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10 Top Tips To Incresed Adsense Earnings


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Find Out My EXACT Method That Anyone Can Use To Generate $30K Per Month Using Adsense.

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10 Top Tips To Incresed Adsense Earnings

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn How We Generated $30K Per Month From Adsense Using A Powerful Quality ContentGenerator That No One Really Knows About.......... This Content Generator Is Yours For A CrazyLow Price - Take A Look ====You can make lots of money monetizing your blog with AdSense if you have quality content, theright keywords, and the right AdSense ad layout. Many people complain they cant make moneywith AdSense or that it cheapens their site. I will show it how it will not only increase the value ofyour site, but how it will start building you monthly income!I monetize my web sites and blogs in many different ways. I see many web sites missing out whenit comes to non-invasive ways to monetize your web site or blog, and they dont have to be waysin which you anger your visitors. In fact - good monetization will always compliment your web site,not "cheapen" it. I have also read many articles that debate when to monetize, and there are stillsome hold-outs that say build up traffic on a site first and then monetize once it gets to a certainlevel. Im sorry - thats just BS in my book, and I have the experience to back it up. Monetize yourweb site from day 1 - PERIOD!Why? Every post and page is an opportunity to make money. Making money with a web site is likeplanting a garden. Why would you want to keep plowing the field for 6 months and and keepwaiting to plant the seeds? Also monetization is marketing, and marketing takes time and skill. Yes- skill. The more you do it the better you become, so do it from day #1.Making money online is like a sport or a professional trade.Ingredients you WILL NEED to become SUCCESSFUL:Competent Trainers and MentorsPassion and Drive to SucceedOrganization and Work EthicAbility to make 10,000 mistakes and keep goingGood Communications SkillsPractice, Practice, Practice!Today were going to talk about monetizing your web site with Google AdSense. If youre alreadyusing Google AdSense - read this article anyway and learn how to make more money usingAdSense. Click the banner above to join AdSense if you havent already. By signing up withAdSense you can build code snippets and place ads on your web site.AdSense Myths:To make any money you need thousands of visitors per day
  2. 2. Ads will make a percentage of your visitors leave and not come backAdSense cheapens the look of your web siteYou would be surprised how much more money you could be making with some very basic andsimple changes to your web site. Think about how much you could be making per day. Just $1 perday is $30 per month, which should more than pay for most basic hosting plans (and then some).Only $5 per day and youre making $150 per month, $10 per day is $300/mo. It adds up quickerthan you think. Especially if you have more than one blog or web site to monetize.AdSense Facts:You can make $1-$3 a day on as little as 20-30 visitors per dayA percentage of your visitors quickly leave anyway (the bounce rate) - you can make money onthat dead trafficAdSense is so targeted that its less of an intrusion and more of a service compared to other adsThe first thing you need to understand is where the ads come from. AdSense is fed by Googlesother product AdWords. If you havent used AdWords before - its where you can pay to drivetraffic to your web site - you "pay per click". In the AdWords marketplace - people "bid overkeywords". The more competition there is for a keyword, the more it costs and the highest bidderwins the top slot, the next bidder the next slot, and so on. For example it may cost 50 cents perclick to get the keyword "designer handbag", but I bet you can get "clay flowerpot" for under anickel. Its all about supply and demand. The most searched for terms are fought over prettyfiercely. Once keywords are purchased, the AdSense algorithm places the actual ads on web sites- matching them up with keywords and content on web pages. The algorithm is pretty amazing,and in most case will be serving highly target ads to your web site within minutes. If the ads areway off target or inappropriate - you need to re-think your web site setup.So once a keyword is purchased and an ad is written - its matched up with a highly targeted webpage where it should perform well. It doesnt matter how "busy" or popular that web site is, wellperforming and paying ads are placed on appropriate pages getting from a dozen to thousands ofvisitors per day. If you are using high paying keywords in your web site content, you will attracthigh paying ads. Did you understand that statement? Go back and read it two more times andthink about it a minute.Thats right - the key to making money in AdSense is attracting well paying ads. If I have a website that gets only 30 visitors per day, and 3 per day click an AdSense ad paying 35-50 cents, Ican easily make $1 per day from this very low-traffic web site. Of course everyone wants to getmore than 30 visitor per day, but all sites have to start somewhere. Im illustrating how easy it is tomake money from day #1. I do this in nearly all the sites I setup. Many of you that have usedAdSense for a long time wont believe it, because in my example my AdSense clicks payextremely high and the click-through-rate (CTR) is 10%. Most sites are lucky to get a 2-3% CTRon AdSense ads, and the clicks usually pay a nickel or less on average.I said earlier that if you received off target ads your blog or web site layout was possibly not"AdSense optimized". If you want to attract high paying ads and make the most AdSense revenuepossible from your existing traffic - Ill give you some very simple rules to follow when writingarticles, pages, and posts. If you follow these very basic rules you will not only get more revenue
