Secubio Icolor660 and Icolor900 Embedded Camera fingerprint machine hardware user manual


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We Secubio are the professional biometric manufacture which is mainly producing and marketing Fingerprint time attendance, access control, door lock,RFID card reader and other related accessories, we are much paying attention to the quality and aftersales service, we are selling our products to all over the world, we wish more and more partners will join us to promote our products in the market together!

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Secubio Icolor660 and Icolor900 Embedded Camera fingerprint machine hardware user manual

  1. 1. PreambleThis manual is for understanding how to use fingerprint device forusers,which is a device with color screen and access controller, aswell has attractive prospect .This is device of fingerprint identification. You could download databy linking to fingerprint device, as well select download by off-line,desides, you also use for operation and administrate of full functionaltime zone.fingerprint device separately has fundamental form ,and advancedform ,which has the function of disposing with camera.InstallationNormally , we often install it on indoor wall ,because of avoidingstrong sunshine to harm fingerprint sensor.Normally , we install device on wall with high of 1.4 meters. Fingerprint device 1.4mFingerprint device has metal trestle on back, use for installing it onwall. metal trestle use screw to install device Making fingerprint device frame on wall. to be fixed on deivce frame. ·1·
  2. 2. connection methods of electric lockmethod One:connection methods of Anti-robbery bell ·2·
  3. 3. menu construction as follow below:user administration device setup fingerprint register basic setup advanced setup RF card register power management password register communication setup original sound transcribed alarm setup photograph image setup of access control function of self-checkingU disk management download confirmation record data checking download administration records system info download user Info device info upload user Info advanced checkup upload messager notification alarm restoration MP3 upload Mp3startu p screenafter starting up fingerprint device, symbol will be showed a while,which means device is working now.Device screen on standing by ready will be displayed as below, whichwill display current date and time. The clock is placed on left. If youalready set up the function of "setup of spare time inside " powermanagement , it will run this function at specified time. ·3·
  4. 4. If machine leave unused specified time, this function will be started up.Under the function of free time, you also press fingerprint or menubutton to operate different menu function.user administrationunder user administration , you also could add one new user or deleteexisting users.each user has own job No, as you add new user, firstly need to inputjob NO. it will display unused job No on dvice, if you accept it , onlyneed you to press "confirmation".If you want to use other job No, you also can input appointed Numberby pressing figure keys. 0 in front of Number no need to press, if youwant to input 27, only need press button "2 and 7.after that , you needto select inspection register. You can select fingerprint, card orpassword.If you select fingerprint, need to register fingerprint for three times.the dvice will store best gingerprint template as best standard data.If you select card, need to brush card , making device automaticallyread card No.if you select password, need to input you appointed password onfigure key.If need to delete user, you only input job No of user to be deleted.assume existing staff No and staff name, we want to register job Noof user and related data, can refer to below methods: job No of user staff No name 1 MIS001 John 2 ACC001 Mary 3 MIS002 Peter 4 SAL001 Susandeviuce setupdevice seup is divided into 7 branch menu, such as basic seup,advanced setup, power management, communication setup, recordsetup, setup of access control and function of self-checking. Everybranch menu has different parameter to set up project list among menu.Using left, right , up, down arrows to enter into different menu. ·4·
  5. 5. basic seupbasic stup is basic seup of device, which includes time setup ,languagesetup, voice prompt, volume adjustment, keypad tone.time setuptime setup is setting up time on fingerprint device, if long time not toconnect computer , after processing data, the device might not beinaccurate. You could use menu to correct time, also use Unionattendsoftware to synchronize their time. When you download data each time,it will automatically synchronize time.language setupyou also could set devices language, allow it as English , Chinese tradand Chinese simplified. We also can change the language for customer,such thailand or spanish etc.Voice promptvoice prompt device will speak" Thank you" to you when you pressfingerprint or brush card. If fingerprint hasnt yet registered or identifiedfailure, this device will speak" "identification failure". if you closed thisfunction , this device wont speak up.As press fingerprint, device will give 3 short buzzing. if identify failure,it will sound long , and screen will display failure,because this soundchip only can store one kind of sound language. So , before leavingfactory, customer need to select appointed sound