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Crossing the Divide

  1. 1. Crossing the Divide Tiffany Nicole Johnson INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY IN MARKETING 2021
  2. 2. Goals for today, Positioned At-ease 1 2 3 Resourced
  3. 3. About Tiffany Johnson Marketing Manager for Penumbra Theatre, the Nation’s preeminent African American theater; and contributing writer for the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder, the oldest African American newspaper in the state of Minnesota. Tiffany is passionate about amplifying the culture of Minnesota and beyond through dynamic content, communications and creative partnerships. Tiffany is also a local music artist and her first children’s book My Shadow was published in December 2020.
  4. 4. CROSSING THE DIVIDE How can we effectively and sincerely implement diversity and inclusion marketing efforts?
  5. 5. Beneath the surface...
  6. 6. Three key areas to address what is "beneath the surface" Representation Communications Transparency
  7. 7. Representation Leadership Team Partners
  8. 8. Communications Social Media Web & Print Response
  9. 9. Transparency Mission, Vision & Values Follow - through Accountability
  10. 10. PROPOSED SOLUTIONS Ideas to consider for implimenting genuine D&I initiatives...
  11. 11. Join the conversation. Lead the conversation. Hiring, contracting and partnerships.
  12. 12. Be a leader. Educate.
  13. 13. Additional resouces...
  14. 14. Thank you! Tiffany Nicole Johnson INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY IN MARKETING 2021