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What to expect: 2019 SingularityU Canada Summit


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Seeing the future through a new lens

Published in: Technology
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What to expect: 2019 SingularityU Canada Summit

  1. 1. Experience overview Seeing the future through a new lens
  2. 2. Our Purpose To improve the future of Canada, and the world, by inspiring and enabling Canadians to take on the BIG ideas that address humanity’s greatest challenges 2
  3. 3. WELCOME TO SINGULARITYU CANADA SUMMIT The SingularityU Canada Summit is a platform that enables uncommon partners to come together for a two-day guided exploration into the (possible) future. Forget trade floors and exhibitors’ booths, the Summit is a curated experience that brings together the most forward thinking global experts who are changing the way we live and work. For two action-packed days, you will: ● Engage with the brightest minds from across Canada and around the world ● Explore new technologies ● Develop the mindset , skillset and network that you need to thrive in an abundant yet uncertain future Plan to leave with a profound new understanding of what’s already possible, and of your role in leveraging this unique point in time, and a network of fellow leaders who are passionate about seizing the opportunities that new technologies present, for business, communities, and our world.
  4. 4. YOUR JOURNEY AT THE SUMMIT The SingularityU Canada Summit 2019 kicks off at 7:30 am on Tuesday April 23rd and will wrap at 6pm on Wednesday April 24th. This is not the kind of conference that you can come in and out of, but rather a narrative and a journey that you will want to be part of. With unparalleled content, hands-on tech and a vibrant learning environment, the Summit will keep you engaged and inspired. We recommend clearing your schedule and fully immersing yourself with the Summit content. A few weeks before the event, you’ll receive access to the event app which will be your tool to actively participate in the conversation that’s taking place on stage. CLICK TO WATCH THE 2017 SUMMIT RECAP >
  5. 5. Opportunity to dive deeper into some of the topics in more informal, interactive sessions The workshop room will be active between 11am to 4pm to allow participants to join the main stage for the opening and closing of the day Format include: Deep dives, application discussions & debates 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM - After program sessions start at 6:30PM 90 minute sessions to create focus and not overwhelm Longer breaks to allow for dialogue, reflection and a mental break Main Stage (~800 people) Forum Stage (~100 people) Additional Activities Lounge area to connect with speakers, fellow leaders and colleagues Hands-on tech activities throughout the venue Evening social on Tuesday night Satellite events across the country SUMMIT AT A GLANCE Star facilitators Lisa Kay Solomon and Jeffrey Rogers will be your guides for two days of inspiring content. The program will tackle four big themes – Prosperity, Citizenship, Health, and Energy Formats include: Keynotes, Performance, Provocative Panels, and Performances
  6. 6. Be inspired by thought-provoking speakers MAINSTAGE PROGRAM Learn first-hand from top innovators who will share what they are working on right now, why they believe it is changing our world, and what challenges and opportunities you need to consider. There will be three different kinds of content on the main stage: inspiration, conversation, and action each designed to yield collective “ah-ha” moments and allow you to leave with actionable learnings and connections Each block of content will be ~90 minutes and will include 3-4 speakers in various formats
  7. 7. Be inspired by thought-provoking speakers Dr. Irwin Adam Future of Food David Bray Governance and Cyber-Resilience Anne Connelly Blockchain Pascal Finette Entrepreneurship Dr. Suzanne Gildert Robotics & AI Shawn Kanungo Innovation Lisa Kay Solomon Leadership Jane Kearns Cleantech Dr. Zayna Khayat Health Kyle Nel Corporate Innovation Jeff Rogers Innovation Dr. Tiffany Vora Digital Biology ...MORE FACULTY TO BE ANNOUNCED SOME OF THE FACULTY YOU’LL MEET
  8. 8. Challenging (yet fun) collaborative sessions that provide opportunities to network with fellow attendees while putting ideas into action: • Masterclass Interactive experiences that delve deeply into big ideas, hosted by the experts who previously spoke on the main stage • Hands-on putting concepts to the test yourself and gaining actionable knowledge you can take home with you • Conversation Market unpacking a big idea from the main stage in a smaller setting that allows debate and enables multiple people to speak and participate FORUM STAGE Put your ideas and creativity into play
  9. 9. The program is just the backdrop. Ultimately, the Summit is about connecting hundreds of future oriented, passionate people together. We believe that when passionate leaders come together, they are capable of imagining and achieving incredible things. Existing leaders, future leaders, global experts and other uncommon partners, are all going to be your companions on the Summit journey You never know who you're going to be sitting next to or meet at one of the breaks - but rest assured, we deeply believe the impact of that seemingly random interaction has the potential to positively impact a billion people. Beyond the agenda MAKING NEW CONNECTIONS
  10. 10. When the program ends at 6pm on the first day, the journey continues at the evening event SU After Dark is an opportunity to raise a glass, share some food, meet new people, reflect on a full first day and have lots of fun in an evening full of surprise Final details about the evening activities will be released closer to the Summit For now we recommend keeping that evening commitment- free so that you can join the festivities as the official program ends and the unexpected evening begins Beyond the agenda SU AFTER DARK
