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ADH Events

  1. 1. ADH Events Full Service Meeting, Event Planning and Audio-Visual Production Create Expertly Innovate Flawlessly Execute Globally © 2009 All rights reserved
  2. 2. ADH Events The Proof is in the Pictures Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  3. 3. ADH Events Full Service Event Planning & Audio-Visual Production Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Our Vision: For our clients to view ADH Events as an integral part of their team and a key component to the success of their meetings and events regardless of size or complexity. Our Mission: To partner with our clients to create, execute, monitor and manage all meeting and event details to assure the attainment of specific project goals and objectives in any environment around the globe. Our Values: Superior client service, Sophisticated Project Management Systems, Flexibility in design and execution, Communication at all levels, Cutting edge knowledge in multiple industries, Commitment to technology, Environmental sustainability, and responsibility to the community. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  4. 4. ADH Events Advantages of Choosing Experts Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Senior Planners Who Have “Been There”: Our key staff members have a minimum of 20 years experience in the travel, catering, hotel, DMC, entertainment and meeting & event planning industry. What we “bring to the table”; A consultant’s approach Established relationships with leading vendors and venues Communication on every level How this sets us apart from Competition: No one else can match our level of experience and industry expertise allowing us to plan and deliver outstanding programs, flawlessly, each and every time. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  5. 5. ADH Events Some of Our Services Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Full-Service Meeting & Event Management • Event Marketing & Branding • Audio-Visual Production • Graphic Design • Site & Hotel Selection • Vendor Selection • Contract Negotiation • Promotional Items & Awards • Attendee Registration • Management of Food & Beverage • Off-Site Events • Air Travel • Ground Transportation • Destination Management • Theme Development • Décor & Staging • Entertainment • Processing Attendee Reimbursements • Evaluations & Follow-Up Surveys 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  6. 6. ADH Events Types of Meetings & Events Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Product Launches • Speaker Training • Speaker Bureau Meetings • Investigator Meetings • Sales Meetings • Advisory Board Meetings • Not-For-Profit Fundraising Events • Awards Ceremonies • Corporate Retreates • Sponsored Satellite Events & Seminars associated with Conferences & Tradeshows • Guest/Spouse Activities • Alumni Events • Teambuilding Programs • Scientific Meetings • Conferences • Dine-Arounds • Incentive Trips 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  7. 7. ADH Events ADH Events Meeting Management Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Our team of highly experienced, professional meeting planners have earned an excellent reputation for their skills in contract negotiation, site selection, project leadership, logistics planning and precise on-site execution of meetings and events. They manage dozens of meetings annually throughout North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia with attendance from 10 to more than 1,500 attendees. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  8. 8. ADH Events What Sets ADH Events Apart Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally • A Consultant’s Approach: ADH views each meeting not as an island, but rather as an integral part of a larger strategy to develop and enhance our client’s image within their industry and increase ROI overall. • Vast International Experience: ADH’s vast international experience, proficiency in foreign languages, and knowledge of international cultures and customs translates into a perfectly smooth experience for ADH’s clients and their participants. • Fully Integrated Database Structure: ADH utilizes advanced database software so we can analyze all aspects of attendees’ meeting participation and never miss an opportunity to cut costs for our client. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  9. 9. ADH Events Strong and Proven Commitment to Client Satisfaction and Customer Service Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally • Comprised of knowledgeable and friendly staff, ADH‘s professionals are available at all times to answer participants’ calls and emails. • Cost Effective AV Production: ADH’s team of AV experts flawlessly arrange and manage all AV needs at a considerably lower cost than other meeting management firms. • Experience with Various Industries and their Rules: ADH’s team understands the intricacies of various industries, specializing in the Pharmaceutical industry with its PhRMA Code Guidelines and the Medical Device industry with its AdvaMed Code. • Detailed Floor Plans: Delivering complete to-scale floor plans with every proposal is standard procedure at ADH. 2D and 3D views of the meeting rooms allow our clients to buy with confidence and virtually eliminates surprises. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  10. 10. ADH Events Some of Our Clients Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  11. 