language.Volume adjustmentWhich adjust sound volume as you set the startup function .Keypad tonewhich means whether buzzer has prompt voice as press button down.Advanced setupbeforehand setup changes important parameter of device installation.If this deive has administrator, whom only can operate menu function,which includes verified pattern,inspect port, and functional key setupof beach menu, as well as setup of day-light saving time,firmwareupgrade,recover tacit setup of leaving factory, and delete all attendanceand registered data etc.Tacitly verifying methodwhich is setting tacit inspected pattern, you might select fingerprint.fingerprintcard + fingerprintJob No + fingerprintJob No + passwordFingerprint + passwordcard + passwordjob No + fingerprint that means pass with identification through bothjob No and fingerprint. ·5·
  6. 6. Checking boundary seupThis menu function and fingerprint photograph are need to selectwhether real time display or take photo.Setup of real time photographif choose this function , we need input photos percent ,fingerprint, cardand passoword etc. real time image caught fingerprint photo card photo PIN photoelectricitydisplay photowhich means that after successful identification, devive will displayphoto to select.delete all recordswhich means that delete all data inside device. beofre delete them , youare need to confirm again to make sure to delete the data.delete all registered data.which means that all registered data inside device will be deleted.recover setup of leaving factorywhich recover tacit setup of device as leavinf factory, this function wontaffect existing data, and registered records, meanwhile, you are alsorequired again to confirm.system upgradeSystem upgrade is upgraded by U disk. When we have new function toadd or debug current firmware, we can use this method to upgrade.setup of dayligh-saving timeThis setup is for countries with daylight-saving time. You might makedevice come back normal time after setting up of begining time andclosing time.setup of functional keythe functional key have four different selections ( F1 to F4). tacit setup as F1 =on duty F2 =off duty F3 =time over working F4 = plus exityou might change setup, for instance, might change motorcade info tocheck , or change F2 to doorbell function.ail setup list, adjust the function standing for start this job by appointedtime. The list of menu such as start up, closed, appointed dormancy,ringdown setup, spare time setup and closed shutdown. ·6·
  7. 7. Automatically starting upas open it at appointed time, device must be sleeping pattern beofreopening it. for instance, you might set the automatically start updevice on 07:00.Automatically shutdownAutomatical close and open is adverse functio , which is alsopreinstalled for the automatical shutdown time.After using this function ,you might press power button or set device as automatical startup. Asyou start this function , device with sleeping condition.Ringdown setupyou could set clock sound as 8 times. you also set ringdown musicand ringdown time-long. this device will output interior speaker andexterior ring-clock.Setup of spare timethis function is aimed at setting spare time and start up other function.this function is given tacit consent to shutdown. If you set its functionas one minute, so it will jump into set pattern after spare time as oneminute, it is also set for sleeping or shutdown.Closing shutdown keyWhich is the function of closing shutdown button. If it is closed, youcant start up this function.Timing and state transitionWe might set each time slot as transfer the state of on / off duty, forInstance, with different time , and with different state, such as off duty,overtime or reaching, and leave as exceed time.Record setrecord set is that display the info of alarm prompt, its branch selectionhas three 3 functions, include"alarm of administration records, verifyrecord alarm and re-confirm time ".Alarm of administration recordsWhich is also the alarm of administration log, which is changingmenu records, is also set quantity of record space to alarm surplusvolume of message, default as 100. That is to say screen will displayalarm info when surplus sapce volume only can save 100 records, bythat time, device will prompt you to download administration log ordelete records. ·7·
  8. 8. Alarm of verifying recordswhich means an alarm of ordinary log. ordinary log means theattendance records of pressing fingerprint or brushing card. Eachrecord, each authentication is only one record. when the surplus sapcesi reaching alarm quantity, screen will display alarm info, you shoulddownload trade.Re-confirm timethe second in this function is preventing the identified No of same userto re-attendance at short time. Default is zero, which means thatdevice will record all records as you re-identify many times, at shorttime, it will waste useless memory space, therefore, user might set torecord one time during number of minutes, allow max time as 255 minutes.(about four and half hours).Communication setupwhich is mainly used for administration between fingerprint device andcomputer. The communication parameter includes: baud rate, deviceNo,TCP/IP.S232, RS 485, connecting password, trends IPdistributeand IP address of background PC etc.Baud RateBaud rate must be known parameter as using Rs232 and RS485,default rate is 115200bps per second. normally, we use this Baud rate.Device NoDevice No is only the identifier for each device, If you have multidevices connected within one same network, you need unique deviceNo. for instance, three devices connected with same network, we mustset these device No as No 1,2 ans 3, meanwhile, each device has thedefault No as 1.TCP / IPwe could set IP address of fingerprint device within the function ofnetwork communication. default IP address is, which isnetwork ID of fingerprint device.RS232this function means the communication through RS232, within the setof NU3100 includes RS232 cable, which has the max communicationdistance as 5 meters.If your computer doesnt has COM port, you might add one USBcommutator to change RS232 to connect PCs USB port. ·8·