  11. 11. Beyond the agenda WHY YOU SHOULD BE AT THE SUMMIT? ● Upgrade your knowledge and gain perspectives on future trends outside of your industry. As technologies and sectors converge, a breakthrough in one industry can have a huge impact on a seemingly unrelated industry ● Connect with uncommon partners who share your interests, passions, and curiosity to learn and be exposed to the big ideas that are changing our future ● Meet the top experts from around the world who are changing the way we live and work and creating solutions that have the potential to positively impact million of lives ● Explore hands-on tools, methods and creative ideas that your team and organization can use to probe disruptive ideas ● Reset your forecast of what you think is possible and leave energized to think bigger, move quicker, and find ways for your organization to explore how the big ideas that are shaping our future will shape yours ● Join a unique community of leading executives, innovators, investors, policy-makers and other influential leaders from across the country and every sector
  12. 12. Beyond the agenda WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE SUMMIT? ROUND TABLES 3 to 5 in-person discussions for small groups of changemakers moderated by summit partners QUARTERLY CONVENING In-person convenings that are open to all participants and aimed at continuing the conversation CONTENT PLATFORM Amplify the learning experience with access to webinars, videos from the summit, and deep-dives with the faculty
  13. 13. 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM Breakfast and Registration Opening 9:00am - 10:30am Opening Performance Welcome to SingularityU Canada Summit Exponential Canada Creating an Exponential Mindset 10:30am - 11:00am Break Prosperity 11:00am - 12:30am Learning About Humans Through Robots Moonshots in Education Feeding the Future 12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch Citizenship 2:00pm - 3:50pm Introduction to Citizenship Decentralized Power Walled Gardens Citizenship in an Exponential Age Who Holds Power? (Panel Conversation) 3:50pm - 4:30pm Break Our Inclusive Future 4:30pm - 6:00pm Mobility Reimagined Technology and Reconciliation Augmented Inclusion Seeing Opportunities in Toilets 6:00pm - Late Evening Social Day 1 | April 23
  14. 14. 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Breakfast Welcome back 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Opening Performance Your Future Ready-Mindset Why You Don’t Need a PhD to Change the World Leading Transformation 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Break Health 11:00 AM – 12:30 AM Your Digital Self The DNA Cooking Show The Doctor's Challenge The Healthcare Shift 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch Energy 2:00 PM – 3:45 PM Fossil Futures and Transformative Innovation Cleantech: When Tech and Energy Converge The Flow Economy and The Web of Energy Canada’s Energy Future (Conversation) 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM Break Your Possible Future 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM What's Next Disruption, Dystopia and Decisions Day 2 | April 24
  15. 15. The SingularityU Canada Summit would not be possible without the incredible partnership and leadership of a diverse group of strategic partners who teamed up to bring the SU mindset to more people THANK YOU TO OUR CO-CREATORS
  16. 16. “I walked away with nothing less than a total paradigm shift about where we’ve come from, where we might be going, and what’s already possible!” - University Researcher WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “The summit was a tremendous success, congratulations to you and the team! We have had nothing but great feedback from our team members and customers.” - Senior Partner, Professional Services “Attending SU was a mind-bending experience. It provides an understanding of how exponential technologies will transform our personal future, and the future of our companies.” - President, Law Firm “This has been a great experience for us and we look forward to hearing next steps for SU in Canada.” - Deputy Minister, Ontario “I really enjoyed the summit.  One of the best conferences I have ever attended. Still thinking about some of the things I saw, heard, and experienced.  Very well done.” -EVP, large Financial Services Watch our testimonial video
  17. 17. In 2019 there will be +20 SingularityU Summits all over the world in global innovation and cultural hubs including Tokyo, Berlin, São-Paulo, Johannesburg, San Francisco, and EDMONTON. The SingularityU Canada Summit will sell out! With fewer than 200 tickets remaining (out of a 1,000), visit to make sure that you and your team are part of the conversation. * For partnership inquiries or to purchase 5 or more tickets contact
  18. 18. For Tickets Visit For groups of 5 or more please contact Fiona Haller
  19. 19. Singularity University (SU) was co-founded in 2008 at the NASA Research Park in Mountain View, California. We are not a “traditional academic university,” but rather a think-tank and an ecosystem of world-renowned technology experts, social entrepreneurs and leading futurists. We help inform, inspire and transform individuals and organisations to create a more abundant future and shape our collective future. SingularityU Canada is a Canadian not-for-profit that was founded in 2017 in an effort to bring this important global movement to Canada. WHO WE ARE SEE OUR STORY LINK
  20. 20. WHAT WE DO SingularityU Canada is a customizable platform for guided exploration. A forum that brings uncommon partners together to engage in strategic conversations about our (possible) future. We create ongoing engagement so you can get ahead of the curve with the mindset, skillset and network you need in order to harness the power of new disruptive business models before they’re used against you. Your Company Community Partners Ecosystem Global Experts
  22. 22. Designed journey The program is a curated emotional, psychological and intellectual journey looking through the lens of the Global Grand Challenges and showing how technology can be an accelerator to change Clear flow Activities and content that moves from beginning to end, just like a good story line using multiple touch points to deepen the understanding Multiple formats Engaging participants to promote active learning and generate memorable experiences Productive tension A balance between overwhelming with content and leaving room to breathe Diversity & Inclusion Actively working to avoid building an “echo chamber” and ensuring diversity of thoughts and opinions for engaging discussion Global & Local Bringing top experts from all over the world while also highlighting Canadian innovators and the role Canada should play globally Unbiased No selling from the stage and only world-class content on the stage Program Design Principles