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Digital Brochure (English Version)[1][1]


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Digital Brochure (English Version)[1][1]

  1. 1. P r o f e s s i o n a l s O i l & g a s • H y d r o g ra p h i c • M a r i t i m e • S e i s m i c
  2. 2. Atlas Services Group Atlas Employability Services Atlas Tristar Atlas DOOR Atlas Eurosailor Atlas Seistech Shared Services Centre Source of ship’s image on front: Van Oord NV, Rotterdam
  3. 3. We invest in people In a challenging market where the demand for professionals outstrips supply, skilled people are more valuable than ever before. Atlas works with those professionals. We are driven to invest in competent people, because this investment enables us to service our clients with the best tailored solutions – now and in the future. Global For more than 25 years, Atlas has operated in the oil and gas, maritime, seismic and hydrographic industries. During this time we built up our excellent reputation. Our four business units provide you with access to a large number of experts in a range of sectors. Every day, more than 1,250 experts are at work through Atlas. Tailored service provision In other words - you are looking and we deliver. For example, a specialised production supervisor or a complete crew. Professionals for a short or a long-term contract. Temps, secondments, or permanent employees. We can take all the work off your hands with pool management, logistics support, or with employability. Atlas has all the qualities in-house to offer you an adequate solution to every personnel issue.
  4. 4. Offices & representatives worldwide Australia • Melbourne Brazil • Macaé Canada • St. John’s Cameroon • Douala Cyprus • Limassol Great Britain • Newquay Indonesia • Jakarta Kazakhstan • Almaty Latvia • Riga Libya • Tripoli Malaysia • Kuala Lumpur Ukraine • Odessa Saudi Arabia • Al-Kahbar United Arab Emirates • Dubai Qatar • Doha
  5. 5. Den Helder • Atlas Tristar Hoofddorp • Atlas Tristar • Shared Services Centre Rotterdam • Atlas DOOR • Atlas Eurosailor • Atlas Employability Services Urk • Atlas Eurosailor Atlas in the Netherlands Atlas Services Group Atlas’ roots are in the Netherlands and we work with both domestic and international clients and professionals. We work from offices in Great Britain, Latvia, the Ukraine, Cyprus, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan, and we have representatives in various other countries. Our global network of offices is supported by our Shared Services Centre in Hoofddorp.
  6. 6. People make the difference Atlas experts are well trained and qualified for their job. They all have the necessary competencies, work experience, certificates, diplomas, work permits, and visas. Every year, all our professionals are evaluated in co-operation with our clients in assessment reports. Our guidance is intensive and we offer attractive terms and conditions of employment and benefits. We also offer our professionals continuity, study opportunities, but above all, the opportunity to chart their career in accordance with their own wishes. The result-driven experts who can make a difference.
  7. 7. From our various offices, we co-ordinate the deployment of our experts in national and international oil companies, service compa- nies, and engineering companies. Atlas Tristar has divided its sphere of activities into Operations and Engineering. Professionals at operational and engineering level Atlas Tristar Operations operates in the professional fields of production and maintenance, well services, and drilling. Atlas Tristar Engineering seconds engineers to the following professional areas: exploration, design and construction, operations and mainte- nance, project engineering, and project services. The engineers of Atlas Tristar can be found all over the world in oil and gas producing countries. Atlas Tristar Oil & gas professionals
  8. 8. More than 25 years of investment in growth Since the incorporation of Atlas in 1982 our company has flourished. Our goal has always been the desire to reach the number-one spot in the market. We started as an agent for worldwide transports, but quickly expanded into personnel services for dredging. The step to professionals for the oil and gas industry was a logical next phase in Atlas’ expansion. We continued to work on our international portfolio with professionals for seismic and hydrographic services for example. So, where is the next challenge? Atlas will continue to invest in its service provision and organisation, because we are driven to develop…