  9. 9. Fingerprint device use the port of RS 232 cable is socket of Rj45berg crystal, its pinout as below:Pin 6= RS232T, Pin 7 = RS232R, Pin 8 = GND, Pin 1=WGIN 1, Pin 2=WGIN 0, Pin 3=RS485B, Pin 4=RS485A, 5= NC. RJ45 port of back fingerprint device 1 8RS485we also can choose whether use RS485 as communication. whichhave the max communicated distance as 200 meters, Normally, wemight use RS485 cable to connect deive, besides, it is better tochoose CAT5 cable to replace ordinary 485 cable, becuase CAT5cable is better in antijamming capability.But computer doesnt have RS485 communication port, normally itonly has RS232 communication port, therefore, we need onecommutator which transfer 485 signals to be RS232 signals.communication of RS485 is adopted as three wires, one is TX+, oneis RX+, and ground connection. commutator for Rs485 to RS 232 ·9·
  10. 10. Rs 485 cable uses the same communication socket with RJ45, thepinout as below:3=RS485B, Pin 4=RS485A, Pin 8 = GND, Pin 1=WGIN 1, Pin 2=WGIN 0, Pin5= NC, Pin 6= RS232T, Pin 7 = RS232R.use for commutator connection between 485 -232, that is to say ,TX+ on device should connect to commutators RX-, and anotherone as well.Connecting passwordas you communicate , need one password to identify, which alsoprevent others using similar software connecting fingerprint device,the default communication password is "0"Trends IP distributedwhich automatically controls protocol between Router and fingerprint device.DHCP distributes networking IP address into device.IP address of background PCwhich is also IP address of back-end computer, which will send outparameter onto device to operate attendance administration, forexample: send one info of user onto device.Setup of access controlAccess controller bases on one of time slot, one user or group couldstart up this connected access controller with these time slots. eachtime slot has one open time within one week according to name listevery day, Sunday to Saterday. Each user can pass identificationbelong to own group or time slots of gate. their relation is "or". forinstance,if first time slot as below: Sun 08:00 – 19:00 Mon 08:00 – 19:00 Tue 08:00 – 19:00 Wed 08:00 – 19:00 Thu 08:00 – 19:00 Fri 08:00 – 19:00 Sat 08:00 – 19:00 ·10·
  11. 11. second time slot Sun 21:00 – 23:00 Mon 21:00 – 23:00 Tue 21:00 – 23:00 Wed 21:00 – 23:00 Thu 21:00 – 23:00 Fri 21:00 – 23:00 Sat 21:00 – 23:00user "John" was appointed as time zone 1 and 2, therefore Johncan open the door every day, from 8:00 to 19:00 and 21:00 to 23:00.besides, we can set ten of unlocking combination, each combinationmax has 3 combination patterns,If you choose 2 group of users,any member of the two groups must successfully pass identificationat same time.Setup of time slotwhich is built on open time scope within one week. We can definemax 50 time zone every day. You only need to input begining andshutown hours and minutes. Time zone 1 can open door within settime. Sun 00:00 – 23:59 Mon 00:00 – 23:59 Tue 00:00 – 23:59 Wed 00:00 – 23:59 Thu 00:00 – 23:59 Fri 00:00 – 23:59 Sat 00:00 – 23:59use<up> or <down> arrow to select one of time slot, then press <ok>enter into What day.Setup of grouping functionwhich can max set 5 groups. To each group, max appoint 3 of timeslots ,after all these, the group will open all time slot. new user willhave tacit group 1, using up/ down arrow and input time slot toselect group(1 to 50).Tacit identification pattern of groupinside device, you could set tacit identification pattern of group ,here has 8 kinds of identificaiton patterns:fingerprint or card or passwordfingerprintcard and fingerprintcardjob No and fingerprintJob No and passwordfingerprint and passwordcard and passwordsetup of user access contro lWe can appoint list of access control to each user.user000001 belong to group 1 time slot of user group is time slot 1 1time slot 2 8 time slot 3 40 identification pattern of user group isidentification pattern fingerprint ·11·
