Dot net frameworks for robust applications


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Dot net frameworks for robust applications

  1. 1. .NET Frameworks for robust applications .NET has been touted as the most robust and easy to use platform by users all over the world. At the time of introduction of ASP.NET 1.0 it was anticipated that it was a time to get rid of the server side scripting language of ASP. One gets a freedom of separating the developer's code from the HTML or server code. The code can be kept in an ASPX page. All the logic can be easily kept in a separate code behind the file with a suffix of ASPX.CS or ASPX.VB. The server side controls are able to make available the code-behind file to interact with (label, textbox, and other controls). In the computer programming industry, a framework is defined as a software library that can be used in place of common code that provides generic functions. The main purpose of software frameworks is to allow designers and programmers to address software requirements instead of the low-level aspects of working systems. This has the effect of reducing development time of software applications. In these instances, frameworks are used to provide the user with specific functions. ASP.NET provides an array of services already in-built into the framework.
  2. 2. Where Frameworks have proved to be beneficial to coders in terms of reducing the down time to develop a certain code and cut down on the time that is wasted on building generic code. There have been quite a lot of criticism regarding frameworks. The main drawback that is seen in the .NET Frameworks is the time that will be spent by users to learn them and then later on learn to implement it in their codes and application. Several frameworks are being used by programmers worldwide Ruby On Rails is a open source web application framework which utilizes the Ruby programming language. Django is another open source web application framework written in Python. Code Igniter is a favorite with coders involved in developing dynamic websites. .NET Framework is the most extensively used and the most robust of all the frameworks that are being used to develop dynamic websites and web applications. With the introduction and extensive use of frameworks coders have ample of time to invest in new and more innovative applications. For more details on Code Protection technology, .net Obfuscator, .net Code Security and .net Code Security feel free to visit us at Author writes regularly about Code Protection and .net Obfuscator . To know more about .net Code Security , .net Code Protection and .net obfuscation feel free to contact the author at