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inlingua flex e-book


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The cutting edge app for Android and Apple/iOS tablets provides access to the personalized e-books for inlingua customers.

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inlingua flex e-book

  1. 1. © inlingua inlingua Flex-E-Book Customized training material from your inlingua center
  2. 2. © inlingua What is the new Flex-E-Book? 2 The inlingua Flex-E-Book is the contemporary digital form of inlingua books for your iPad®/Android® tablet. Have your course material at your fingertips! Listen to audios, complete exercises or review material with your tablet. Choose a standard book or ask your inlingua center for a cutomized e-book for your personal needs.
  3. 3. © inlingua How can I access the app? 3 You can download the free Flex-E-Book app from the App Store (iPad) or Play Store (Android) for your iPad or tablet. Smartphones are not supported. Your inlingua center will provide you with a unique code for the download of your personal material.
  4. 4. © inlingua Look & Feel The app home screen 4
  5. 5. © inlingua Look & Feel 5 Integrated listening audios Interactive exercises
  6. 6. © inlingua6 Further information Please contact your local inlingua center for more information