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The great Miracle of Garabandal after death of J. Lomangino


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On June 18, 2014 died in New York Joey Lomangino. It was a blind man who had visited San Sebastian de Garabandal during the time of the apparitions, after having requested counsel from St. Pio of Pietrelcina.

His blindness came from an accident that left him without eyes. Some time after his visit to Garabandal, Conchita, one of the four seers wrote him to say that the Virgin had told her that the day of the great Miracle he will have new eyes.

This data has been used to speculate on the proximity of the Great Miracle date, because of the advanced age of Joey Lomangino. The fact of his death has triggered a large number of questions, but one in particular: are the Garabandal apparitions real? And within it many questioned the reality of future large events prophesied there and specially the Warning, Miracle and Punishment.

This presentation that could also be seen explained verbally by the author on youtube video gives answer to that question, deeping into the meaning of existing information about the great Miracle of Garabandal. The conclusion is that it is easy to interpret the prophecies of Garabandal. The difficult thing is to believe in what they present us. As in Jesus time when the Jews wondered, How can this man give us his flesh to eat? And they left him forgetting that nothing is impossible to God.

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The great Miracle of Garabandal after death of J. Lomangino

  1. 1. The Great Miracle of Garabandal After Joey Lomangino passed away
  2. 2. Content • Death of J. Lomangino and question • Brief summary of the Garabandal apparitions • Deeping on the great Miracle – Content – References: About our inmortal life • Eucharistic • Trees • Angelic • Numerical • Names of Seers • Timing • Everlasting Signals • Personals • It is not difficult to interpret. The hardest is to believe
  3. 3. The new and question • On March 19, 1964, Conchita sent a letter to Joey Lomangino saying. – "Dear Joey: Today in a locution at the Pines, the Virgin told me to communicate that the voice you heard was from HER. (Also) that you will receive new eyes on the day of the great Miracle. Also that the charity house that you will establish in New York will give great glory to God. Conchita " • On past June 18th, 2014, Joey Lomangino, passed away in the 53 Aniversary from the first St. Michel apparition at Garabandal • This new destroy the veracity of the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal?
  4. 4. Brief history of the apparitions of Garabandal "It is the most beautiful story of humanity since the days of Christ. It is like a second life of the Virgin on earth. And we can never be grateful enough for it." Paul VI June 18, 1961 November 13, 1965
  5. 5. Geographical Location San Sebastián de Garabandal
  6. 6. The 4 girls: Conchita, Loli, Jacinta y Mari Cruz
  7. 7. 2000 aparitions en 18 months
  8. 8. Spiritual teachings • Constant prayer life entwined with regular duties like to attend school and collaborate in field works • Importance and frequency of the sacraments • Sacrifice on small annoyances and disappointments • Value for God of ordinary life and duties – She appreciated and kissed the wedding rings as sacred objects – The Virgin visited every house in the village – She taught to obey parents – She advised about modest dress and the exterior trim – Interests of the Virgin on apparently trivial things: doll, field tasks, cows, taxis, ... – She distinguished between healthy games and entertainment unsuitable venues – The Virgin played hide and seek as a mother with her children, makes a stop on ecstasy to dinner,…
  9. 9. Significant places of Garabandal (60 houses) CALLEJA SMALL STREET CHURCH THE PINES
  10. 10. Prophetic teachings • Four Popes, one short reign, before the end of times – The end of the world is NOT the end of times • Unexpected turn of Communism and persecution to Christians. – Back from a Pope trip to Moscow • Warning: assistance to prepare the vision of the Great Miracle. – Personal judgment of life against God's law – Natural disaster of astronomical origin • Great Miracle: the greater after the Resurrection of Christ – Purpose of internal conversion of the whole world – It will remain a perpetual sign in Garabandal • Very big punishment of conditioned intensity to the man's response to the two previous facts • Long era of peace and universal conversion after
  11. 11. Great Miracle • The greatest (visible) after the Resurrección of Christ – Purpose: interior conversion of the whole world, not only Russia – Mode: it will show a tangible foretaste of the phrase He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath everlasting life: and I will raise him up in the last day. Joh. 6,54 and how it will materialize in the nearby historical realities • Phenomenon visible in the sky from around Garabandal • All explanations and signs refer to immortal life • Eucharistics, Trees, Angelic, Numerical, Names of seers, Timing, Permanent sign and Personal. • Strong similarity to Guadalupe story – Fits also on the Sign of the Woman from Revelation Rev 12, 1-2 – And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars, – And being with child, she cried travailing in birth: and was in pain to be delivered.