  12. 12. user could be appointed one group, so that user open time zone touser with group. If parameter "using time zone of group" set as "yes" ,each user will identify according tome zone of this group.for Instance, if user 00001 using time zone of 3 groups, three timezones separately are 7,8,9, corresponding 7,8,9, that three zones.If we change pattern of time zone, using " time zone of group" tochange as "NO" Auto.Setup of unlocking combinationWe can choose " basic setup of unlocking combination" or setup ofunlocking groups combination". Whin basic setup, we only need oneset of quantity of open users. default setup is 1, which also means thatafter user pass through checking pattern of first group, the gate will beopen. You can set max 5 different group, If set it as second group, that means only users from second group can pass through checkupwithin 30 seconds.this system doesnt care which group belong to 2. allow first to 3rdgroup to open door, we can set up 10 group of open door. for example :cluster 1 has first , second,third group, which means any user from the3 groups can be verified through access control, another samplesecond group was set up, but fourth group was not set up , so anymember from fourth group can open the door.Control time for gate lockcontrol time of gate lock means that time sent through inspection andsign to gate lock adapter. open inspect timemini unit is 0.5 second, max 5 seconds. if it was set up as zero, contrllerof door lock will be closed.Duration of lock driveAfter verifying through, fingerprint device will automatically produceopen sign, and connecting E-lock switch to pen, But duration of lockdrive means that open door during the appointed time, otherwise,need to re-verify for open. To this function , set unit is " second"Door magnistor time-lapseAs gate is open, sensor function is also open, door sensor willinspect time. if time over was inspected, alarm will be started up. Tothis function ,the unit is " second"Setuo of door magnistor switchWhich includes three kinds of types, such as normal open, normalclose and Nothing. "Nothing" stands for not using door magnistorswitch. If gate always keep open, lock also as open condition, if lock isclosed, alarm function will calculate, and will start up door magnistorswitch to time-lapse. if over time , it will alarm. oppositely door oftenbe close, the lock also should be set up for normal close. otherwise,door sensor will start alarm up because time-lapse. ·12·
  13. 13. Setup of stress alarmNormally , user registered two fingerprints , one is used for stressalarm. when user is forced to open door, who will use the fingerprintof stress alarm.Alarm as wrong pressIf we to use this function, press ▲▼” arrows over set times, devicewill send alarm sign out.assume that we set 3 times, then pressfingerprint or input job No of user, and verifying password etc, if it isfailure over three times, which will lead to start up the function ofstress alarm. if closing this function, only need to set up with "NO".Function of self-checkingAs you distrust fingerprint has problem or need to be repaired, youcan use this selection to solve test problem. If you find it workingnormally as tesing, so you maybe look out other out connected parts.this kind of self-checking includes interior memory,LCD displayer,sound, fingerprint sensor, keyboard and time tested.please lookingout keeping stable power as testing, so that exactly check up andtest. Otherwise, it is possible to lead to damage device, especiallycheck up under unstable working surroundings.U disk administrationthe main function of U disk inside menu as below:download identification recordsdownload administration recorddownload user InfoUpload user infoupload message notificationupload Mp3Download identification recordswhich means download registered data of user into USB disk, job NOof user might has several fingerprint and card or password etc. Alldata will be downloaded.Download administration recordswhich means that download administration records into USB disk,any changed record on device will be download into USB disk.Download user Inofwhich means that download user info from device into USB disk,User info is that all registered identification methods and job No ofuser etc.upload user infowhich means upload user info from USB disk into fingerprint device.upload message Notificationwhich means that upload info from USB into fingerprint device.upload Mp3which means that upload sound and ring from USB disk intofingerprint device. ·13·
  14. 14. Data checkupthis function mainly provides data checkup, which is divided into 3parts of information such as system info, device Info and advancedcheckup.System infoinformation checkup includes all data by using memory space ofdifferent parameter, as follow below:times of user registeredtimes of fingerprint registeredtimes of password registeredtime of card registeredrecorded times of testing and verifyingtimes of administration recordsused RAMTimes of user registered mean the quantity of registers. Times offingerprint registered is the quantity of fingerprint registered. Time ofpassword register is the quantity of password registered.n thequantity of RF registered is the times of response card registered.Record times of testing and verifying is the quantity of comprehensive identification.Times of administration records is the quantity of administrationrecords changed.used RAM means volumn of used memories.Dvice Infodevice Info is all info data inside fingerprint device, as follow below:date of production serial number manufacturer device namedevice No algorithm edition system edition ·14·
  15. 15. Ddvanced checkupincludes inquiries of checking records, administration records anduser register.inquiry of testing and verifying is checking record for all identificationmethods, may check according to job No of user or date. checking forAdministration records is changing checkup of management log.register to check for user is checking Info of each each inquiry,you need input date scope or Job No of user or user name.Relieve alarmthis function can be seen in menu when alarm is started up, afteropening it , we can select to relieve alarm function inside menu, onlyadministrator can do it . ·15·