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GAAP2 Community of Practice - GAAP2 Inception Workshop


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An inception workshop for the Gender, Agriculture & Assets Project Phase 2 (GAAP2) titled Developing Project-Level Indicators to Measure Women’s Empowerment was held in January 2016.

In this presentation Stephan Dohrn of Radical Inclusion introduces the GAAP2 Community of Practice (CoP). The CoP will provide an opportunity for GAAP2 members to share experiences, questions, and emerging insights.

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GAAP2 Community of Practice - GAAP2 Inception Workshop

  1. 1. GAAP2 Community of Practice What is it? How will it work?
  2. 2. How many communities are you a part of? Just this one 5-10 2-5 More than 10
  3. 3. How active are you in these communities? Just on the list Following others’ contributions Very active/ Core member Contributing once in a while
  4. 4. What are you getting out? Only on paper Reading Very active/ Core member Contributing once in a while
  5. 5. Domain Community Practice Women’s empowerment and agriculture Measuring and strengthening the impact of agricultural development projects on women’s empowerment Participation in GAAP2 Common Interest Group with a common goal Shared experiences The GAAP2 Community
  6. 6. Who is the Community? GAAP2 CoP for GAAP2 participants • Cross-project opportunities beyond annual meetings for project teams to interact, share, and learn from one another. • Opportunity to share experiences, questions, and emerging insights • Facilitated by Radical Inclusion Pro-WEAI CoP for anyone interested in pro-WEAI • Starts slowly and grows as pro-WEAI develops. • Housed on the WEAI Resource Center, based at IFPRI.
  7. 7. Who is the Community?
  8. 8. Practice – How will it work? • Principles – Committing for success • Functions – What does the community do? • Joint space – It is about more than F2F workshops
  9. 9. Practice – Principles • Success depends on members’ contributions • Members define success • Transparency facilitates learning The more active you are the more you will get out!
  10. 10. Practice – Community functions • Facilitate learning across projects – Discussion (share information, create knowledge) – Synthesis (capture information and knowledge) • Stay connected – Connection (networking and connecting people) • GAAP2 coordination and research support – Centralize GAAP2 communication in one space
  11. 11. How much experience do you have with online collaboration tools? Email only Ninja
  12. 12. Practice – Joint Space
  13. 13. How will slack work for you • Community guidelines – Different channels for different discussions/ functions • #topics; #projects; #regions (= program structure) • Each channel will have one or more facilitators – Ground rules: • Stay on topic in the different channels • Be helpful • You ask, you summarize – Emergent
  14. 14. What will happen next? • Invitation to Slack – Check out the #help channel and learn about the tool – Ask questions if you have trouble • We will set up different channels, so can you! • Expect to get GAAP2 related requests on Slack!
  15. 15. THANK YOU