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Shift: Uncovering New Opportunities for Growth :: WFX 2017


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What happens when what’s always worked isn’t working as well as it did? It’s time to explore new territory. As leaders, we’re responsible for charting the course but it can be challenging to know which direction to head.In this session we’ll focus on strategies to uncover new opportunities, reach new audiences, and discuss how to get from here to there without losing your sanity.

For over 20 years, Dawn Nicole Baldwin has focused on helping organizations reach people more effectively. She’s championed the brand development and consulted on growth strategies for ministries across the country, including the Willow Creek Association, The Salvation Army, Southern Baptist International Mission Board, and Wheaton College. She’s guest-lectured at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business as well as conferences nationwide, and in 1995 co-founded AspireOne, a strategy and communications firm that is a catalyst for helping organizations grow.

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Shift: Uncovering New Opportunities for Growth :: WFX 2017

  1. 1. © AspireOne 2017 Dawn Nicole Baldwin : @DawnNicole : #WFX2017 Uncovering new opportunities for growth SHIFT
  2. 2. © AspireOne 2017 “I want you to find a bold and innovative way to do everything exactly the same way it’s been done for 25 years”
  3. 3. “We canot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them”
  4. 4. “Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results”
  5. 5. © AspireOne 2017 Expansion Two Kinds of Growth Opportunities Differentiation Adapted from 
 Blue Ocean Strategy
  6. 6. © AspireOne 2017 How are we set apart & why does this matter to our audience? Differentiation = Communication Shift (in a nutshell)
  7. 7. © AspireOne 2017 Attention
 is the currency 
 of the future… 
 It’s not scalable - Seth Godin
  8. 8. © AspireOne 2017 may
  9. 9. © AspireOne 2017 People are drowning
 in a sea of options People are overwhelmed with options & everything 
 is competing for attention Differentiation is the name of the game to rise above the noise
  10. 10. © AspireOne 2017 Questions to Consider 1) How are you different? 2) Why should they care?
  11. 11. © AspireOne 2017 What we’re good at What our audience wants How we can make a difference sweet spot Components to help Differentiate Building upon Jim Collin’s Hedgehog concept in his book, Good to Great, 
 the intersection of these three parts 
 is where you want to focus on what 
 sets you apart. This influences your messaging, marketing, & overall brand **The key is communicating why this matters to your audience**
  12. 12. © AspireOne 2017 Understand Your Audience (a.k.a., Why should they care?) To effectively communicate what sets you apart in a way that matters to your audience, you need to understand them first. Look beyond demographics & instead at their mindset. What do they seem to have in common? How are you able to help them accomplish their goals with what you offer?
  13. 13. © AspireOne 2017 Expansion = Vision Shift Thinking differently about what you DO (in a nutshell)
  14. 14. © AspireOne 2017 1) Alternative Options • How can we reach our current audience in new ways 
 to increase retention? 2) Alternative Audiences • How can we attract new audiences with our offerings 
 to expand our reach? Choices to Consider
  15. 15. © AspireOne 2017 Alternative Options Reaching the SAME PEOPLE 
 in different ways Reaching DIFFERENT PEOPLE 
 with the same thing (in a nutshell) Alternative Audiences
  16. 16. How can we serve our CURRENT people in new ways? In what ways could we reach DIFFERENT people? > > Questions to Consider
  17. 17. Internal Obstacles
  18. 18. © AspireOne 2017 3 Keys to Overcoming Obstacles with Change 1) Explain the why behind the what 2) Maximize resources 3) Motivate key influencers Adapted from 
 Blue Ocean Strategy
  19. 19. © AspireOne 2017 “It’s not a great mission statement, but we’ll revise it if things get better” Why Are We Doing This?
  20. 20. © AspireOne 2017 WE REMEMBER
 10% of what we READ
 20% of what we HEAR
 30% of what we SEE
 40% of what we DO
 100% of what we FEEL - Dr. Karl Bribram
  21. 21. © AspireOne 2017 HOT SPOTS Opportunities & activities with a high return & low investment COLD SPOTS Identifying Hidden Resources (maximize these) Opportunities & activities with a low return & high investment (reallocate these) ** Also applies to time & energy as well as finances Adapted from 
 Blue Ocean Strategy
  22. 22. Motivating Influencers
  23. 23. © AspireOne 2017 Masses Most to Lose Most to Gain Focus (Will probably fight the hardest to stay the same) (Your advocates & biggest supporters) Focus on the fringes. Invest the most time equipping your advocates 
 & persuading the naysayers, as they will help get everyone else on board with your vision for change Adapted from Blue Ocean Strategy Adapted from 
 Blue Ocean Strategy
  24. 24. © AspireOne 2017 Change is good. Be encouraged. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.
  25. 25. @dawnnicole text DAWN to 62953 for contact info