11. ADH Events Contact Us Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Alexander deHilster, Principal office: +1-312-265-9759 ext. 10 mobile: +1-312-351-5511 email: Suzun Edmead, Allyson (Helle) Rinaldo, Director of Global Sales Director of Sales office: +1-312-265-9759 ext. 14 office: +1-312-265-9759 ext. 15 US mobile: +1-312-622-1144 mobile: +1-312-525-0102 UK mobile: +44 (0) 7895 795060 email: email: Paul Sullenger, Meredith Dodson, Executive Event P roducer Senior Event P roducer office: +1-312-265-9759 ext. 11 office: +1-312-265-9759 ext. 13 mobile: +1-312-351-0226 mobile: +1-847-226-4784 email: email: Jeremy Lawn Dave Wheeler AV P roducer M ultim edia office: +1-312-265-9759 x12 office: +1-312-265-9759 x12 mobile: +1-733-899-4248 mobile: +1-312-730-8427 email: 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  12. 12. ADH Events Bio: Alexander deHilster Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Since starting ADH Events, Alexander deHilster has taken every opportunity to enrich client ideas with his own creative vision. Endowed with a true passion for the industry, Alexander is proof positive of ADH Events’ dedication to events that are every bit as unique as they are fanciful, as effective as they are visually stunning. Prior to starting ADH Events, Alexander produced small and large corporate meetings for event planning firms in Chicago and New Orleans. Originally specializing in the medical industry, Alexander oversaw the planning and execution of both corporate and private events in both North America and Europe. Alexander was born in the Netherlands and speaks fluent English, German and French as well as his native Dutch, rendering him an ideal candidate to coordinate events and meetings, both domestic and internationally. Alexander boasts a high level of pertinent experience. He mastered an understanding of space – and its potential – which is being used daily in the creation of detailed 3-D floor plans. Alexander’s prodigious personal skills were honed on the road while planning and conducting major 3-week motor coach tours throughout the United States and Canada. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  13. 13. ADH Events Bio: Suzun Edmead Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally With over 25 years of experience in the customer service and hospitality industry, Suzun’s career has spanned several continents. Suzun was born in London, England and worked in various positions with British Airways for 10 years before moving to Nigeria and Indonesia prior to coming to the United States in 1994. It was in New Orleans that Suzun realized her true passion for meeting and event planning with positions in the Hotel, DMC and Catering Industries. Suzun worked with such clients as Novartis, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis and Schering-Plough and as well as with AON Risk Services and Napco LLC . She was also involved with “110% fun events” including the debut of the Band of Brothers, the HBO Mini-Series at The National World War II Museum, and the Anne Rice’s Mini- Series “The Feast of All Saints” for Showtime Networks. It would not have been New Orleans if she had not assisted in the planning, for 2 consecutive years, of the Mardi Gras Day event for American Express Centurion Cardholders as well as Super Bowl XXXVI events for Fox Sports and ESPN Classic. July 4th 2002 brought Suzun from the Big Easy to the Windy City where she held several business development positions in the Catering and Event planning industry working with clients such as the University of Chicago, Northwestern and Roosevelt Universities, Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Freeborn & Peters, Skidmore, Owens & Merrill, UniCare/WellPoint and Akzo Nobel. October 2008 Alexander persuaded Suzun out of ‘mummy hood’ and back to the U.S., after she had moved to the U.K. with her infant son in July 2006, to take up the position as Director of Sales for ADH Events. Suzun serves on the Women’s Committee at The Mid-America Club and on the Membership Committee at the British American Business Council. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  14. 14. ADH Events Bio: Allyson (Helle) Rinaldo Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Allyson began her meeting and event planning career with a degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Recreation Administration, a minor in Chemistry, and an intensive internship program on an exclusive island off North Carolina's coast. Throughout the internship program, Allyson coordinated and detailed family activities and competitions for the island's visitors, like Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Willard Scott, Bill Cower and their families. Realizing her true calling, following her internship, Allyson found herself at the Chicago-based, international meeting planning firm., MBM Productions. She specialized in high-end pharmaceutical clients. Earning the position of Director of Meeting Planning, she managed a team of seven meeting planners and four audio-visual production individuals to deliver superior meetings and special events throughout North America and Europe. After eight years working in both sales and operations for MBM Productions, Allyson moved to ALLURE Events and Meetings and focused solely on sales. As Director of Corporate Sales, Allyson broadened her range of vertical markets beyond the pharmaceutical industry. With over a decade of experience, Allyson continues to pursue her passion for planning and selling meetings throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  15. 