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Keeping Your Home Secure


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An infographic on keeping you home secure.

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Keeping Your Home Secure

  1. 1. HERE ARE HOME SECURITY STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO THWART BURGLARS: These home security tips are brought to you by SABRE, the no. 1 pepper spray trusted by police and consumers worldwide. Shop home security at KEEPING YOUR HOME SECURE BURGLARY FACTS How to prevent burglars from threatening your safety and stealing your property Every year, 2 MILLION home burglaries are reported in the U.S. Nonprofessionals commit 85 PERCENTof break-ins — intruders who are much more dangerous than a career thief. The police clear only 13 PERCENT of burglaries, due to lack of evidence and witnesses. 1. INSTALL AN ALARM SYSTEM AND KEEP IT ARMED THE BEST SYSTEMS HAVE — • Motion detectors • Glass break detectors • Multiple interior zones • Panic buttons • Loud sirens • Fake security cameras • Security system signs outside the front and back doors • Expandable options 2. PLAN FOR BEING OUT OF TOWN • Stop newspaper deliveries • Don’t leave empty trash bins at the curb • Don’t have packages delivered to your door • Arrange for snow removal (winter) • Arrange for lawn mowing (summer) • Stop mail service • Leave radios and TVs on (or on timers) • Use a timer to turn interior and exterior lights on and off • Don’t post your vacation plans and activities on social media 4. HAVE BURGLAR-BEATING WINDOWS • Keep windows locked • Add a secondary lock • Don’t leave windows open on the ground floor 3. HAVE BURGLAR-BEATING DOORS • Heavy-duty deadbolt • Solid core or metal doors for added strength • Heavy-duty strike plate • Wide angle peephole • Change locks when you move in • For sliding doors, leave a wooden rod in the door track 5. HAVE A BURGLAR-BEATING GARAGE DOOR • Use remote openers that have a rolling code • Change the access code periodically • Replace worn keypads that give away the access numbers 7. THREE OTHER WAYS TO BEAT BACK BURGLARS • Get a dog! It’s true: Burglars hate them • Team with neighbors to be on the lookout for each other • Be wary of door-to-door solicitors and strangers around your property dressed as workmen — they could be burglars 6. KEEP IT SAFE — INSIDE AND OUT • Store valuable items and documents in a high-quality, bolted- down safe • Password-protect computers, tablets and cell phones • Keep curtains drawn to prevent thieves from casing your house • Use locking window well covers • Keep the exterior well lit at night • Use locking pet doors • Don’t leave computer boxes or other packaging for valuable items by the curb for garbage pickup • Make your address visible so police, firemen and paramedics can find you quickly • Don’t leave spare keys by the doors or in other obvious places ENTER (According to the FBI)