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AI as a business accelerator by Denys Holovatyi and Pau Cerda


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We share the presentation that we used during our webinar “Artificial Intelligence as a business accelerator”.

We discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could change business in areas such as: Accounting, Procurement, Maintenance, Process Compliance, Marketing, Commercial or Customer Service Automation…

The following topics were covered:
- What is Artificial Intelligence?
- What are common and proven business applications of Artificial Intelligence?
- How do you find the Artificial Intelligence use cases in your company?
- A few case Artificial Intelligence studies

Our speaker was Denys Holovatyi, an enthusiastic Artificial Intelligence consultant from Munich and member of Outvise. He has successfully completed 30+ Artificial Intelligence projects worldwide.

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific question.

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AI as a business accelerator by Denys Holovatyi and Pau Cerda

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence as a business accelerator Denys Holovatyi Data Science and AI consultant WEBINAR Pau Cerdá Co-founder of Outvise
  3. 3. • Definition of AI • Examples • Reinforcement learning • Generative models • Supervised learning against Corona What is Artificial Intelligence, anyway?
  4. 4. Behavioral approach The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior Computer Science A branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers Classical definitions of AI
  5. 5. —Pamela McCorduck, re-phrased “As soon as it becomes possible, it’s not AI”
  6. 6. Example: OpenAI playing hide & seek atch?v=Lu56xVlZ40M
  7. 7. Example: generating audio – Joe Rogan AI atch?v=DWK_iYBl8cA
  8. 8. Example: diagnostics of Coronavirus system-can-detect-coronavirus-in-seconds-with-96-accuracy/ ● New system can detect coronavirus in CT scans ● Trained 5,000 images of confirmed coronavirus cases ● 100 healthcare facilities are currently employing Alibaba’s AI.
  9. 9. Example: containment of Coronavirus in Taiwan /jama/fullarticle/2762689 ● Used health insurance & customs database to do big data for analytics ● Tracking & quarantining high-risk individuals
  10. 10. • Accounting • Compliance • Automation • Predictive maintenance What are the business applications of AI?
  11. 11. INTELLIGENT PROCESSES Companies can make their processes highly autonomous and intelligent. DECISION MAKING AI makes some decisions already – in your car engine, during your loan application. And will make more. CUSTOMER ANALYTICS AI helps you understand your customers and predict their behavior. AI as a business accelerator
  12. 12. Case study: Optimization of cash discount vs. working capital and payment terms ● Saved 2-5% of annual revenue thanks to nearly perfect balance between CD and WC ● Streamlined payment process to achieve maximum efficiency ● Identified deviations from the agreed-upon payment terms with suppliers PROBLEM Companies struggle to decide if they need to pay early and get a cash discount, or wait to improve working capital. RESULT SOLUTION Data solution that identifies the best payment runs, based on ERP data & payment terms
  13. 13. Case study: Process compliance in Change Control ● Achieved nearly 100% process compliance in the Change Control process ● Identified different process stages based on data instead of rules of thumb ● Formalized responsibility areas of individual departments for CAPA PROBLEM Pharmaceutical companies are subject to exceptionally high standards of GMP. Compliance breaches are extremely costly RESULT SOLUTION Analysis of the Change Control process to identify non- compliant changes and prevent their future occurrence.
  14. 14. Case study: Automation of applications and approvals study/artificial-intelligence-for-faster-finance ● Shortened application to funding cycle time from 8 days to 48 hours ● Eliminated errors and improved efficiency by 70% ● Created global consistency across 24 countries ● Improved institutional risk management ● Increased customer satisfaction PROBLEM A financial company needed to accelerate their processes. RESULT SOLUTION Data lake, data cleaning, automation.
  15. 15. Case study: maintenance optimization in-automotive-research-report.pdf ● Prevented 72 cases of production downtime ● Shortened maintenance by 20% ● Reduced maintenance cost PROBLEM Maintenance in the company was very lengthy. Production downtime was high. RESULT SOLUTION Analyze the maintenance process, predict & reduce downtime. Deploy an image classification tool.
  16. 16. • Methodology • Value chain • Business case • Data science process How to use AI in your company?
  17. 17. 2 Identify Analyze your company and find the best possible uses for AI Implement Go through the data science process together and prepare the project plan. Then it can be implemented immediately Understand Get an independent overview of the AI market, application options and other relevant questions Evaluate You can use the assessment schemes and other tools to evaluate applications and AI processes 3 1 4 Methodology AI success
  18. 18. CREATE SELLPROCURE Analyze the the value chain
  19. 19. New products & services User acceptanceQuality & service Cost reduction / revenue growth Business case
  20. 20. Data science process Understand a business problem Get the data Clean & prepare the data Explore the data Build models Take action ● Our business needs more liquidity… ● We lose too many customers… ● Can I get that SAP / Oracle access? ● Would it work with Excel?! ● Replace NULL values ● Clean the duplicates ● Extrapolate some values ● Our average customer value is 500 € ● We are slow in processing applications… ● This customer is 96% likely to churn ● This machine will break down today ● Decide & implement new payment schedule ● Create & send discounts ● Replace a machine
  21. 21. Roles Business ● Executive leadership ● Department head ● Team lead ● Function specialist (e.g. accounting) Tech ● Data engineer ● Data scientist ● IT support
  22. 22. Expertise Business ● Strategy ● Team management ● Change management Tech ● ETL, SQL ● ERP systems / IT systems mgmt ● Data lakes / data bases ● Statistics ● Python ● Machine learning ● Visualization
  23. 23. Next Steps
  24. 24. Get interested 1 2 3 4 5 6 Assess your data landscape Conduct the pilot & reap the benefits Commit to AI In the next step, you need to decide if you commit to AI – or stay in the past. Find applications Implement AI in production
  25. 25. How to pilot INTERFACES BETWEEN DEPARTMENTS Procurement – accounting Production – quality management OUTDATED BUSINESS MODELS Manual work High-volume ● 1 time data extract ● Low effort setup ● High-value business case
  26. 26. How to use AI in your company What is AI Snapshot! Case studies: accounting, compliance, approvals, maintenance
  27. 27. —Pamela McCorduck, re-phrased “As soon as it becomes possible, it’s not AI”
  28. 28. Denys Holovatyi +49 176 7530 3871 Pau Cerdá +34 607 272728 GOT A QUESTION?
  29. 29. Please let us know how you liked it – answer the survey!