  12. 12. Content (I) • It is a vision, but not like to see the Virgin, rather as a Miracle like the Sun miracle of Fatima, but much larger and not astronomical (Conchita) • During the Miracle we will see the glory of God, but by a special grace not die (P. Thomas Fahy, Order of the Divine Will, which had epistolary contact with girls). – When Moses, came down of Sinai, the skin of his face was radiant Exo 34,29 – The heavens declare the glory of God (by starlight) Sal 19,1 – Did not I say to thee that if thou believe, thou shalt see the glory of God? Jn. 11, 40 Bodily resurrection of Lazarus – the holy city Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, Having the glory of God, and the light thereof was like to a precious stone. Ap 21, 10-11 There will be no more death – Glory of God = Light and Life • Attendees will have a sensory experience of the Trinitarian indwelling in the soul itself, if in grace (P. Laffineur)
  13. 13. Content (II) • Miracle!, cried 4 times, with a great happiness induced (P. Andreu) – Associated to the Virgin and her spiritual motherhood, because their immediate comments to the event. – The Sign of the woman giving birth, is part of the Miracle content. Ap. 12, 1-4 • Vision of several spheres impregnated by myrrh that show inside the social evolution in future centuries, filled with the Christian spirit, of love and grace of God in every aspect of life. (Russian pilgrim Pope) – Myrrh is an oriental flavor of great value (anti-corruption) • Offered as a gift by the Magi • Wine mixed with narcotics to avoid pain of crucifixion • Embalm the dead body in the grave. • No doubt will remain that the miracle comes from God(Conchita)
  14. 14. Eucaristic References • All indicates that If any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever. Joh. 6, 51 • It will happen on the feast of a holy martyr of the Eucharist, that is, someone who gave his life to witness his faith in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the sacramental species. – This limit on the testimony of faith recalls the warning that our Lord did in his Last Supper when he prophesied that in the end times would be the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place. Mat. 24, 15 • It occurs on a Thursday. By other astronomical references, quite possibly on Holy Thursday • Priests during the Miracle will have a sensitive test of the real presence of Our Lord at the Consecration of the Mass (P. Laffineur). • The "milagruco" (small miracle), occurred on July 18th, 1962 was a distant foretaste. – It happened just after 24:00, on Thursday – Eucharistic features
  15. 15. Tree References (I) • The Pines: place 350 meters from the Church with pine-cedar trees – Were planted during a First Communion children – Usual place where Saint Michel gives an invisible Communion to the girls – Place of numerous ecstasy during the apparitions, – Location where P. Andreu had the vision of the Miracle – After the Miracle will remain there a permanent signal • Typical tree decorating streets and homes at Christmas time – Time in which the true light, which enlighteneth every man was born. Joh. 1, 9 It transforms the tree into a burning coal of light that shineth in darkness, Joh. 1, 5 – Announces the arrival of the Child that In him was life: and the life was the light of men Jn. 1, 4 • In the garden of Eden, near the proof tree, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, was another singular tree, the tree of life. Gen. 2. 9 – Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich describes it in his visions amid the earthly paradise within an island: It looked much like the cedar. • In the new Jerusalem is again present in the midst of the street thereof, and on both sides of the river, was the tree of life, bearing twelve fruits, yielding its fruits every month: the leaves of the tree for the healing of the nations. Rev. 22, 2
