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Indian outsourcing – the most benefiting Offshore Outsourcing Destination<br />It all started with voice processes and now...
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Indian Outsourcing


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With offshore software development centers in California, United States and in Chennai, India our outsourcing company consists of Indian software ...

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Indian Outsourcing

  1. 1. Indian outsourcing – the most benefiting Offshore Outsourcing Destination<br />It all started with voice processes and now more and more services are undertaken by Indian firms. Indian Outsourcing breached boundaries to become a leader in Offshore Outsourcing in the entire world. Companies that had taken small processes have now been taking high end processes that are complex and difficult to be solved.<br />Services provided for the financial sectors have been on the rise with the sector contributing to about 40 percent of the Outsourcing businesses of India. Telecom sectors contribute to about 20% of the Indian Outsourcing business. Indian companies are b behind the swifter, easier and safer transactions of the financial sector. <br />This trend has given rise to large scale frustration on the part of the countries that are indulged in Offshore Outsourcing. While companies in the American and European continents opted for Indian labor due to the affordable cheap cost, job losses were said to be on the rise in the countries that outsourced their projects to India. At the same time, Indian companies maintain that outsourcing is not only about labor cost but it is due to the fact that Indian companies have gained significant expertise in the IT industry.<br />The ability of the Indian Outsourcing firms to handle high-end processes at lesser cost with timely delivery and quality in output were said to be the reasons. Indian Outsourcing firms ensure smoother functioning of the client’s services reducing the risks and increasing the effectiveness of the services.<br />Doing high-end services have increased the revenue inflow by almost 8 to 10 times which still is a cost effective option for the clients due to the complexity involved in these services. Indian Outsourcing has been reaching new heights and the labor demand is set to increase considerably. At the same time, India becomes the most preferred offshore outsourcing destination to the Clients.<br />Securenext software is an offshore outsourcing company running offshore software development centers in India, Chennai and in Clovis, California, USA. You can hire developers offshore Indian Programmers for PHP, NET, Rails, open on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis at competitive pricing with Money-back guaranteed.<br />You can contact through e-mail: or toll free: 800-511-5540 <br />