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Your protection needs require term life insurance


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If you really want to purchase a life insurance cover that is meaningful there is no alternative to Term Life Insurance.

Have you ever asked yourself the true purpose of purchasing a life insurance policy? We get many responses to this fundamental question – mostly incorrect. Invariably, the responses tend to be – “to save taxes” or “to invest and make the money grow”. These are noble objectives, but not for life insurance. The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a financial cover to your dependents if you die early.

Let us assume that you are young, probably in your thirties and have a family comprising two young children. Professionally, you are doing and earning well. Your family is used to a high quality lifestyle. You have some financial liabilities such as a home loan, probably a car loan and some loans for durables. These financial commitments are under control because you have a good stable career. It feels as if nothing could go wrong. That assumption is normally true except that, sometimes, a sudden and unexpected death can derail everything.

Admittedly, early death is a rare event. Very few families go through this. But, the thing to remember is that for those that have the misfortune to go through this, the impact is cataclysmic. Such events set a family back by a decade or more. Many fail to recover. Look around in your family and friend circles and you will spot examples of how early death adversely transforms a family. The true purpose of life insurance is to fundamentally address this low probability but high impact event, because you do not want your family to go through this trauma.

The first question while insuring yourself should be “How much should I provision for and how much would it cost?” Everything else is secondary.

“Premature death is a low probability but high impact event, which you do not want your family to suffer from. This is the only reason for taking a life insurance policy”

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Your protection needs require term life insurance

  1. 1. When a catastrophe happens….…. You leave liabilities behind SecureNow
  2. 2. “Premature death is a lowprobability but high impact event, which you do not want your family to suffer from.This is the key reason for taking a life insurance policy”
  3. 3. As living standards rise When you and cost of living are relatively escalates, there Older (aroundappears to be no respite 38-40) Resources Required to When you are maintain Resources relatively living The GapRequired to standards Young (around maintain and future living 28-30) economic standards prospects of Assets and The Gap and future investments Your dependents that you have liabilities – economic built home loans,prospects of (80 to 100 car loans, Assets and other loansdependents investments Lakhs) Your that you have liabilities – built (40 to 50 home loans, Your Savings Your Savings car loans, so far Lakhs) so far other loans
  4. 4. What you need is far more than what you have…..You need to provide protection to the extent of 10 times yourannual incomeYou need an instrument that can deliver several times its cost interms of real cash for your survivors You need to leverage your resources
  5. 5. Term Life Insurance is your only real optionIn your twenties you can get a leverage of even 400 times your annual premium as protection
  6. 6. Your Leverage Reduces with Age Term Life Policy of a leading Insurer. SI – Rs 50 Lakhs. Term Period – 25 Years. Leverage Defined as ratio of SI to annual premium. By the time Age Annual Leverage Premium you reach the age of 25 12,200 410 40 your leverage 30 15,450 324 reduces by a factor of 35 21,250 235 2.5 from what it was 40 30,800 162 when you were 25 SecureNow
  7. 7. Term Insurance is the onlyrealistic option that you have
  8. 8. Get Your Term Life Insurance Cover Now!
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