  16. 16. Pines-cedar type
  17. 17. Tree References (II) • Its fruit for our body is to eat, and live for ever Gen. 3, 24 – This food seems to be the same as the living bread which came down from heaven; If any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever. Joh. 6: 51 • Between the beginning and end of the human history is an unreachable tree. In fact God has placed before the paradise of pleasure Cherubims, and a flaming sword, turning every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. Gen. 3, 24 • In Revelation, after Redemption, this divine decree change and Jesus promises to the overcomer that I will give to eat of the tree of life which is in the paradise of my God. Rev. 2, 7 – Overcomer: they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb Rev. 22, 14
  18. 18. Angelic References • Saint Michel gives the invisible Communion to the girls usually in the Pines • God chooses a cherub as guardian of the Tree of Life, an angel belonging to the second chorus closer to Himself, after seraphim. • The Ark of the Covenant, two cherubim guard over its pure gold cover manna Exo. 25, 19-20 • God sits upon the cherubim. Dan. 3, 54; Isa. 37, 16; Psalm 80, 2; Psalm 99 1 • Ezekiel sees Cherubim in the future restored Temple. Eze. 41, 20 • Ezekiel sees four cherubim before the throne of God • Saint John returns to see them in Revelation, as four living creatures. Rev. 4, 8 – Cherubim are linked to the mission of keep guard of the most holy and close to God's glory. – God entrusts to protect the tree of life to a cherub because there is something in it of the utmost importance: the Eucharist.
  19. 19. Numerical References • Always around number 8, which means resurrection, because Jesus resurrected on the first day of the week. – 8 days before Conchita will notify the date of the Miracle – It will happen between 8 and 16 (= 2 * 8) from March, April or May • Resurrection of Jesus was first 8 • Twice 8 refers to the transformation that Jesus Christ will make in the body of our lowness, made like to the body of his glory, Phil. 3, 21 – It will happen to 20:30 (8:30 p.m) local time – It remains 8 pines alive • If we multiply 18 (the date of the main events at Garabandal) x 8 we get 144, the basis of the 144,000 sealed Rev. 7, 4 – purchased from among men, the firstfruits to God and to the Lamb Rev. 14, 4 – Firsts of a later harvest harping on their harps. And they sung as it were a new canticle Rev. 14, 2-3
  20. 20. Seer Name References • The four girls are named Mary with companion name Dolores, Cruz, Concepcion and Jacinta • They can build the significant phrase Mary from the pain of the Cross conceived (gave birth) lily. – Allusion to the Sign of Woman: Mary gives birth (light up) to the male child (New Mankind) – Direct reference to the 5th Marian Dogma: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate • Conchita (Conception) is responsible to say 8 days before (referring to the Resurrection) the date of the Miracle (a new birth) • Lily: triple meaning in Scripture – Nuptial love between God and the soul, in its fullness (Song of Songs) – Kingship: as lys flower, with three petals in which the protruding central petal means faith. – Purity: as white lily, that Church attributes to St. Joseph and to virgins • Lily and light, according to the analysis of personal names are the center of God's plan of Marian apparitions in the end times.
