bet. Make sure to concentrate your effortsto having as many relevant content ads as possible if you want to make the money.
  2. 2. Then there are AdSense referral ads that you can choose for your website. These ads are notrelated to your website content and will advertise anything from bio fuels to air tickets. TheseGoogle ads do not do as well as the content based ads. The main reason being that visitors toyour site are more interested in relevant content to what they were looking for in the first place.AdSense referral ads are however second to the content based ads in generating revenue. Andthats a distant second from content ads.The last type of ads that Google offers you for your website is the Google search bar. The searchbar ad group is such that a visitor to your website can type the name of what they are looking for inthe bar. The bar connects directly to Google search and will bring the visitor to a Google page withseveral ads related to what they searched for. I have really not experimented on the effectivenessof this ad groups from Google and would not therefore conclusively say they work or dont. Itshowever worth putting up a search bar at a corner of your page or at the bottom.From the above three discussed Google adgroups, you will notice that content based ads performbetter than the other two. Its not rocket science to figure out why. The main reason however is thatpeople searching the web are looking for particular information of their interest. They are thereforemore likely to click on ads that seem relevant to their search. AdSense adcopies are written suchthat they offer answers to very specific needs and a visitor will most likely click on an ad thatseems to answer their quest. And thats all you need them to do to earn your money. Click.For example, people looking for Movie Downloads will be confronted with ads that offer them allsorts of diverse benefits and types of downloading movies online. Likewise, People looking forWater-for- gas cost saver kits and manuals on their cars will be bombarded with ads that offerincreasing mileage per gallon of gas etc. Once again, concentrate on requesting from Google onlythose ads relevant to your websites content.Serving Only High Paying AdsIn the real sense, choosing high paying ads from Google AdSense will in effect determine thecontent you put on your website. In other words, if you want to concentrate on high paying ads,and considering that you need relevant content to earn good AdSense income, then by default youwill have to make a website or blog on topics that pay prime dollar for clicks on them. In a nutshell,not all ads pay the same with Google. Since competition for some products is excruciatingly high,the advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for their ads to appear first on Google content basedadvertising network.Google adwords (this is where advertisers bid and create their ads on Google) offer theadvertisers an option to allow Google to distribute their ads to other websites within their networkbesides Google that have relevant content to the ads. This is how you end up with AdSense beingserved by Google on your website in the first place. Now here is the spoiler, not all ads that youchoose will pay as high. Ads for new technology, gadgets and gizmos pay much more higher sincethe manufacturers are willing to pay as much to enter the market and make their product known.Google ads for such products pay you equally higher dollars per click as opposed to ads for saynail vanish.I have seen some adwords bids that start from $5 per click. Other companies and individuals bid
  3. 3. as high as $50 per click to maintain the pole position in Google results pages. The revenueprinciple applying to AdSense when Google serves the ads onto your website is practically thesame. On the converse, the highest bid by advertisers is a paltry $0.05 for some products. Whichads would you rather get served with by Google?-go figure.For you to be able to run high paying AdSense ads, you will need to make a thorough research onminimum bids made by advertisers in adwords. This is not rocket science really. One way of tellinga certain area has higher bids is to Google a product you suspect might have high competitionamong advertisers. Just counting the number of adwords ads appearing for that particular keywordwill tell you much.A Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) with a lot of ads appearing on it might indicate thatthe advertisers on that keyword are bidding serious figures per click on their website.The higher a particular ad appears on a highly competitive keyword usually indicates higher bidsand you may want to consider creating websites in such an area and get it served with AdSense.But also bear in mind that high ad counts also means that its a highly competitive field and gettingtraffic for your website might be like pulling teeth...and with a pair of tweezers that is.It pays to do an intensive research into areas to create websites for AdSense revenue. SinceAdSense is served automatically by Google to your website, your only maneuver is to look for veryspecialized, less competitive, high paying niche areas