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Meetings Handout AGM Agenda

Board Leadership Meetings Session AGM Agenda Handout, 2015.

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Meetings Handout AGM Agenda

  2. 2. ORGANIZATION NAME AGM AGENDA DATE, 2010 Location: Meeting Objectives:  To meet legislated requirements to hold an Annual General Meeting.  To present financial statements to our general membership.  To make decisions regarding the future of our organization. # TIME EVENT PRESENTER 1 Welcome  Declare the Annual General Meeting open.  Introduce Board members.  Review Purpose of Meeting o The Societies Act states: “A society shall hold an annual general meeting in Alberta and shall present at that meeting a financial statement setting out its income, disbursements, assets and liabilities, audited and is signed by the society auditor.” 2 Confirm Membership and Quorum  Confirm member eligibility and certify proxies  Count the number of eligible voters  Determine that you have a Quorum (the appropriate number of members, according to your bylaws to proceed with the meeting) 3 Elect Chairperson  Meetings should be chaired by the President or Vice- President of the society. In the absence of both, elect someone to chair the meeting. 4 Present Proof of Notice of Meeting  Review the steps you took to give proper notice according to your bylaws (published in paper, calls to members, etc.) or present waiver of notice. 5 Approve the Agenda  Review the agenda. Make modifications or changes, if required.  Move to accept the agenda. Second.  Vote to accept the agenda. 6 Approve the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.  Distribute minutes. Review minutes. Make modifications or changes, if required.  Move to accept the minutes. Second.  Vote to accept the minutes.
  3. 3. # TIME EVENT PRESENTER 7 Unfinished Business  Deal with business that was unfinished from the last Annual General Meeting (action items as identified in the minutes). 8 President’s Report  President to present an overview of the past year. 9 Committee Reports  All Standing Committees to present BRIEF reports on the activities of the past year.  Propose modifications or changes, if required.  Move to accept the reports after they are given. Second.  Vote to accept the reports. 10 Treasurer’s Report  Treasurer to present an audited financial statement.  Propose modifications or changes, if required.  Move to accept the audited financial statements. Second.  Vote to accept the audited financial statement. 11 Ratify or Review Rules of Engagement  Review any new policies or procedures dealing with elections, such as changes to the bylaws regarding positions, etc.) 12 Special Resolutions  Make and deal with any special resolutions that require the notice of the general membership, such as proposing new bylaw amendments, dissolution, etc.  NOTE: This is for the purpose of VOTING on bylaws changes, not for acknowledging changes that were voted on previously, as that was done in Item 11).  NOTE: This would be the appropriate time to deal with issues of potential dissolution. 13 Election of Officers and Directors For each position identified in the bylaws:  Review the positions requiring an election, including a brief description of the job for each.  Accept nominations from the floor.  Second the nomination.  Confirm that the nominee is willing to let their name stand.  Close nomination.  Vote according to bylaws.  Announce the winner and thank the others.  Declare the position filled (or vacant, if there is no-one willing to fill the position.  Congratulate the new Board and thank the outgoing Board for their services the past year.
  4. 4. # TIME EVENT PRESENTER 14 Next Meetings  Announce the date and time (or approximate date and time) that the newly elected board will have its first meeting.  Review date and time for the next Annual General Meeting. 15 Thank-You and Adjournment  Thank participants for attending.  Declare the meeting officially closed. ‘