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Digital Branding Masterclass For The African Lawyer

  1. Digital Branding Masterclass for Legal Professionals.
  2. HELLO! I am Joie Thompson Chief Content Editor at iVEN Digital and Legalpedia Nigeria Limited. Instagram: @thecontentmarketingchick URL: 2
  3. What You Will Learn ● Statistics in the Legal Industry ● Digital Branding and Your Legal Practice ● Tools That Improve Brand Visibility ○ Website (Articles, SEO, Online Directories) ○ Organic Traffic Vs. Paid Traffic ○ Social Media - LinkedIn and Facebook 3
  4. Place your screenshot here The Internet has changed: » the way we live » the way we interact » the way we do business 6
  5. Statistics 7
  6. Interesting Facts 123,480,000 Nigerians access the Internet (June 2019) 8
  7. Interesting Facts 50% of internet users in Nigeria spend over 4 hours on the internet every day 9
  8. Interesting Facts Some of the most visited sites in Nigeria are: • Google • Youtube • Facebook • Yahoo 10
  9. Attention is the new currency! 14
  10. LEGAL INDUSTRY - Interesting Facts 96% of people with a legal issue use the Internet first to find answers with regard to their problem. 38% of people looking to hire a lawyer turn to the Internet first. (29% ask a friend or relative) 72% of people looking for a lawyer often hire the first lawyer they speak to. 15
  11. Pillars Of Law Firm Digital Marketing 16
  12. 18
  13. Digital Marketing & The Legal Industry. 19
  14. Why Is This Important? For the big Law Firm in order to stay relevant 20
  15. Why Is This Important? For the smaller firms to compete, survive and make an impact. 21
  16. Why Is This Important? For individuals to advance their legal careers and establish themselves as thought leaders in their field. 22
  17. Can I really find my client’s this way? 24
  18. The question is not be “Can…” but rather “How…” 25
  19. Rules of Professional Conduct 26
  20. Compliance (RPC) 27 Source:
  21. Compliance (RPC) 28 39 Source:
  22. Compliance (RPC) 29 Source:
  23. Compliance (RPC) 30 Source:
  24. How Can I Do This? 31
  25. That’s what we’ll be covering today 32
  26. Remember... 33
  27. The internet is a tool that can supplement (not replace) offline activities. 34
  28. It is simply another channel to get your message out there and let your voice be heard by a much bigger audience. 35
  29. By having a greater presence online, potential clients have more opportunities to find your firm and learn about your services. 36
  30. Every developed society has several things in common and one of it is this: The populace know the law and know their rights. 37
  31. As lawyers, it is your job not only to present and defend cases in court but to help the general public be aware of what is contained in the law. 38
  32. Expectations 39
  33. It is not a magic bullet. It’s not a short-term solution but rather a strategic long-term play that will serve you for years to come. 40
  34. Times are changing. At some point, the laws will be reviewed and advertising will be allowed. You will have a head start where everyone is scrambling. 41
  35. This is not new. There are law firms and individuals doing this already but they are VERY FEW. Your job is to take your place now and establish yourself 42
  37. 1 – Build A Strong Brand 2 – Optimise Your Website 3 – Be Visible With SEO 4 – Create Valuable Content 5 – Add CTA for Conversion 6 – Have a Live Chat Support 7 – List Your Firm on Legal Directories 8 – Practice Social Media Marketing PILLARS OF LAW FIRM DIGITAL MARKETING.
  39. Your UniqueValue Proposition is… 46 ... the “WHY” behind what you do. It communicates what differentiates you from your competition and why you’re the best fit for your clients.
  40. 47 Your unique value proposition should answer three questions: 1. Why should I trust you? 2. What makes you different from every other lawyer? 3. How do I know I’m making the best decision by hiring you?
  41. An Ideal UVP… 48 Your response should not be based on price, services, or years of experience. An ideal UVP will combine emotional benefits with logical outcomes.
  42. An Ideal UVP… 49 Today’s consumers are changing the way they make decisions. They’re more informed, more engaged, and they want to be in control of their decisions. What does this mean for you?
  43. An Ideal UVP… 50 It means you have to interact with potential clients in new ways if you want to get their attention and earn their trust. You should be developing and nurturing relationships rather than focusing on a converting them to a brief.
