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The purpose of life insurance secure now


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Life Insurance is bought to meet several needs. These are financial security for the family if a wage earner dies, forced savings year after year, good long term investment returns, and tax benefits.

In India, people have typically bought life insurance to address the needs of tax savings and long term investment returns. These are important but several products such as PPF, Post Office deposits, and some mutual funds can meet these requirements as effectively as life insurance.

In our view, the first and most important purpose of purchasing life insurance is to ensure the financial security for the family if a wage earner dies. Look around you and you will see so many families where the death of a loved one has significantly altered the lives of the family members left behind. Coping with the emotional loss is hard enough and if the family is not financially secure then the impact on the home can be disastrous. The situation is even more tragic if we consider that spending a small amount like Rupees 5 to 10 thousand a year would have led to considerable financial security. At SecureNow we are completely focused on addressing this fundamental and primary need of insurance.

The video illustrates how life insurance achieves this.

Insurance can also be a good mechanism for forced savings. Research, across the world, has shown that people save money best when they are forced to do so. Life insurance requires regular annual payments and therefore forces people to save as there can be a sizeable penalty for nonpayment. This need is met best with endowments or unit link products. SecureNow is not offering these products as we would like to single mindedly address the need of financial security in case of death in the family. We also believe that if you can develop a good savings and investment discipline, there are many alternate safe, easily-available financial instruments to choose from.

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The purpose of life insurance secure now

  1. 1. Key Reasons for Life Insurance SecureNow
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  3. 3. BecauseImpact of premature death iscatastrophic for the dependents• Mortgages to pay• Loans to service• Living expensesA severe downgrading of life itself, inaddition to the emotional loss SecureNow
  4. 4. Life insurance is an Imperative SecureNow
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