and keywords to create your websitecontent on. As a rule of thumb, new products are naturally good niche areas to start with;assuming that you catch on the fad soon enough before every man and his dog start selling thesame product. Please note that we are placing emphasis on guys that want to use AdSense astheir main source of online revenue here.In most cases and usually why we (me included) make measly AdSense income is that, we createwebsites in areas of our own interest and then serve AdSense ads to them. Problem is, ourpreferred areas of interest are not necessarily areas that can make us worthwhile money withAdSense. Research an AdSense area that pays, then create unique content on that, serve the adsand laugh all the way to the bank. Kind of doing things in reverse... banana eating monkey sort ofthing.Positioning And Designing Your AdsThis is an area that I want to approach with a lot of caution. One thing is painfully true, and that isyour AdSense ads are not worth the space if they are not optimally designed and positioned. Oneof the biggest advantages with serving AdSense ads is that Google lets you design and positionyour ads on your own website. But, which design and positions work best? Just like the offlineworld, positioning an outdoor advertisement makes all the difference between the ad being seenand it passing as a waste of resources.Why does placing a TV ad at prime time, for example, cost more than double that of placing itdead in the night or early in the morning? Better still a billboard on an unused highway will notreceive as much audience as one in a freeway that has huge amounts of vehicular traffic.The same principle works with serving ads from Google AdSense. Placement of your ads is
  4. 4. everything in getting noticed by visitors to your website and eventually getting them clicked on.Some areas of your website are actually prime real (or is that virtual) estate while others are...well, badlands, abandoned dumb and quarry sites.Positioning Your AdSense AdsAs mentioned above, you need to know which areas of your website or blog work for AdSense.Research (and dont ask me by who) has shown that an online browsers eye is trained moreemphatically on certain areas of a webpage while other areas receive just a gloss-over glance. It isalso true that a webpage visitors eye lands automatically and for the first instance on a particulararea of a page and then follows a certain trail of vision on that webpage. Disconcerting, is it?...No,its actually a nightmare for an advertiser if you dont have those facts.You might have noticed that, in a Google SERP (i.e. the results page you get when you search aword in Google) ads always appear on the mid top and right side of the page. Fact is that,advertisers on these two areas pay completely different rates. The ads on the top of the page arecalled sponsored ads, while those on the right edge of the page are called adwords.The middle top area (sponsored ads) is also much more expensive to advertise on while the right-top side ads (1st to 5th positions) are priced higher than the mid-right and bottom right adwordsareas. Although, this is done through a bidding process, the idea is clear that, if your ad is the firston the top right side of the page, you get hit more than those below you. This is not only exclusiveto Google but to most if not all search engines online that run ads on their SERPs.Ok, lets bring it home. Considering your webpage will be providing other relevant and mainframecontent in the middle of the page, you will need to follow Google ad positioning example. Forstarters, you can try to place AdSense ads at the mid-top of the webpage. The best ad design thatworks for the top page section is the leaderboard format which stretches the ads across from leftto right of the page. Usually about three to four AdSense ads will be served with the leader boardformat.The leaderboard ads are available in the ads set up button within the horizontal ads drop down. Allthis is possible once you get Google to approve your account, you will be able to create your adsthere and get a HTML code provided for you to paste to your webpage. Google promotes familyfriendly websites and blogs and will need to review your website before approval. They discouragewebsites with adult content; your website should also have well arranged and meaningful content.Your next prime real estate on the webpage is the far right hand side. This is a crucial area andyou might want to place the ads right from the top running downwards as a column. Again, I haveexperimented on this area with the broad banner ads from AdSense and they fit in like a glovehence bracketing the main middle text. The broad banner format is available from your Google adset up button in your account under the vertical ads section.Personally, I select the text-only ads from the create-new-ad button. You have a choice of adtypes including texts and images, text only and images only formats. I prefer the text only since itsnow accepted that text ads attract more interest than banner and image ads. I think its somethingto do with an ad getting to the point as fast and as effectively as possible.