  44. An Ideal UVP… 51 Your UVP is the first step in nurturing that relationship.
  45. OptimiseYour Website 52
  46. Your Website 53 Potential clients will almost always look you up online. Does your website appeal to them? It's imperative that you start with a great looking website that has a consistent message and a great logo that can extend across all your social media profiles too. Appearance is everything and so is the content you put on it.
  47. Website Stats 54 • Online, your website becomes a place where most potential clients have their first interaction with your firm. • Therefore, your website must represent your company well. • It should contain a comprehensive list of your services and other notable achievements relevant to your firm.
  48. Quality Content • Quality digital content is a strong currency for success. • Writing excellent articles about the legal industry that resonates to your target audience and provides valuable information is a reliable technique when creating content. • Don't just use your website as an announcement board or as a place to upload your law firm's getaway photos. • Upload content that will be useful for your potential clients.
  49. Website Must Haves 58 • Fast to load & Clear Images • Consistent and Modern Design • Talks to your Ideal Client • Simple Navigation • Consistent Blog Content • Call to Action • Contact Information • FAQ Page • About Us • Security
  50. Image Source: Oak Web Design
  53. Action Steps 62 1. 1. Make sure your developer tests the site for fast loading. - (Don’t blame the internet speed) 2. 2. Don’t be afraid to ask people to “Give Us a Call” or “Send Us a Message At…” they are more likely to do it if you ask. 3. 3. Use your content plan to establish authority status by creating relevant articles on your Blog
  54. Action Steps 63 •4.Develop your own Unique Value Proposition. Let your prospective clients see why you are of great benefit to them above your competition. •5. Make sure each page on your website has a unique title and description tag relevant to the content on the page •6. When adding content (remember the content strategy) you need to include links in your content back to the relevant pages (internally and externally) and make sure that nothing is broken.
  55. Have a Live Chat Support 64 • Trust is a significant factor in the legal industry, establishing rapport and a relationship with potential customers is crucial. • Adding live chat support on your website can instantly create a connection with potential clients. • Make sure that your chat supports are knowledgeable in the legal industry so that each question can be answered and can be used as an opportunity to set an appointment.
  57. Organic search is based on unpaid, natural rankings determined by search engine algorithms, and can be optimized with various SEO practices. In contrast, paid search allows you to pay to have your website displayed on the search engine results page when someone types in specific keywords or phrases.
  58. So if your firm specialises in general practice and litigation, the keywords you should focus on must be related to these. In turn, Google and other search engines would give more relevance on your website for these keywords, and eventually bring people searching about these keywords to your site.
  59. 72 ListYour Firm’s Website On Legal Directories
  60. Online directories are now very important. They give your website a boost in online citations, and in turn, rank better in search results. Having your website featured on online legal directories can also provide more website traffic without even spending money simply because most online directories offer free listing services.
  61. 1. JurisOffice. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Legal Directories Nigerian Directories 1. Nigerian Lawyers Directory 2. 3.
  62. Social Media 76
  63. Image Source: Oak Web Design
  64. 78 • Social media, in essence, is a networking tool that can supplement, but not replace, offline activities.
  65. 79 • It is simply another channel to get your message out there and let your voice be heard by a much bigger audience. Why Social Media
  66. 80 •By having a greater presence online, potential clients have more opportunities to find your firm and learn about your services.
  67. 81 ❑ 1. Determine who your ideal clients are ❑ 2. Select your social media platforms - LinkedIn & Facebook ❑ 3. Determine your social media goals ❑ 4. Create content that speaks to your target audience ❑ 5. Determine social media policies on how best to respond to your ideal clients ❑ 6. Decide on how you will measure results Important things to do on Social Media
  68. Image Source: BlueStacksImage Source:
  69. Bottom Line 83 Others Are Doing This… How about You?
  70. I CAN’T DO THIS! 84 • Time • Knowledge
  71. What To Do 85 Hire someone in-house to implement this OR Hire a digital consultant
  72. 86 As lawyers, it is your job not only to present and defend cases in court but to help the general public be aware of what is contained in the law. Only then can we really build Africa and African business.
  73. 87 FREE: The Digital Transformation Audit For Your Legal Practice Go to: Yours… Free!!!
  74. Any Questions? 88
  75. THANKS! Joie Thompson You can find me at » @thecontentmarketingchick » URL: 89