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Home Drug Testing Adolescents is a questionable parenting technique to some with much debate. As parents, it is our job to keep our kids safe and healthy - both physically and psychologically.
Substance abuse and addiction will at the very least cause them much pain and make the rest of their life a day to day struggle.
With questions of trust, invasion of privacy, and inaccurate results - along with what to do with the results - many parents are not sure drug testing their teen is something that they need to do.
Our stand is that teen drug abuse and addiction is an epidemic and it's time for parents to take a proactive approach and help stop it.
Find the answers you are looking for in this slidecast about drug testing your teen at home.

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Home drug testing adolescents q and a

  1. 1. Home Drug Testing Adolescents Q and A http://www.secretdrugtest.com/
  2. 2. Should I drug test my child at home? There has been some debate as to whether drug testing adolescents at home is a good idea or not. Many experts have said they do not recommend drug testing at home.
  3. 3. Reasons Experts Give For Not Recommending Home Drug Testing
  4. 4. Tests Can Be Tricked Kids do learn to trick drug tests. This gives parents the false belief that their child is not using and they fail to seek professional help. However, our tests cannot be tricked.
  5. 5. Tests Sometimes Show False Negatives or Positives With any drug test there is a possibility of false results. False results can be reduced dramatically by following the directions and testing randomly several times a month.
  6. 6. Drug Tests May Be Confusing If you have purchased a home drug test that is confusing to use, get a different test. Our tests are guaranteed to be simple and easy to use.
  7. 7. Drug Tests Should Be Administered by a Professional Parents who are educated about drugs and substance abuse are perfectly qualified to administer home drug tests.
  8. 8. Never rely on drug tests alone to discern if your teen is using drugs. Learn the signs of substance abuse.
  9. 9. Signs of Substance Abuse in Teens
  10. 10. • loss of interest in activities • drop in grades • weight gain or loss • change of peer group • depression • loss of interest in family activities • mood swings • over reaction when accused of something • smells of alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana Watch Your Teen Closely For These Warning Signs
  11. 11. If you suspect drug use, seek professional help immediately.
  12. 12. Drug Testing Adolescents at Home: The Debate Against Drug Testing at Home • Medical professionals say that parents are not trained to administer drug tests. Why do you need to be trained? • Drug tests normally produce false- positive results about 5% - 10% of the time and false negatives 10% - 15% of the time. • There have been cases where parents begin drug testing and their teen learned to trick the tests. Those parents then believed their child had quit using drugs, so they failed to seek professional help. For Drug Testing at Home • Following the instructions that are included with each test carefully will help decrease the chances of a false read. • Testing randomly several times a month will reduce false results dramatically. • Knowing the signs of substance abuse allows parents to seek professional help if it is needed. • Our drug tests can not be tricked.
  13. 13. Learn the truth, today. It may save your teen’s life. http://www.secretdrugtest.com/