  5. 5. Now, the other available position has been subject to a lot of debate; but there are still somemarketers who swear by it. This is the mid-text AdSense ads. These are ads that are placed inbetween your main text and separated into two, three or four parts depending on the size of themain text. Basically it interrupts the flow of the text after some delivery of information. By text Imean your main page content located at the middle of the page. I cannot deny that locating theads mid-text really gets them seen by people interested in reading your full content. But there arealso visitors that might consider it an interruption to their reading and just pass along. I think thispositions effectiveness surely depends on an individual reader and I might want to leave thechoice up to you here.The last AdSense positioning real estate is the end-text position. This is placed at the very bottomof your webpage text. This position is equally important for webpage visitors that have read yourcontent and might see something that catches their eye at the end. It is proven that a visitorprefers a sense of continuity while doing their web searches as opposed to opening one page,closing it and opening another altogether. If your end-text AdSense ads are relevant enough to thecontent on display, the visitor will most likely sign off from your page by clicking on that last ad.Which I believe is good enough for that AdSense revenue click.As I end the positioning AdSense discussion here, I might want to mention that caution isnecessary to avoid overdoing it by serving too many ads. Your webpage should have just enoughAdSense ads to create a wrap around effect to your main text. The webpage should avoid lookinglike an overcrowded flea market. Usually Google allows you to serve about 15 ads per page butyou need not go the whole nine yards with it. Place just enough on each page to make it optimizedfor AdSense revenue.Designing your AdSense adsYou will also be able to design the format of your ads within your AdSense account. Google allowsyou to play around the text of the ads within certain parameters like size, type, nature, text color,borders color, background colors, url color and the shape of their edges. Google also lets youchoose how you want your AdSense ads to contrast against your main text by being able tochoose the templates among them blend, mother earth etc. Personally I have found blending myads to the text works where I dont want them to conspicuously stand out.While designing your ads for primarily the purposes of AdSense income, you may want to considermaking them stand out. Take care however not to overdo the colors, otherwise your site will looklike its reading the riots act to visitors to click on them or else... The idea here is to softly make theads stand out but not so much as to distract the reader of the main text. This means you will bedoing a balancing act with the AdSense font color, the background and the general shape aroundthe edges of the ad boxes.My research has shown that choosing a soft AdSense ad background like light grey combined withemphasized text color on that ads background has a good effect on the click through rates. Butgrey if your own sites background is white. Grey works best with websites with a whitebackground. Other lighter colors work best with different backgrounds on websites. I guess Imtrying to say that your AdSense background color should just be enough to provide a slight shadeto differentiate it from your original websites background. Dont make it scream here.
  6. 6. This might hold true when you visit other websites like hubpages.com which shares its AdSenserevenues with article contributors. What they do here is that they serve AdSense ads around yourarticle and if its a nice piece, you will get decent clicks if not an outright click-riot. I observed that,since their website background is white, they serve their AdSense ads with an ad-background oflight grey while blending the top-text ads background white. Your best bet here is not to take myword for it but to keep on tweaking, testing and turning the ads until you see what works for yourwebsite.High Traffic LevelsThis is the devil in AdSense income. The above three aspects of increasing your AdSense incomewill only work to a certain extent and as far as your traffic goes. As I said this is where AdSensebecomes everybodys biggest headache. However if we are to look at this critically, there are ahundred ways to drive traffic to the websites.Lets assume we have already worked on the other three areas to our satisfactions. We are nowmore than sure that for whatever traffic we bring to our websites, we will be able to milk the mostrevenue out of them. I think that is important. No one wants visitors to be making a pass by theirwebsite without ever contributing a cent to their revenues online. So optimized they are and outyou go for traffic.I dont want to go deep into this area of bringing traffic to your website but lets just say themethods are many besides writing unique content, writing articles with links to your websites,adwords, contributing in forums among many others. The most important and that which will saveyou a lot of agony and time is to choose a niche area that has comparatively less competition.Since we started off making websites for AdSense, we might as well ensure that we makewebsites with content that attracts the search engines, hence traffic.Choose your niche area well and the search engines will pick you out. Visitors will be on yourwebsite like ants to a Popsicle- with the right content. To help you with selecting a niche area, youcan use the Google trends keyword tool to measure the competition of a particular keyword. As arule of thumb, avoid keywords that are crowded. The competition wont do you any good.There are people out there who have mastered the art of making multiple websites for AdSenserevenue. Most of them use the automated softwares that help them develop unique websites incertain niches. An example of good AdSense automated website developer software that ispopular in the market is the HYPERVRE [http://increasingAdSenseincome.wordpress.com]. (seebelow)This software is designed to prompt you generate the most unique sets of keywords and goon to develop unique content. As mentioned earlier, making websites in unique niche areas is thekey to getting massive traffic sent your way by the search engines. Well designed and uniquewebsite content also saves you the agony of leveraging your website traffic by writing articles,buying advertising space, email lists and all other related headaches to generating traffic.Concentrate on making websites that attract traffic by themselves, then keep on churning out asmany websites as you can using the automated softwares. Within 2 months you will notice yourAdSense revenue expanding to unimagined levels. So much for your earlier belief that-nobody canearn more than adcents monthly.
  7. 7. Good LuckRobert is a successful online marketer. He has written extensive reviews of new productsincluding providing his well researched areas on "how to make online income. He recommendsthe HYPERVRE for automated adsense websites development. Follow links to read more ClickHere! [http://increasingAdSenseincome.wordpress.com]Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robert_Kamau==== ====Learn How We Generated $30K Per Month From Adsense Using A Powerful Quality ContentGenerator That No One Really Knows About.......... This Content Generator Is Yours For A CrazyLow Price - Take A Lookhttp://13c8.com/AdsenseContentGenerator==== ====