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PINs Leaders Roundtable Presentation - Mar. 11, 2017


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PINs Leaders Roundtable presentation

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PINs Leaders Roundtable Presentation - Mar. 11, 2017

  1. 1. • Tweet your own message using the hashtag #TRIECPINs • Follow @TRIEC and retweet us Participate Online!
  2. 2. PINs Leaders Roundtable March 11, 2017 Metro Hall
  3. 3. Welcome Miguel Abascal
  4. 4. Welcome Margaret Eaton Executive Director, TRIEC
  5. 5. TRIEC’S STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2020 Working together
  6. 6. ABOUT TRIEC • Our Vision: A Greater Toronto Region that prospers by fully engaging the contributions of skilled immigrants. • Our Mission: Create and champion solutions to better integrate skilled immigrants in the Greater Toronto Region labour market.
  7. 7. OUR UNIQUE ROLE IN THE SECTOR • Incubating new solutions or new and better ways of doing things • Creating awareness of the value of immigrant talent • Scaling up what works • Supporting employers to be immigrant inclusive • Bringing organizations together to facilitate better coordination and collaboration with an employment focus
  8. 8. TRIEC PROGRAMS AT A GLANCE Offers an opportunity to enhance staff leadership, coaching competencies and cross-cultural skills. Mentors support skilled immigrants in their job search through a four month partnership while growing as leaders. Partnering with PINs, offers the opportunity to build relationships with professional immigrant associations to raise awareness of your organization as an employer of choice and tap into recruiting pools of new, established and prospective immigrants. Offers self-paced online resources to support team members and leaders in today's culturally diverse workplace. Resources cover effective communication and teamwork as well as recruitment, selection and talent management practices to create workplaces inclusive of skilled immigrants.
  9. 9. ABOUT THE STRATEGIC PLAN Working with our partners and champions, we will use this plan in the next three years to help create more workplaces that are inclusive and improve the working lives of immigrant professionals.
  10. 10. DEVELOPING THE PLAN Three key principles 1. Measurable outcomes 2. Priorities that best enable us to achieve our intended impact 3. Priorities that leverage the skills, organizational capabilities and experience of TRIEC and its partners.
  11. 11. THEORY OF CHANGE How we’ll achieve change together
  12. 12. STRATEGIC PRIORITIES For the next three years
  13. 13. 1. Grow mentoring impact
  14. 14. 2. Broaden and deepen immigrant inclusion in workplaces
  15. 15. 3. Maximise the role of partners and champions in triec’s work
  16. 16. 4. Build TRIEC’s capacity to support our priorities
  17. 17. 5. Curate information and insights to ground TRIEC’s work
  18. 18. TRIEC AND PINS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS How can we work together?
  19. 19. DEEPENING LEADER ENGAGEMENT More opportunities to… • Shape TRIEC programs and core work • Share your story on public platforms
  20. 20. THANK YOU MONINA! Good luck in your new role – we’ll miss you!
  21. 21. PINs Updates Monina Febria Program Coordinator, Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs)
  22. 22. Sponsor and Funder
  23. 23. Who’s in the Room • Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada (AREC) • Association of Professionals in Thorncliffe • Black Female Accountants Network • Canadian Hispanic Bar Association • Chinese Project Management Professionals Association of Canada • CIMA Canada • Council for Access to the Profession of Engineering (CAPE) • Council of Filipino Canadian Professionals Ontario (CFCPO) • EXATEC Ontario • International Medical Graduates – Waste Prevention Network (IMG- WPN) • NAAAP Toronto • New Canadian Media Professionals’ Network (NCMP) • Persica Management and Quality Association (PMQA) • Phillipine Teachers’ Association of Canada (PTAC) • Sri Lankan Accountants Association of Canada • • Volunteer Toronto – Grassroots Growth
