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London Security Companies Looking for Arab Markets


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London security companies are trying hard to get a share of arab markets. With london becoming saturated with thousands of companies, competitors are going abroad to make a difference in turnover. Visit:

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London Security Companies Looking for Arab Markets

  1. 1. ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG GUARDS LIMITED 69 WEST GREEN ROAD LONDON N15 5DA Phone: 00442084322276 Email: Website: Qatari Associate: Hessayen Ghanim Al-Khayarin Phone: 0097466544888
  2. 2. FAO , Interior Ministry In Qatar Defence Ministry Qatar Emery Guard Qatar RE: Application for the license of opening a new security company Dear Sir. It is with great pleasure herewith we submit our application for a new license to supply Security services in Qatar. We are a security companies in london and we are working with our associated partner Mr. Hessayen Ghanim Al-Khayarin in Qatar who will be appointed as a Director in Qatar, should we be granted a license to operate We specialize in Maritime security services but we will also be supplying VIP Close protection and security guarding for private and public sectors as well as Training services to existing companies in Qatar. We will be using local personnel trained to our International standards equipped with state of the art technology to provide premium services to private and public sector. Given below are some details about our company and its operations as it will be the parent company and the new company in Qatar will be acting as a subsidiary firm and will also be providing event security services in london Armstrong Security Ltd 2
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE Armstrong Security UK LTD. started its operations in the year 2007 with primary intention of providing VIP bodyguard services in london for High Net worth Individuals in UK and Abroad. Since our establishment in 2007, we have come a long way in 2013 with a client portfolio that includes some of the most recognized faces in the world. Armstrong Security is an acclaimed provider for the provision of Close Protection, Security Drivers, manned guarding and door supervisors for the private and public sector. Armstrong Security makes continuous efforts in improving discipline; improving discipline means better morale reinforces stability; reinforced stability means better security and better security means greater value for our customers. With an efficient team of security personnel, Armstrong Security UK Ltd. is one of the prestigious companies working in the British security industry. Armstrong is a high profile construction security in london which has successfully completed contract for providing security services with NNPC (National Nigerian Petroleum Corporation), Qatar Airways and Middle Eastern Royal Families Including House of Al-Saud. Armstrong Security Ltd 3
  4. 4. Armstrong guards constitutes a force of very DEDICATED, ALERT, TRUSTWORTHY and DISCIPLINED close protection and security guard operatives, most of whom are ex-military personnel especially from Royal Marines who have served within UK Armed forces for more than 5 years. Their role in maintaining safety and security standards and regulations needs special appreciation and their efficiency has been widely appreciated. The advantage accruing from Armstrong has an impact on the cost effectively of our clients' business operations. This is arrived at by minimal loss to property and negligible safety hazards at the designated area, implemented very effectively by Armstrong Security personnel. This sort of a strict security and safety standards enforced by Armstrong Security adds up to the productivity. The loss of tools, equipment or important documents and other valuables at the site of office does hamper the smooth progress of the project works, but our preventive measures adopted by the security personnel eliminates such elements during the course very effectively to a very great extent. These well-mannered personnel from Armstrong Security fall into immediate action during times of emergencies and their swiftness in resolving matters during any such instances is worth mentioning. The work force involved in such designated areas too has confidence and trust in the thereby boosting up their morale to bring about greater Armstrong Security Ltd 4
  5. 5. productivity. Our security guards are aware of the need for security in all spheres and hence are capable to work closely with your personnel to develop solutions tailored to meet your needs. A highly experienced management, supervisors and trained security personnel gives you the Security advantage. Armstrong Security will not compromise on its principles or the trust placed on it bits valuable clients. With a firm belief on Quality and Professional service along with honest professional advice and the ability to carry out tasks are the key factors that keep Armstrong Security the leading name in providing security services in United Kingdom. This company provides a high profile Security Personnel System. The following are the various categories of security personnel employed in this company: • • • • • • Security Officers Safety Personnel Training Consultant Security Supervisors Security Guards Watchmen This security wing is equipped with: • • • • • Mobile Telephones Wireless Sets. Clocking System to ensure recording of each patrol Two-way Hand Held Radio Among others, as per clients requirements Armstrong Security Ltd 5
  6. 6. CLOSE PROTECTION AND VIP RESIDENTIAL SECURITY IS OUR MOST APPRECIATED SERVICE BY OUR VIP CLIENTS Armstrong Security excels in this area. We provide a close protection service that is not only highly professional but also discreet. Our close protection officers have a wealth of experience gained on worldwide assignments and are some of the highly trained and qualified members of ARMSTRONG SECURITY staff. With NVQ qualifications in Close Protection and Spectator Safety, plus Security Supervision, our staff carry out a full threat and risk assessment at Armstrong Security so we can deliver the right level of protective security, whilst ensuring that the balance between physical deterrent and unobtrusiveness is maintained. ‘ARMSTRONG SECURITY deliver an industry leading service utilising our trained and licensed personnel’ Armstrong Security Ltd 6
  7. 7. Our Clients: Armstrong Security is providing VIP Close security services to various clients at various locations and projects within United Kingdom, Saudi Arab, Nigeria and Persian Gulf. We are also providing security services to multi-national Engineering companies and other Sub-contractor projects in UK and Abroad. Our trained and experienced security personnel provide security duties such as;  • • • • • • Close Protection, Body guarding and Protective Surveillance Access control Gate security. Security Driving Asset Protection Fire hazard monitoring and prevention Residential Security Armstrong Security Ltd 7
  8. 8. Given our expertise, We think that we are well suited to the services required by companies in Qatar and we may be able to offer services of international standards for private and public sector in Qatar. Should you consider our application for a new license, we will be highly grateful. Should you need any other document or information, please do not hesitate to contact us at below given details. Mr. A Gill Contracts Manager Armstrong Security 69 westgreen road London, N15 5DA. Office: 02084322236 Mobile: 07896357587 Qatar Representative: Hessayen Ghanim Al-Khayarin Phone: 0097466544888 Armstrong Security Ltd 8