  9. 9. Atlas DOOR specialises in personnel solutions in the area of hydrographics, geo- sciences, GIS, and associated activities in the offshore, survey, dredging, and maritime industries. From its network of offices, Atlas DOOR operates at global level for its clients. We have an extremely comprehensive network of experts of various nationalities. We know their experience, work situation, availability, and their interest in new challenges. We train our professionals our- selves or provide guidance in consultation with our clients. Hydrographic survey professionals Atlas DOOR
  10. 10. Atlas goes one step further Atlas Eurosailor onshore Professionals who consciously choose an onshore job after a career at sea can continue to count on Atlas Eurosailor. For example, we take care of the recruitment & selection and the secondment of marine and technical superintendents. Maritime consultancy is a specialised department within Atlas Eurosailor that provides the private and public nautical industry with senior consultants. We also provide mooring masters for terminal operators. Source:VanOordNV,Rotterdam
  11. 11. Bron: Van Oord NV, Rotterdam From its various offices Atlas Eurosailor provides crew for any type of ship. We provide STCW qualified personnel - from captains to sailors, from maritime officers to cooks. Besides sailing personnel we can also provide you with specialists for the stationary dredging fleet, such as dredge masters, cutter skippers, engineers and crane drivers. The sphere of activities of Atlas Eurosailor ranges from the dredging fleet to various support vessels, from merchant ships, heavy-duty transport ships, offshore supply ships, and tugs to platforms. Atlas Eurosailor Maritime professionals Source: Van Oord NV, Rotterdam
  12. 12. Total Crewing Atlas offers complete crews for ships and offshore platforms worldwide. With our service you have guaranteed quality, flexibility, low costs, and continuity. With Total Crewing we take your entire personnel management off your hands. That makes the crew, the mobilisation, the work permits, and the planning completely our responsibility.
  13. 13. Atlas Seistech provides professionals for the seismic and hydrographic industry. Our experts work on survey and construction ships, pipe layers, and platforms. Onshore, our professionals work at field sites and at various offices. Atlas Seistech operates in a range of fields: • Seismic surveys on land and at sea • High resolution seismic surveys (oil rig site and platform site surveys) • Hydrographic surveys • Geotechnical surveys • Cable lay surveys • Offshore construction site surveys • ROV operations • Research projects for universities and governments Atlas Seistech Seismic and Hydrographic professionals
  14. 14. • Knowledge of local and international labour markets and legislation and regulations • Qualified and motivated personnel • Access to 100,000 available professionals - blue and white collar • Access skill sets that are in short supply • Assured of capacity and flexibility in personnel • Full support for administrative matters Atlas Services Group as a partner
  15. 15. Secondments and temps We have professionals in service who can be deployed for longer or shorter periods of time. We also recruit and select flexworkers who can be deployed on a temping basis, offering you optimum flexibility. Recruitment & selection Atlas also offers you the opportunity to employ personnel directly by means of a search and select enquiry. Atlas uses its worldwide knowledge and experience to find the right candidate for every vacancy. Consultancy Consultants, business people with their own company worldwide, can be used on a project basis. All our consultants have comprehensive insurance, including Third Party and Employers Liability insurance. Pool management We manage a range of specialist pools - from well service operators to hydrographers. We use our national and international offices. Employability Atlas Employability Services is specialised in reintegration, absenteeism co-ordination and outplacement, and is able to advise on these matters or to take the whole process off your hands. Payroll and salary administration Atlas can employ your employees, which means your organisation no longer has to deal with salary payments, contracts of employment, and any other statutory regulations. You can also just outsource your salary administration. Education and training We offer our professionals many education and training opportunities to keep their quality and expertise at the highest levels. In consultation with our clients, we also organise tailored training sessions. Logistics support We advise clients and professionals daily on international circumstances and situations. We offer support in relation to insurance, visas, work permits, travel advice, tickets, and other logistics matters such as transport to work sites or temporary housing. The services of the Atlas Services Group
  16. 16. Atlas Services Group P.O. box 444 2130 AK Hoofddorp The Netherlands Wijkermeerstraat 32b 2131 HA Hoofddorp Phone: +31 (0)23 556 04 20 Fax: +31 (0)23 565 44 94