  24. 24. PINs Program Review: How Leaders Can Benefit from PINs Goal: To work collaboratively with professional immigrant associations to increase their capacity to connect their skilled immigrant members to employment. Objectives: • Raise awareness of the associations to skilled immigrants and to employers • Foster collaboration between the associations and key partners – employers, professional associations, service providers, government, and other relevant stakeholders. • Develop leaders of professional immigrant associations by providing learning opportunities and refer them as experts on immigrant employment at consultations and in the media.
  25. 25. Raise awareness of PINs associations to immigrants and partners PINs Priorities 2016-2017 Foster collaboration within the PINs network Further develop our PINs leaders
  26. 26. PINs Program Review: Raise Awareness “We will benefit enormously from connecting with and learning from more experienced PINs leaders, through the sharing of their information, knowledge and insights”
  27. 27. PINs Program Review: Raise Awareness Five Good Ideas Presentations to partner audiences, immigrant fairs and online portals
  28. 28. PINs Program Review: Foster Collaboration Collaborative projects Immigrant Business Expo IEHP Working group Volunteer Toronto Grassroots Growth project PINs Videos in collaboration with New Horizons Media highlighting associations and the great work you do
  29. 29. PINs Program Review: Foster Collaboration Collaborative projects Immigrant Business Expo
  30. 30. PINs Program Review: Foster Collaboration Collaborative projects Volunteer Toronto Grassroots Growth project
  31. 31. PINs Program Review: Foster Collaboration Collaborative projects IEHP Working group
  32. 32. PINs Program Review: Foster Collaboration Collaborative projects PINs Videos in collaboration with New Horizons Media highlighting associations and the great work you do
  33. 33. PINs Program Review: Foster Collaboration Employer engagement Networking events with Modis Canada and CPA Ontario LoyaltyOne hackathon with PINs leaders
  34. 34. PINs Program Review: Foster Collaboration Quarter Host Chair Speaker Attendance Q1 YMCA Toronto (sponsored by ResumeTarget) Antonio Urdaneta Marianne Schwartz 33 Q2 Metro Hall Amos Tayts Miguel Abascal 33 Q3 Toronto City Hall Mahboob Bolandi Dr. Syed Jaffery 33
  35. 35. PINs Program Review: Develop Leaders
  36. 36. PINs Program Review: Develop Leaders Speaking opportunities  Rene Berrospi – Interview with National Public Radio (NPR)  Paula Calderon and Johanna Colmenares – Radio interview with Career Buzz  Gerard Keledjian – CBC Metro Morning
  37. 37. PINs Program Review: Develop Leaders Written pieces  Dr. Nicodeme Mugisho, International Medical Graduates –Waste Prevention Network (IMG-WPN)  Mahboob Bolandi, Mohandes  Dr. Syed Jaffery, TNO-IDEAS  Jenny Okonkwo, Black Female Accountants Network (BFAN)  Marcela Chein, EXATEC Ontario
  38. 38. “I feel part of a community that is connected; I feel supported and acknowledged as a volunteer leading an association to help others. The training and connections really strengthen and encourage me to continue on the journey of serving others. (…) Collaboration is the key to expand the capacity of our associations and ourselves.”
  39. 39. Effective Time Management and Productivity Mark Ellwood Terrific Teams Management Advisory Services
  40. 40. Learning Exchange Leveraging PINs Community Expertise • Evolving Membership Management: Room 310 Ben Hum, NAAAP Toronto • Beating the Burnout – Succession Planning: Room 314 Jessica Pang-Parks, Volunteer Toronto – Grassroots Growth
  41. 41. PINs Leaders Roundtable – 2017 Insights? Surprises? Discoveries?
  42. 42. Closing Remarks Debroy Chan Director, Immigrant Employment Strategies
  43. 43. Upcoming PINs Events - CPA Ontario Networking Counts event (for PINs members) March 29, 2017 - PINs Annual Event (for PINs leaders and partners) May 15, 2017
  44. 44. Closing Remarks Please complete the Evaluation Form! Thank You!