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Portifolio - Felipe Camara (September/2019)


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Portifolio - Felipe Camara (September/2019)

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Portifolio - Felipe Camara (September/2019)

  1. 1. About Me I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I have a bachelor in Filmmaking and a MBA in Marketing Management. I've spent 6 months studying in Canada, and I had my first experience working for 2 months with social media. After that, I went to Australia to study at Youth With a Mission on the Gold Coast area. I've worked in TV networks, starting as an assistant in studio, becoming a studio operator and being promoted to operations supervisor. I've also worked as a Video Editor, Motion Designer, Video Switcher and Producer with companies, news agencies and NGOs, and I had the opportunity to work in projects and helping leading teams in places like Haiti, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Bolivia, and covering media and government events in places like Germany, Argentina and Canada. Currently, I'm based in Sao Paulo working as a freelancer Video Producer, Motion Designer and Editor.
  2. 2. Video Production I've been working with video production since 2007. I've worked in TV networks such as E+I (Sports), TV Boas Novas (Daily News and Life) and Globosat (Sports and culture). I worked as camera operator, video mixer and operations supervisor, leading a team of almost 30 people. Here are a few examples of video editing, interview, camera operation and production. Em Canto Meu - Institutional YWAM Gold Coast - Coffee Van Protest against the government (shoot with an iPhone) What I Talk About When I Talk About Running A museum exposition on Alfred Hitchcock
  3. 3. Motion Design & Animation I've been developing my skills as a Motion Designer and in 2D Animation, and here you can check some of my works in the area. You can find some more motion & animation projects here. Livestreaming Invitation and Waiting Screen Logo & Template Animation - Project "Fala Aí, Time" Typography - Marcos Almeida Animation APS Comercial Spot - "Ring the bell" Bus Mídia Animation
  4. 4. In 2015 and 2016, I was select to be part of the European Youth Press team to produce an Orange Magazine edition about the Global Media Forum, a media congress promoted by Deutsche Welle, in Bonn, Germany. The team gathered 18 young communications professionals from different backgrounds. I produced a written story and some videos prior and during the event. 2015 - Story // Video 1 // Video 2 2016 - Story // Video 1 // Video 2 Orange Magazine
  5. 5. Open Government Partnership In 2017, I was again part of the European Youth Press that went to the OGP in Buenos Aires to produce daily video highlights and interviews during the event, that were posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I also made a final video of the event. I've been invited to reprise this role with European Youth Press for the OGP Global Summit event in Ottawa, that happened in May 2019, and produced and edited a series of videos for their instagram like this and this.
  6. 6. Social Media Since 2017, I've been working as a Video Producer, Editor and Content Producer for Boas Novas TV, where I already had worked as a Studio Supervisor. In this new role, I helped to produce videos for the news show that broadcast daily and also producing videos straight to YouTube. Here are some highlights: Video - [Conversa Pública] Michael Goheen no CBM 2017 (English with Portuguese subtitles) Video - [Em Foco] Joanna Ibrahim, Fundadora do Bab Sharki Video - [Chamada] Paulinho Degaspari para o CBM 2017 Video - [BGS 2017] Entrevista com Ana Carolina Torretta
  7. 7. Working as a Volunteer From 2012 to 2015, I worked as a volunteer with an NGO called Conexão Voluntários em Campo, that provides humanitarian work around the world. In that period, I helped to plan and develop their social media presence, and travel to short term trips to places like Haiti, Japan, Bolivia and Southeast Asia, as part as the leadership team and responsible for video production, social media and photography . In 2016, I worked with Road of Hope, an NGO based in Amsterdam with focus on helping refugees integrate in society, developing their presence in Social Media and producing content like photography and video. Video - Road of Hope - Our Mission Video - Tour of Hope Haiti October 2013 Art - Conexão Paraguay 2016 (Trip with volunteers to Paraguay)
  8. 8. Other Projects & Softwares I'm always looking to learn new skills and improve on the things that I already do. I helped some friends to setup a YouTube channel called Max Casa Botânica editing the first videos of the channel. I've produced some video editing tutorials like this and this. Lately, I started to do some 360º photography and video. I have a newsletter about things I think that are interesting that I started in 2015 that I send via e-mail and is also published on Medium. I've also been studying game development, and 've built a small game using Unity that can be tested here. I learned to edit using Adobe Premiere back in 2004, and through the years I used other softwares such as Sony Vegas and Final Cut. Currently, I've been Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut on a daily basis. I also have some knowledge using Photoshop and Illustrator for graphics and OBS for Livestreaming. But I'm open to learn new skills and to work with different softwares.
  9. 9. Thank you! I hope that this little presentation was entertaining! If you want to know more about me, you can go to You can also find me on Twitter or Instagram at @fcam. Contact: +55 11 97554-0109