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Comparing Payment Solutions - Benchmark by EBG Barcelona 2018


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Published in: Marketing
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Comparing Payment Solutions - Benchmark by EBG Barcelona 2018

  1. 1. # Payment Sector overview & solutions for companies
  2. 2. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # CHRISTOPHE DROZ Senior Consultant THINKMARKET SPEAKERS ARNAUD MARCILLY Managing Partner Co-founder THINKMARKET
  3. 3. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PAYMENT ?
  4. 4. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 82 billion euros e-commerce gross income in 2017 in France 36% of online transactions with a mobile device in 2017 in France 27 161 billion euros with cashless transactions in 2016 in France Key figures Sources: Journal du Net, 2018 / Webloyalty, 2018 / L’Observatoire de la sécurité des paiements, 2017
  5. 5. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Definitions Sources: Dictionnaire du droit privé / Larousse / E-commerce Mag Payment The act of giving the creditor an amount of money to end a debt equal to a claim E-Payment Payments on digital channels (website, app, social networks …) Electronic money & banking services A system using electronic, computing and IT to develop banking transactions
  6. 6. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Payment schemes Main payment actors Payment service providersThe «4 corners» model actors Act as intermediaries between companies and their clients and provide the functional and technical link between the acquirer and the acceptor • Payment establishments • Electronic money establishments • Credit establishments GIE Carte Bancaire French Domestic scheme VISA International scheme MasterCard International scheme Source of the « 4 corners » model: Comprendre les paiements, 2014 CARDHOLDER BANK CARDHOLDER MERCHANT BANK (ACQUIRER) MERCHANT (ACCEPTOR) Authorisations & interbank exchange networks Payment in exchange of goods and services Contract between the cardholder and its bank Flow exchange Flow exchange Authorisations or transactions delivery flows
  7. 7. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Payment Services Directive 2 European regulatory environment Payment Services Directive 1 Entered into force in 2009 • Harmonise payment services in the European Union • Strengthen European consumer protection • Stimulate the competition with non- banking actors Entered into force on January 13th, 2018 • Strengthen online consumer protection rights • For exemple 2 factor authentication is required for an online payment above 30 € • Promote open banking • Fintechs • Aggregators • GAFA, NATU
  8. 8. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # MARKET TRENDS & CHALLENGES FOR COMPANIES
  9. 9. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Digitisation of consumer behaviours Customer journeys innovations Electronic money payments still on the rise Click and collect • Answer new consumer behaviours: even more in a hurry, online & multichannel • Answer the rise of electronic money trend • Do not forget traditional payments, especially for some targets Voice control Photo credits: Darty / Google Chart source: Harris Interactive, 2017 Decreasing Steady Increasing Direct debit
  10. 10. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Securisation of payments & anti-fraud measures E-transactions protection A new regulatory landscape Standards • PCI DSS Standard • 3D Secure New technologies • Voice biometrics • dynamic cryptogram The constraints of the new regulatory landscape (mainly PSD2 & GDPR) must be taken into consideration: • User approval • Obligation for providers to provide support to acceptors • Strengthen reassurance for customers • Avoid costly potential fraud risks • Keep a seamless customer journey • Comply with the new regulatory landscape at the key moment of payment when entering and saving bank account details
  11. 11. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Easier and faster payment solutions Photo credits: Business Insider, 2016 / Amazon France, 2018 / Pour une autre économie «social» payment «1-click» shopping e-wallet high-value servicescryptocurrencies instant payment • Propose innovations to go even further in enhancing the user experience, to get new relationships with customers and prospects, to target a bigger customer basis or a specific pool. • Propose value-added services to promote the purchasing act, particularly for high baskets 1 2 3 4 5 6
  12. 12. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # BENCHMARK & RECOMMENDATIONS
  13. 13. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Solution providers mapping Ability to execute Functionalsolutionfeatures Leaders Address a wide range of needs, particularly to major clients. Their industrial and support capacities are often greater than outsiders ones. Outsiders Address a relatively large scope of needs to clients that are normally smaller and more specialized. Some may stand out with singular functional proposals such as Bitcoin acceptance Specialists Propose specific payment solutions: check paiement processing or 1-click
  14. 14. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Comparative performance by criteria From the highest to the lowest mark between providers by criteria
  15. 15. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Guidelines • Means of payment adaptable to customers • Payment securisation and anti-fraud policy • Interfacing and implementation • Ease of merchant activity steering • A business model matching client needs • Partner robustness • Efficient and tailored support services • Specify your requirements • Set up a scoring grid • Identify and contact publishers (RFI) • Realise a request for proposal • Launch the solution implementation project Frame your thoughts with these main topics: 2 Select a provider:1 3 Monitor your performance and enhance your proposal
  16. 16. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PANEL DISCUSSION
  17. 17. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PRESENTATION OF THE SPEAKERS Patrick GROFF COO ZEENS Vitor MARTINS Director of Marketing & Distribution BCP Virgile CUBA eCommerce Manager FITADIUM Expectations and behaviours of customers Internal requirements of clients Payment implementation project
  18. 18. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # CONTACTS Christophe DROZ Senior Consultant christophe.droz@t Arnaud MARCILLY Managing Partner Co-founder arnaud.marcilly@thi