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  1. 1. Welcome Class of 2015Career Services: Explore. Experience. Achieve. www.career.vt.edu
  2. 2. Aspirations for Student Learning and Career Services … • Commit to unwavering CURIOSITY • Pursue SELF-UNDERSTANDING and INTEGRITY • Practice CIVILITY • Prepare for a life of COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP • Embrace UT PROSIM as a way of life Explore. Experience. Achieve.2 www.career.vt.edu
  3. 3. Career Development Model One-on-One appointments can be made to assist you in every step of your Career Development Process Gaining Experience Career and Developing Job Explore Exploration Search Skills Self-Understanding Successful Curiosity Employment Experience Civility Courageous Leadership Job Search Achieve3 Ut Prosim
  4. 4. Self-Understanding … 1. Self Assessment • A realistic appraisal of yourself and the starting point for career planning. • Online and paper career assessments are available to help you narrow down your major and careerExplore options, specific to your personality, skills, interests, and values. Explore. Experience. Achieve.4 www.career.vt.edu
  5. 5. Curiosity … 2. Career Research • This takes time and dedication, as you gather information about academic options and career fields that compliment your self-assessment results. • Career Resource Center contains hard copyExplore resources (most available for overnight and weekend checkout) covering all areas of the career development process. • Career Services Website has multiple links that provide further information on majors and career options. Explore. Experience. Achieve.5 www.career.vt.edu
  6. 6. Self-Understanding continued … 3. Decision Making • Takes place after you have become familiar with your personality, skills, interests, and values, and once your research is completed. • Career Services offers a 3 credit course, “ExploringExplore Careers: Making Decisions and Plans”, which teaches students different methods for researching and making decisions on major and/or career options. Explore. Experience. Achieve.6 www.career.vt.edu
  7. 7. Self-Understanding continued … 4. Goal Setting and Action Plans • Define your career goal(s) and set a realistic action plan with steps and deadlines to meet your goal(s). • Career Services can assist you in making and setting S.M.A.R.T.Explore (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals, both short and long term, through one-on-one appointments with one of our advisors. Explore. Experience. Achieve.7 www.career.vt.edu
  8. 8. What is Experiential Education?Experience Integrating Work & Learning Explore. Experience. Achieve.8 www.career.vt.edu
  9. 9. Career Related Experience …Experience What does “career related experience” mean to you? Explore. Experience. Achieve.9 www.career.vt.edu
  10. 10. Here are some choices you have for gaining experience … • Internship (paid/unpaid, academic credit/no credit) •Experience Cooperative Education (Co-op) • Summer Job/Part-time employment • Externship (Job Shadowing) • Volunteer Work (www.engage.vt.edu) • Study/Work Abroad • Research • Student Service Learning • Field Study Explore. Experience. Achieve.10 www.career.vt.edu
  11. 11. Why Gaining Experience is Important… • 97.5% of employers factor candidate experience in hiring • 76.6% of employers prefer to hire candidates withExperience relevant work experience • Of the 90% of Virginia Tech graduates who had career related experience 57% wished they had gained more • Look ahead and begin exploring opportunities now Explore. Experience. Achieve.11 www.career.vt.edu
  12. 12. Be Curious … • Explore your possibilities • Career Paths • OrganizationsExperience • Various Majors, Minors, and Concentrations • Ask questions of people within your career interests • Learn why people enjoy what they do Explore. Experience. Achieve.12 www.career.vt.edu
  13. 13. Self-Understanding … Experiential Education allows you to… • Learn about yourselfExperience • Strengths and weaknesses • Work environment preferences • Values and what is important to you • Reflect on your experiences and how they fit into your career aspirations Explore. Experience. Achieve.13 www.career.vt.edu
  14. 14. What is the Cooperative Education/Internship Program? • A formal academic program which integrates classroom learning with a full-time work experienceExperience • Participating students maintain full-time enrollment status with Virginia Tech and receive official recognition on their transcript • Students may begin working the summer following their freshman year Explore. Experience. Achieve.14 www.career.vt.edu
  15. 15. Here are some interesting companies where Hokies have gotten experience in the past …Experience Explore. Experience. Achieve.15 www.career.vt.edu
  16. 16. Want to learn more? • Visit us at Career ServicesExperience • Talk to a Co-op/Internship Advisor in Career Services • Attend a Co-op/Internship Orientation session this Fall Explore. Experience. Achieve.16 www.career.vt.edu
  17. 17. How Do You Achieve Your Future Goals? – START EARLY … • Perform to the best of your ability in all your classes • Pursue organizational leadership on campus • Gain career-related experienceAchieve • Have a strong sense of what you want to do OR at least a strong sense of what you don’t! Explore. Experience. Achieve.17 www.career.vt.edu
  18. 18. Post Graduation Plans and Preparing for Courageous Leadership … • Achieving your post-graduation goals can be easy: • Early and frequent contact with Career Services • Familiarize yourself with our services and resources to help you reach your goalsAchieve • Learn the tools for pursuing employment and/or graduate school Explore. Experience. Achieve.18 www.career.vt.edu
  19. 19. Employment Tools … • Hokies4Hire Database • On-Campus Interviews Where the jobs are! • Mock Interviews including InterviewStream • CareerShiftAchieve • Going Global • Career Fair Information • Hokie Nation Network Explore. Experience. Achieve.19 www.career.vt.edu
  20. 20. Top Employers of Virginia Tech Graduates: VT = Tied #3 • United States Air Force • IBM • United States Navy • CGI • United States Army • Freddie MacAchieve • Northrop Grumman • Lockheed Martin • Accenture • Tied - Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Teach for America Source: Virginia Tech Post-Graduation Report, 2009-10 Explore. Experience. Achieve.20 www.career.vt.edu
  21. 21. Embrace UT PROSIM as a Way of Life … • Peace Corps • Teach for America • AmeriCorpsAchieve • Missionary Work • Campus Crusades for Christ Explore. Experience. Achieve.21 www.career.vt.edu
  22. 22. Graduate School Prep Tools … • Graduate admissions test prep seminars and GRE Test Drives • Graduate program directories such as Petersons Guides with program profiles • Personal statement examples and critiquesAchieve • Extensive online resources • Departmental Career Advisors • Office of Health Professions Advising (OHPA) Explore. Experience. Achieve.22 www.career.vt.edu
  23. 23. CAREER SERVICES Smith Career Center Corner of Washington Street & West Campus Drive23
  24. 24. Things you want to do … Hokies4Hire First Friday of Classes 10 AM – 3 PM “Where the jobs are!” “Like” Career Services on Facebook Explore. Experience. Achieve.24 www.career.vt.edu