  21. 21. Time References • On Thursday, feast of an Eucharist martyr – Between 8 and 16 from March, April or May – Thursday that also could be Holy Thursday, to increase Eucharistic significance of its possible content • Will occur at 20:30: with little or no daylight. – It should be a phenomenon with its own bright light. Which fits with its spiritual content • when the sun has just set and the new day begins for Hebrews, • when Jesus instituted Eucharist at the Last Supper, • when God made ​​a covenant with Abraham for the possession of land, • when Jacob dreamed the ladder to heaven and • when people brought the sick to be healed by Jesus at Capernaum. • It will coincide with a joyful event for the Church • Astronomical possible matches, following the pattern of the Magi for the first Coming – 13-April-2017 has a very high probability of being the date of the Miracle – I refer you to the video 3 of Sacred Astronomy series in this Youtube channel
  22. 22. Perennial Signal References • It will be a perennial signal. It could be seen and filmed but not to touch – As in Guadalupe (Mexico) – Very likely a pillar of fire half a meter in diameter: something similar to what the Hebrews in Exodus show them the way of night with a pillar of fire, and on the cloud, which was the living presence God (Shekinah) between them. Deu. 13, 21 – Before our tabernacles also a lamp burns constantly that is a sign of the Real Presence of Jesus in the sacramental species
  23. 23. Personal References (Fr. Andreu S.J.) • He saw the Miracle on 08/08/1962 • In the Pines • He died and the Virgin told Conchita some time later: You will find his body incorrupt the next day of the Miracle. – Very likely a Good Friday. – While it is not the same, that statement reminds another Good Friday when the graves were opened: and many bodies of the saints that had slept arose, and coming out of the tombs after his resurrection, that is, on Easter Sunday , came into the holy city and appeared to many Mat 27, 52-53 – His mortal remains are today reduced (see next picture)
  24. 24. Fr. Andreu S.J.
  25. 25. Personal References (J. Lomangino) • As we have seen the Miracle will show light (glory), life (immortal) and lily (purity and spousal kingship of God with the soul) • The day of the Miracle he will receive new eyes. It is now when it could be understood: – It doesn’t not mean to live up to the Miracle. But his death is related to the mystery of Garabandal, because it happened on June 18th – It mean that like Fr. Andreu, in the Miracle, he will receive a complete body regeneration – The dead who are in Christ shall rise first 1 Th 4 16 • The healing of his blindness is also a sign that our eyes veils will fall in the Miracle – Veils from seeing the importance of the Eucharist, whose signal was the invisible Communion that the Angel gave to the girls, except in the day of Milagruco (small miracle) – Veils from our materialistic life style very close to the ground. – Veils from Efraim tribe because Joey is an American and lived in New York. • Place of the apocalyptic Babylon City, the Babylon-nation and Babylon-people (see video 6 of Sacred Astronomy Series and ebook “Garabandal, 50 years later”)
  26. 26. Garabandal and United States Babel Babilonia-nation Babilonia-peopleBabilonia-city
  27. 27. On possible doubts about the death of J. Lomangino • The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying: How can this man give us his flesh to eat? Joh. 6:52 – Jesus did not give further details but insisted on having faith in his word – Then Jesus said to them: Amen, amen, I say unto you: except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you. John 6:53 • The hardest thing to believe has always been the resurrection of Jesus and our subsequent resurrection or transformation, following the model of his risen Body – The apostles did not believe any of the three pre-resurrection Jesus made them yet. – S. Paul in Athens: "And God indeed having winked at the times of this ignorance, now declareth unto men that all should every where do penance. Because he hath appointed a day wherein he will judge the world in equity, by the man whom he hath appointed: giving faith to all, by raising him up from the dead. – And when they had heard of the resurrection of the dead, some indeed mocked. But others said: We will hear thee again concerning this matter. Act 17: 30-32 • God has given sufficient evidence and references for us to believe that the Miracle will have to do with our new immortal life
  28. 28. You want to be present at the Miracle? • Access to Garabandal in those days will be difficult. – To reach the Miracle will be traveling from southern Spain or Portugal. No you can go through the Pyrenees – The Spanish army will help to climb the sick to the village. • Something will happen shortly before the miracle that many no longer believe in the apparitions of Garabandal and this will erode much the final number of attendees. Doubts will not occur by the delay. – Perhaps that fact is the death of Joey Lomangino
  29. 29. References • Garabandal, 50 years later – Ebook downloadable at!/~/p roduct/category=2591531&id=32843607 • Video about the Miracle date in the stars – • Video about the Warning prophesied at Garabandal – • Slideshare presentation
  30. 30. Thank you very much for your attention "It is the most beautiful story of humanity since the days of Christ. It is like a second life of the Virgin on earth. And we can never be grateful enough for it." Paul VI