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The o zones schimenes


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PRISM 2019 Presentation

Published in: Real Estate
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The o zones schimenes

  1. 1. Data-driven Real Estate Marketplace
  2. 2. • Serial Entrepreneur • Passion for using tech to make real estate more efficient • Former MD of Airbnb LATAM • Experienced with building online marketplaces • Launched a PropTech company using AI to enable intelligent in-house real estate investment Stefan Schimenes, CEO InvestReal
  3. 3. What is InvestReal? Real Estate Data Analytics InvestReal Analytics is the most powerful data-analytical system in the OZ industry, analyzing every census tract in the US through 88+ different indicators Real Estate Marketplace InvestReal Marketplace offers investors hundreds of millions of dollars of qualifiable OZ development projects all across the US
  4. 4. Current Challenges for OZ Investment Handshake Economy Transactions sourced and executed only through existing networks, limited scope of deals for tight schedule Limited Use of Market Data No source of third-party validation and shortage of market analytics to support decision making Blind Pool Funding Lack of flexibility to meet timeline objectives for incentive deadlines
  5. 5. $670B+ in realized capital gains in the US annually Estimated $6T+ of unrealized capital gains in the US Market Gap Over 6,000 Real Estate developers across the US InvestReal Current Pipeline: 60+ qualifiable OZ projects and over 1000 leads in 6 weeks of work Developers Capital Gain Market
  6. 6. The InvestReal Difference Advanced analytics to validate strategy and long-term viability for development Simply connects OZ investors and developers Facilitates communication and aligns both parties Singular asset project focus, non- crowdfunding
  7. 7. Ranking – Established OZs
  8. 8. Ranking – Up & Coming OZs
  9. 9. Opportunity Zone Segments
  10. 10. Promising OZs Census Tract Metro Area Fundamental Score Quality of Life Score Quality of Life Trend Score Income Growth Rate House Value Growth Score Rent Price Growth Score 49035112403 Salt Lake City, UT 100 93 83 95 93 94 37183053009 Raleigh, NC 96 91 50 67 92 86 48085032013 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX 98 93 59 81 100 98 29219820102 St. Louis, MO-IL 84 83 33 49 84 89 47157007400 Memphis, TN-MS-AR 82 95 70 68 96 63 Strong Urban Segment - High Density + High Income + High Growth
  11. 11. Deeper Dive OZ 49035112403 – Salt Lake City, UT
  12. 12. Unfavorable Data - OZ 26145000600 - Saginaw, MI
  13. 13. Sample Project - $46.6M Ground-Up Multi-Family Development Ground-up development of a 320-unit multi-family building in an opportunity zone in the rapidly growing Greater Austin Area Total Cost $46,636,000 Equity Needed $10,836,800 IRR 23.4% Equity Multiple 5.6X Stabilized Cash Yield 7.59%
  14. 14. Manor, Texas OZ Report
  15. 15. Final Thoughts Enormous Opportunity Establish a Strategy Do Your Research O-Zones will become a trillion dollar industry with great tax incentives for investors. Flexible new regulations. Determine your appetite for risk and expectations up-front, this will make it easier to qualify projects. Like any other investment the numbers need to work. Due diligence is imperative. Be Open Minded There are hidden gems all over the country that can deliver great ROI. Don’t limit yourself to major markets.
  16. 16. Contact Stefan Schimenes CEO +1 (917)732-3315