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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. My experience of Patrick Marman has provided the best example of mutual teaching and learning. A dedicated and creative teacher, he encourages individualism in each student and empowers them to express their own opinions.
  2. 2. Always providing surprising new perspectives, his instruction is incredibly thought provoking, whilst his empathy and support inspire the self- confidence to actualise and substantiate one’s own ideas. This assurance emboldens his pupils, providing an atmosphere so collaborative and rich with philosophies and propositions, that even he may be presented with astonishing theories and perceptions previously unidentified.
  3. 3. His guidance and enthusiasm pushes his students in the gentlest way to the most dizzying heights of achievement and enables his assistance with consolidation or clarification of the simplest to the most complicated tasks, as well as anything and everything in-between.
  4. 4. With expertise spanning a significant number of different subject areas, Mr Marman’s awe- inspiring knowledge and experience provides his students with irreplaceable insights without intimidation, but rather establishes an environment where all may flourish and extend their own capabilities limitlessly.
  5. 5. Sculpting pupils to excel in their command of content and the communication of it (with flair to boot), whilst allowing and inciting, with his own brilliance, a passion for the acquisition and extension of knowledge, skill and imagination, Patrick Marman is a true polymath and an extraordinary teacher. It is an honour and an endowment to receive his instruction.