15. ADH Events Bio: Paul Sullenger Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Paul E. Sullenger has an extensive background in entertainment, catering, event production and management. His performing career has seen Paul on stages throughout the United States and in the Chicagoland area. Paul also has travelled extensively, performing for Disney in Orlando, Florida and at Tokyo Disneyland, sailing for Birka Cruise Line (Baltic Sea Cruises) and Cunard Cruise Lines (World Cruises). Paul began catering in between performing gigs and was immediately bitten by the events bug, quickly moving up the ranks from wait staff to event supervisor. Soon after, he started managing private catering events at The Kentucky Derby, The Breeder’s Cup and The Buick Open. These experiences lead to an event production position with a successful event planning company in Chicago. During his three years there, Paul produced events and meetings for large and small companies throughout the United States and Canada, made arrangements for customized tours and managed their specific transportation needs, managed events and meetings from set-up through breakdown, designed customized themed events, booked and managed stylized entertainment and décor for events, made private dining arrangements for dine-around programs and managed budgets for the events. With the familiarity and relationships with private venues, hotels, caterers, restaurants, décor, floral, equipment, linen, entertainment, production and audio/visual companies, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to ADH Events. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  16. 16. ADH Events Bio: Meredith Dodson Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Meredith came to ADH Events with a background in planning corporate events, social functions, and non-profit fundraisers. She has organized meetings and events for attendees ranging form 25 to 800 people through out the world and has an exceptional working knowledge of her craft and the specific needs of varied industries and their special events. Her career in event management began while she was still in High School, planning corporate holiday parties and social engagements. Shortly after graduating from DePaul University she worked for the Chicago Architectural Foundation where she helped to organize the first annual Patron of the Year Award that honored prominent leaders in the community and played host to several hundred guests. Following the CAF, she worked on the philanthropy team at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Meredith was able to establish herself as an effective team member as well as innovative leader. While at RIC, she was responsible for Board Meetings, Donor Luncheons, Press Conferences and Departmental Meetings. Meredith’s expertise and experience in the field eventually lead her to the corporate side of event production, particularly pharmaceutical conferences. While working with a Chicago based company she helped produce events in 12 countries and all across the United States. Her extensive international adeptness and ability to creatively solve problems in foreign environments translates as a benefit to any team and a valued asset to all her clients. Her enthusiasm for event planning will make any client as excited about their next function as she is. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  17. 17. ADH Events Bio: Jeremy Lawn Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Jeremy is a multi-talented Producer with over a decade of top-tier experience in event planning, production management, staging, audio/visual production design, and video and television production. Jeremy attended Purdue University, studying Theater and English. While writing, designing, building and acting in college theater productions, he quickly found his true passion behind the scenes. After graduating in 2000, Jeremy got his start with McDonald’s Corporation, coordinating nationwide marketing conferences, corporate events and internal business meetings. Jeremy also immersed himself in all aspects of video production, script to shooting and post-production. Following his stint at McDonald’s, Jeremy tapped into Chicago’s one-of-a-kind world of industrial stage production… with a drive to learn all about all the technical elements that make a big show shine. He absorbed everything he could get his hands on; running cameras, building stages, rigging lighting and sound gear, creating color schemes and floor plans, creating presentation graphics, and even designing and building custom furniture. Jeremy has set up and managed A/V support at meetings for medical clients Biotech & Angiotech, engineering companies Square D and Tenneco, as well as corporate clients McDonald’s, Compaq and Abbott Labs. He has an in-depth knowledge of presentation support; including PowerPoint, digital video recording, video and slide projection, conference room audio setup, and simple lighting for board meetings. Jeremy works closely to learn exactly what his client needs to communicate during a meeting, and the most efficient way to do so. Jeremy has a true desire to do whatever it takes and to drive those around him to do the same… resulting in a truly impressive production. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved
  18. 18. ADH Events Bio: Dave Wheeler Create Innovate Execute Expertly Flawlessly Globally Creativity has been at the core of David’s thinking from an early age. From being an artist and musician since grade school, to overseeing graphic design, video creation, and web implementation for numerous corporate and private clients, David brings the creative spark to everything he does. David started in multimedia by producing the promotional materials and videos for his music group. He moved to Chicago 7 years ago and began freelancing for various event companies He has made everything from documentary videos, motion graphics, banners, invitations, programs; everything involved with multi-media production. David has worked with such clients as Absolut Vodka, The Boston Consulting Group, Hinsdale Hospital, Blair Hull, The Illinois Arts Alliance, and The University of Chicago. Having over ten years of experience in the multimedia field, David can ensure that your multimedia project has the creativity and professionalism that it deserves. 445 W. Erie, Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60654, USA office: +1-312-265-9759 © 2009 All rights reserved