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170331 global news_E_vol1


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170331 global news_E_vol1

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170331 global news_E_vol1

  1. 1. 2017Vol.1,1Q
  2. 2. ROBOCAR POLI Grand Launching in UK & Italy POLI runs into Europe with powerful partners based on the huge success in Asian countries since 2011. POLI rescue team meets children in UK & Ireland. The broadcast started from the 27th February. POLI ranked TOP2 in Nick Jr. Too. POLI starts off on the right foot in UK The very first episode was premiered on 13th February at Channel Cartoonito. Two weeks after launching, Robocar POLI’s rating is about 3 times higher than the average ratings in the channel, completely taking top position over the other animations such as ‘Paw Patrol’ and ‘Super Wings’. POLI got No.1 In only two weeks Time Slot Every day 8:00am/4:30pm Weekdays 7:50am/1:30pm/8:00pm Weekend 11:00am/ 5:15pm Time Slot From June 2014, “Traffic Safety with POLI” (26 episodes) started service on VOD platform, such as Youku, Iqiyi, Tencent, Vedio, LeTV. Finally it reached 2 billion views! MEDIA 2 ROBOCAR POLI “Traffic Safety with POLI” hit 2 billion view in China!!
  3. 3. Robocar POLI rescue team has come to Hamleys Toy Shop to celebrate Spring in Russia. Gulliver & CO, master toy distributor in Russia/CIS region, has been decorating one of the most famous toy shop’s main window in Russia on every season. This spring theme will be taking Hamley’s toy shop’s main window from February to May 2017. Spring has come in Hamleys Toy Shop POLI BECAME The Best Seller IN HK WITHOUT BRODCASTING!! PLACE 3 HK TOYSRUS BEST SELLER ROBOCAR POLI
  4. 4. ROBOCAR POLI Children Safety Park opened on 7th March in Korea. August 2015, ROIVISUAL signed the MOU with Gong-ju city to build the safety park and it finally opened. Gong-ju city put the budgets almost 2.4 billion KRW for the park. The park consists of many activities and classes where children experience and learn traffic safety rules. Classes are operated through reservations. PLACE 4 ROBOCAR POLI 2nd Children Safety Park Opened in Korea Operating hour : 10am~5pm Closed: only 2 days in a year
  5. 5. On 2nd March, Boing, Robocar POLI’s local agent and Cartoonito channel owner, held Robocar POLI business conference in Media Set conference room in Milan. More than 60 potential licensees attended this conference and showed their interest even before Robocar POLI business started. Licensing WORLD Russia 2017 Licensing World Russia 2017 was held from 28th February to 1st March in Crocus International Expo in Moscow. Pullman Licensing, agent representing Robocar POLI in Russia/CIS region, set wonderful Robocar POLI dedicated stand with Robocar POLI’s own design and products. During LWR, many potential and existing partners visited and discussed Robocar POLI in different business catego- ries such as F&B, Magazine, Publishing, New Media, Ap- pliacation, and so on. Robocar POLI business in Russia is expected to grow continuously. POLI is everywhere in LIMA You will be surprised!! See you there! 5 Rescue Team Roll Out! Robocar POLI Launching Conference in Milan FAIR&CONFERENCE Very Soon!! Booth No.J206
  6. 6. 6 EVENTPROMOTION SEVEN ELEVEN Co-promotion in Taiwan ROBOCAR POLI is coming to Seletar Mall for Earth rescue mission in Singapore. The event was held for 6 days from 14th to 19th March. For the Earth day, children who visited the mall learned how to recycle with POLI through the live show. The bakery Prema Deli which is located in the Seletar mall sell ROBOCAR POLI cakes. Here We Comes to Save Earth! Promotion period : 2/13~4/11, 2017 3,500 stores in the whole country in Taiwan
  7. 7. New die-cast series MARK RC New 4” T/F series MINI POCKET PLAYSET Mobile HQ CAREY series Silverlit NEW line-up for first half of 2017 TOY NEWPRODUCT 7
  8. 8. 3 different types of rice snack 3 different types of Noodle FNB Disney is replaced with POLI in Korea! In Korea, Sunkist, by Haitai, is renewed its line- up with POLI, which was formerly with Disney. Further they call their kids line as ‘Sunkist POLI’ In China, more than 20 SKUs of POLI F&B item will be out in this Spring and Summer; such as noodle, cookie, tuna sausage, and rice snack. NEWPRODUCT 4 different types of tuna sausage 3 different types of cookies Sorry Disney~! Healthy Children’s Snacks Launching in China 8
  9. 9. Found everywhere in daily life. Premium personal care products will be released in April by Doori. Starting from Korea, it will expand the markets to Asia and Global market. Collaborate with best selling item Poli collaborates with No.1 bicycle brand, Samchunly. POLI will be on Sam Trike, which is a must have tricycle for kids in Korea. Targeting coming-up Children’s Day in May, POLI Sam Trike and bicycle will be launched soon. 9 NEWPRODUCT Beyond Just an Animation Character. Which sports do you want to play? Baseball? Football? Golf? We have all.
  10. 10. 2Q Sneak Peak Coming Soon!! 10 Mikiki Shoppingmall Event_HK Robocar Poli Green Campaign _KR 3rd Traffic Safty Playground Open _KR Public Health Campaign_KR NETFLIX Global Launching