  3. 3. per click with AdSense, but (in the long run) you will also get more visitors, and better searchengine listings.Top 10 Ways To Make More Money from AdSense Using KeywordsObtain a URL with very important keywords in your niche: I cant say enough about this. The #1reason I have so many domains is because when you build a niche site if the domain has your top2 or 3 keywords in it - you immediately start getting traffic from post #1. This is very important.Use permalinks, pretty URLs, etc: This is second most important whether you are usingWordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, or whatever. As soon as you setup your software turn onpermalinks, pretty URLs, or whatever its called so you posts have "".Having great keywords in the URL past the top level domain name is only second to keywords inthe domain name itself.Find the Best Keywords and Phrases: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Find out how to do keywordresearch. If you dont know what the best keywords for your niche are - there really isnt muchpoint reading any farther than this...Create a Great Title: When you write a post the title controls much more than you think. Everyday Iread great articles with crappy titles. With every title you need to be thinking of using keywordsthat will be searched for while linkbaiting a title enticing people to click. This can be harder than itsounds, because the best titles are 6-8 words or less. Ive gotten better at this over time, but itsjust practice, practice, practice to become a master at it!Have an H1 Title first: WordPress natively takes your html post title tag and puts it into an H1 tagas the textual title on the posts web page. If you use another CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, orsomething else make sure your Content Management System does the same. Keywords inheader tags (especially the first header of the page) carry much more weight than laster in thecontent areas.Start with a Synopsis Paragraph: Unless you are writing custom meta description tags for everysingle page the most important area of any post or page after the title is that first paragraph. Thisparagraph ultimately becomes your description under you title link in search engine results pages.You want to stick to 2 or 3 sentences when possible, or at least place your important keywordsthere. Remember - what you type will not only determine how well this page comes up in searchresults, but also how your page is described and why people click!Bold important keywords as you write: As you write your post or article bold keywords and phraseswhen you are making points. These keywords, combined with your title and synopsis help targetads (and traffic!).Link relevant sources: This is a given, but should be mentioned. Be sure to link only relevant itemsin your post - it helps target everything.Organize sections using h3 and h4 headings: Using h3 and h4 headers in longer pages and postsis a great way to "sub-title" the page with even more targeted keywords. Its also easier toorganize information (and for more people to follow and read).Use keyword laden categories and tags: Just before you publish that page or post, be sure to usegreat keywords to both categorize and tag it.Now back to the AdSense ads themselves. First - if you are brand new to AdSense, be sure tovisit the newly created AdSense official newbie help at Google and get all the free information thatyou can. Second you want to get the code for the AdSense ads necessary for placement on yourweb site. I want you to view the Google heat map (you can find it in the newbie help link). Thispicture illustrates where a visitors eyes go first, and where you would get the most clicks. Do you
  4. 4. see how the reddest spot on the page is directly above the content? I want you to understand thatif you could only place one AdSense ad per page - it should be directly above you content. Inaddition, the highest paying and best performing AdSense ad is 336x280 large rectangle.So youre ready to place that ad? Not so quick - you need to "blend" it into the look and feel ofyour page. When you create it in AdSense setup make the background color the same as where itwill be placed on your page. Make the font color and size the same, make the link colors the sametoo. I personally would never use video ads for any reason - only text. My reasoning on this is thatin a 336x280 text ad you normally get 4 text ads, and thats 4 chances to make money. If a videotakes up the entire 336x280 block - its only 1 chance to make money, and its images and videothat can be intrusive to many visitors. IMHO - you would need some type of pop-culture (music,movie, celebrity, joke, media based) web site to be successful with image or video ads. Place one336x280 AdSense ad directly before your content and one directly after. If you use Googleanalytics to track your web site - you many already be aware of your "bounce rate". When peoplecome to your site, and quickly leave because they didnt find what they wanted they "bounce". Tome a bounce rate of 20-30% is normal. Over 50% is incredibly high.If youve placed the 336x280 blocks before and after the content your are placing highly targetedads to soak up your bounce rate. In other words - if 20-30% of my customers are going to leavemy site quickly anyway to find what they want - Id prefer that they click on one of my AdSense adsto find it. I help them find what they need, and I get a "referral fee" for the click. Also visitors thatstay awhile on my site many click an ad because theyre in the same niche. Its like being in thelibrary and finding the book you need, but seeing others on the same shelf you might also like.Beyond the two mandatory AdSense blocks I use before and after the content - I often also add a4 text link unit in a sidebar or a 160x600 skyscraper. How you feel about this is up to you and yourlayout. If you have other ads or sidebar content that could be earning money - it might be betterplaced there. But if all you have is the latest posts and some categories - these types of AdSenseads can help you not "leave any money on the table". That means - you might only make a fewextra pennies or nickels per day - but if that money was just laying on the table would you justleave it there? Probably not. It adds up over time. Again - especially if you are monetizing multipleweb sites.I learned this term (money on the table) from Joel Comm, whose AdSense eBook I read a fewyears back just after setting up my AdSense account for the first time. For the first 6-7 months Iused AdSense I made no money at all. After I read Joels book I quadrupled my CTR and wentfrom making pennies per day overnight to $3-$5. One month after reading that eBook I receivedmy first ever Google AdSense check, and Ive received one every month since.So - if your web site or blog consistently using my techniques above you should have no problemearning more money from AdSense. A lot of times you read a great article like this and youwonder how successful it was for the author. Well, it worked for me - last year I made more than$10,000 from AdSense on just a few web sites...John Pratt is a full time WordPress Consultant, and also owner of the eBay Plugin WP-Easybay.
  5. 5. Article Source: ====Learn How We Generated $30K Per Month From Adsense Using A Powerful Quality ContentGenerator That No One Really Knows About.......... This Content Generator Is Yours For A CrazyLow Price - Take A Look ====